Options For Beretta’s New APX | NRA 17

Erik Stern was kind enough to give me the low down on Beretta’s new striker fire pistol, The APX.

Beretta is getting support from the industry right off the bat. In the photo above, ATEI performed a slide cut on an APX to mount an RMR on it.

In order to get the RMR to mount properly, ATEI installs this slug so they can have material for the screws to hold onto.

This discoloration is due to a rush job getting it done in time for the NRA show. With more time, you would not see that.


Josh over at Allegheny Gun Works, near my neck of the woods, is making optic mounts that go into the rear dove tail slots. He makes mounts for Trijicon RMR and obviously Burris Fast Fire. Josh is working on a mount for the Leupold Deltapoint.

Beretta already has their own options as well. If you take another look at the top photo, you will notice it has a threaded barrel. It is available now on their website for $220.

One aspect of the APX, that I learned at NRA is that it is similar to the Sig P320. It has a serialized chassis.

Which means you can change out the frame and Beretta is offering three different colors. Black, OD Green, FDE and Gray. Different color frames are available on their website for only $50.

Boresight Solutions stippled one of the APXs on display at NRA.


Swapping palmswells is easy.

Right now Beretta just has different colors. Hopefully they keep expanding and offer different grip sizes and caliber conversions like Sig does with their P320.

Beretta also has options for hi-vis mag followers.

They are also going to have extended magazines. 21rd 9mm and 18rd .40S&W.

In terms of iron sights you have a lot of options. You can have AmeriGlo sights.

Or XS sights if that is more your fancy.

They also offer fiber optic sights from LPA in Italy.

Even APEX is making triggers for the APX.  When dry firing the APX at NRA, I noticed the trigger safety is rather pronounced. For some people this may cause trigger slap. I have experienced similar issues with my Gen 2 Glock 17 trigger.  The APEX below feels a lot better than the factory trigger. At the time I took this photo, this was simply a trigger replacement. APEX has not yet made the lighter springs for the APX.


Beretta is running with their APX out of the starting gate. It is great to see so many options available.

Nicholas C

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  • Rick O’Shay


  • Henry C.

    As much as I mocked the look of this gun before it came out (tactical toblerone), I got to handle one the other day at one of the gunshops in my area. Doesn’t feel terrible out of the box. And with all the options available for it right out of the gate, I have to say, this is impressive.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah. FN 509 has similar offerings but nothing on threaded barrel or interchangeability.

      Kudos to Beretta.

      • Henry C

        Well look at every other pistol out there on the market. How many have had this many accessories and mods available in less than 2 months of being introduced? None to my knowledge. The aftermarket for the Glock platform has taken decades now to get moving on decent accessories, and the Big G themselves have taken their sweet time in providing meaningful upgrades from the factory. It took 29 years for Glock to offer interchangeable backstraps, a reversible mag catch, and a better recoil spring for the larger frame pistols. 33 years to get a single stack pistol that was remotely small enough for concealed carry, and even then, it was a .380 and S&W had started to dominate the market with the Shield. 34 years after the first Glock pistol, we got the 43 in 9mm, several years too late (I personally own one of these as my EDC and am in no way bashing its reliability or anything else about it other than how long it took for Glock to introduce it). 35 years to get an ambi slide lock, and 36 years to put front slide serrations on their pistols. And when they finally did, it looked like crap. It’s as if they’ve hired the worlds laziest and least motivated design/engineering team in the world.

      • Dickie

        The fn doesnt make
        Much sense to me with the g19 size slide but g17 size frame. The grip is hardsst to

        • Xerxes036

          People CC full sized handguns successfully for some strange reason different strokes.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    FN and Beretta are both learning that people want options. Seeing what FN has done and how many of these companies are connected to Steve Fisher it seems that made a very good decision hiring him as a brand ambassador.

    The only area both companies have slacked is getting a gun to multimold so non massive holster makers have a way to make holsters right off the bat. Springfield and Smith and Wesson have been very smart in that aspect.

  • Edeco

    Reminds me of the lid of a premium OJ bottle, the caraffe-shaped ones. They are easy to open I suppose.

  • SecretBearSquirrel

    “Right now Beretta just has different colors. Hopefully they keep expanding and offer different grip sizes … like Sig does with their P320”

    As a point of information: ALL Beretta APXs come with all S/M/L backstraps, as do the colored frames in the proshop.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I was more into this gun before I handled it. I didn’t check which grips it had but it felt really wide to me.

    Like obviously wide. Like this is clearly this setup is 45 sized and happens to be a 9mm right now.

    But Beretta is clearly listening to customers!

    • Aaron Hsu

      The slide width is only about 0.1″ wider than a Glock slide and the grip is one of the slimmest with a pretty short trigger reach in the small and medium backstrap sizes.

  • Jeff Smith

    Question – why are there no third party manufacturers making custom frames for chassis based handguns? It seems like a no-brained to me.

    While I don’t have much experience with them, it seems like there isn’t anything really forcing you to keep the same ergonomics as the OEM frame. So, why not make custom frames? They’re cheap (Sig sells theirs for $40ish, I think) and they can be shipped straight to your house.

    It seems like a decent idea.

    • StickShift

      Probably tooling cost. Getting a complex mold like that takes months of work and tens of thousands of dollars. Once one of these chassis-type pistols gains a big enough share of the market, the investment will be worthwhile. With the P320 being adopted by the Army, that may be the first one for the aftermarket to jump on.

      • Ebby123

        Yeah, something that complex is probably a $100,000 tool easily. You’d have to sell a literal TON of them just to pay for the investment.

        I do agree though – the SIG might just grab a big enough share of the market to make it worth it though…

        With the X-Frame series and a GrayGun trigger, it sounds like its nearly the ideal pistol.

        • Jeff Smith

          It seems like a natural fit for a company like Lone Wolf or Magpul/other polymer magazine manufacturers. I would imagine they already have a tooling, so it would just be a matter of getting the molds made. I know that’s no easy/inexpensive task, but it seems like a dencent idea.

          • Giolli Joker

            “Tooling” is the mould itself.

            However, yep, Magpul may pull it, sooner or later.

    • Cymond

      There is the Lima5 frame for the P320 with integrated laser.

    • Zack mars

      Well, so far like 4 or 5 companies have released their own trigger pack design, i imagine lots of companies don’t want to invest in something that might not take off

      • Jeff Smith

        Touché, though the Sig P320 has been adopted by all branches of the US Armed Forces, so it’s guaranteed to be around for a while.

        That being said, who knows how the Beretta/Remington/Glock(?)/FN guns will do? So, fair point!

  • Louis Bethel

    Nice full size pistol.
    Much nicer chassis system than the Nano.
    Looks like they took a few pages from the Sig and Honor Defense playbook.
    All 3 companies have options on backstraps, colors, sights and holsters.

  • Dickie

    Like it better than the p320

  • Gary Kirk

    I know I shouldnt judge it on this but its just so amazingly ugly. I am a huge beretta fan, I own 3 and I get they want to compete with glock, but did it have to look like that?

  • Molon Labe

    Glocks look like bricks made with PS2 graphics:”I don’t care about how a gun looks, it only needs to be functional. Glock perfection!”
    APX has some really functional slide serrations that allow you to grab the slide anywhere and in every condition:”LOL toblerone!”

  • pdxgimlet118

    People give Glocks grief for putting function ahead of form, but the APX’s slide design is just frivolous AND godawful ugly.

    • Aaron Hsu

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic about the slide being frivolous on the APX? It’s certainly much more functional and useful than pretty much any other slide design on the market right now from a stock gun.