Prince Rupert’s Drop 2.0 – .22WMR & .38 SPL

Last December, Nathaniel F. posted a YouTube video from Smarter Everyday. Destin has been studying Prince Rupert’s Drops. They are glass drops that have amazing properties. In the video he shot at the drop with a .22LR. Well now Destin has stepped it up to .22WMR and a .38SPL.

Spoiler Alert. The drop is still bullet proof. This particular drop is rather unique in that it does not have any bubbles inside. Even when he shot the drop, you see a small piece broke off from the tail. Typically this would result in a complete self destruction sequence that looks almost instantaneous. That is until you film it with a super high speed camera. That did not happen here.


I look forward to seeing Destin step up the next test with 7.62×39 and .223.

Nicholas C

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  • Major Tom

    He should just skip straight to firing .50 BMG or better at it.

    • Anonymoose

      He already beat it with the Mini-14. Now he needs to go backward and see if he can beat it with a .30 Carbine and a .357 Mag.

  • G B

    For those interested, he already did the next test:

  • Evil_Bonsai

    He already did a video a few days ago with 5.56 and 7.62×39.

  • G B

    For those interested, Destin already did the 5.56 and 7.62×39 test. I tried to link it here but my comment got disapproved. It’s on his YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay.

    • Michael Gallagher

      Same here, obviously TFB doesn’t like people pointing out they really don’t do their homework.

      • ostiariusalpha

        It’s their disqus setting. All video links are delayed until approved, which can take more than a couple of hours if Phil is busy doing something else.

        • G B

          I thought it was disapproved earlier when the “awaiting moderation” thing disappeared. However, now I see our video links down below.

      • Swarf

        TFB has Disqus set to “Hyperventilating School Marm.”

  • gunsandrockets


  • Jeez Louise

    I will be awaiting the enterprising entrepreneur making Prince Rupert’s Drops ballistic vests….

  • Blumpkin

    tactical glass sperm operators

  • Michael Gallagher

    “I look forward to seeing Destin step up the next test with 7.62×39 and .223.”

    You know he posted that video yesterday, right???

    Gotta stay current guys, LOL.


    (And for the less informed (as seen on other forums) FPS is FRAMES per Second, he is talking about the camera, not the speed of the projectile.)

  • Michael Gallagher

    The next video is also posted on youtube or as GB said, on his website.


  • Dickie

    Yeah the ak round destroyed it

    • WANDERLUST srt

      Actually it beat the AK round. The 223 won. The vibration caused by the AK round caused it to break but otherwise so would hitting it in the tail with a twig.

  • Edeco

    Amazing. Guy reminds me of J-Rock from Trailer Park boys.

    Jeff Taufladermaus should use one with a stubby annealed tail as a shotgun bullet.

    • AlDeLarge

      He did. Search YT for “Prince Rupert’s Drops – Shot FROM a gun” if the link never gets approved.

  • S. Plankenberg

    A little info-dump on those ” amazing properties ” you refer to would be useful.

    • Swarf

      He’s already done a few videos on them. Google it. They are very cool.

    • marine6680

      Short answer… They are very hard and tough pieces of tempered glass.


    Coming soon the prince ruperts bullet proof vest. Just dont move or it breaks from vibration.

    • iksnilol

      That’s an advantage, if you get surrounded, break it and shrapnell takes out everybody around you.

  • Kerry Tatlow

    Um, what’s his backstop? What’s in that field of weeds he’s shooting at?