Aimpoint “M5” AAA Powered Optic Spotted

Soldier Systems Daily first reported on the Aimpoint M5 powered by AAA batteries almost a year ago. Oddly enough, it was spotted by an avid reader of SSD that noticed an optic being shown at a Diplomatic Security Service information seminar in Washington D.C.

Not shown at SHOT 2017, what we know about the M5 is vague. Mainly that it is essentially a combination of the technology used in the popular T2 optic but fitted in a package that uses design features from the extremely popular and used all over the world Comp M4, adopted by the U.S. Army as the M68 CCO. What SSD reported is that this “M5” optic fills a U.S. State Department solicitation for a small, lightweight optic that operates on AAA batteries as these are in abundance among many third world countries. Not disagreeing with the solicitation but from my own experience living in South East Asia, I would argue that the opposite is true in that AA batteries are much easier to get a hold of than AAAs. However, the solicitation might have been dealing with the smaller RMRs and red dots that do take much smaller batteries.

Either way, the latest information we have on this “M5” is from an Instagrammer named Shashpl who posted this photograph with the following caption-

shashplAimpoint CompM5 sneak peek. AAA powered #aimpoint #compm5

Although we cannot confirm the validity of the photograph, if correct it gives us the first full-scale view of Aimpoint’s “M5”. Aimpoint has another very small optical sight recently released but is being tight-lipped about this as well.


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  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Why do they keep putting the battery compartment along the top of the optic like that?

    • Gabriel

      So you can slap the switch dial for a fast on.

    • kagami

      Agreed. This needs to be in the position of the M4S. I haven’t met a single person who prefers the standard M4 over it…

      • UVB76

        I have both and can’t say it bugs me one way or another. The M4s has a more streamlined profile, but the regular M4 can be turned on/brighter much faster if pulling from a rig/mount. I do think it’s odd they couldn’t figure out a way to mount it lower. Vortex Sparc AR doesn’t seem to have an issue (although larger and batt is in the mount).

      • UVB76

        I bet Aimpoint has it in the lower position by 2020 once these go live and start a following. I bet these end up being popular with MIL and foreign contracts.

    • Guest

      The DSS agent in the photo mentioned on SSD that Aimpoint related to him the battery couldn’t be moved into the same position as the M4S because of technical reasons.

      • Keiichi

        Not being willing to relocate the battery compartment for “technical reasons” is either an excuse in the face of unexpected criticism or an indication of poor initial design; probably both.

        • Guest

          “Preference was for low location like the COMP M4S, but were told due to the design and internal components it wasn’t possible.” – DSS Agent on SSD

          I’d tend to believe Aimpoint knows what they’re doing.

    • Wow!

      It isn’t like it is going to affect anything. Your focus is going to be on the aiming point anyway.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I’d buy this over a T2. The weight and size is a small price to pay for an optic that uses batteries I always have around for multiple reasons.

    • Tony

      Especially if battery life is on par with the other Micros.

    • Frank

      I’d never use alkaline batteries in something this expensive. When you go about it that way, there’s no reason not to use the smaller lithium coin batteries, buy a few and keep extras on hand.

      • USMC03Vet

        Yeah I’m no fan of alkaline battery leak/corrosion and prefer lithium.

      • int19h

        There are lithium AA and AAA batteries out there, as well.

        • JSmath

          Lithium AA/AAA’s aren’t the kind of batteries that most people have lying around.

          • int19h

            Most people don’t have red dots lying around, as well. If you have a piece of hardware, I think it’s a reasonable assumption that you’ll stock up on consumables of the appropriate quality. With Aimpoints, given that a single AA battery lasts – what is it for CompM4, 8 years? – you probably won’t need anything else. Especially since lithium AAs have ridiculous (~20 years) shelf life, as well.

            But on the off chance that you do need to scrounge for the replacement, your chances of finding AA or AAA batteries in random places are much higher. And even alkalines will still do the job.

          • JSmath

            You need to practice your reading comprehension. I didn’t say or imply that red dots were something most people have lying around.

            Above me, someone made the same failure to make simple logical connections and tried to correct someone where they failed at reading as well: A person remarked that alkaline batteries are bad for pricey optics and red dots, which is factual. That persons response was that lithium batteries were a thing – well, no shit children, but the person he was responding to was talking about the AA/AAA batteries he has “lying around” — The internet would be a lonely place if you had to prove literacy before being able to use it.

    • jaeger0416

      You can find 2032s at any convenience store/pharmacy, so I personally don’t see it as quite the encumbrance, especially with the lithium factor in mind.

  • Yes. This is the optic I have been looking for.

    • Aaron

      If it has a better battery life than the Micro (50,000 hours) and meets the same standards as the T-2 for clarity and form of the dot than this could be the Uber sight for balancing size, weight, and battery inventory when combined with a Surefire XC-1 weaponlight.

  • TheGrammarMan


    • Mitch

      No, this is an incremental advance in engineering. Your post, good sir, is pointless.

      • TheGrammarMan

        I stand corrected. It’s an incremental advance in irrelevance.

      • Wow!

        I wouldn’t call this an advance in engineering, more like something that should have been done from the start, but at the time the big rage was who can make the smallest optic or the widest FOV, so you got extremes in both directions.

  • UVB76

    I’ll try one and add to the collection. A few years back I tested a Lucid M7 (no longer made) and it was a nifty size/AAA idea (just not refined or hardened). This seems like a nice option for some. Any idea on a release date for the two new Aimpoint models?

  • 🦑 🐙

    Looks like they copied the Vortex Sparc AR and put the battery in the riser.

    Whoops, nevermind, I see the battery compartment on top. The Sparc way seems better. 🙂

    • Henry Reed

      Not when you compare battery life, ruggedness, clarity and parallax. You’ve never used an Aimpoint, I take it?

      • Mountain Rock Hauler

        But the warranty on the aimpoint falls short, ten years on a safe queen and two years for on an active gun. Vortex and burris red dots are warranted for life, parts and damage. The only thing not covered is intentional damage. Aimpoint might have good battery life and clarity but for an $800+ sight they could offer a better warranty.

        • jaeger0416

          I think you’d likely see the lifetime warranty claims from Vortex, et al, dissappear, if their optics were issued by the thousands to a military or institutional customer. It’s one thing to send another inexpensive Asian-made RDS to a civilian shooter every once in a while; it’s likely entirely another question to RMA hundreds of possibly non-gruntproof sights for an agency customer.

          • itsmefool

            Indeed! Two totally different products for two totally different markets.

  • Treyh007

    AIMpoint should jump in the 2,3 & 4x markets, people with bad eyes sway towards these! A lot of shooters out there with not so good eyesight.

  • Eric Kennard

    Well I have been waiting for an M5. Only I was hoping it would go back to the 1/3 N battery. These worked amazingly well for me since 1998 in my Comp M.

    The AA and AAA don’t seem to do well at all in the Florida heat and humidity. They don’t begin to hold up in patrol cars. Their use by dates are a joke.

    So I for one will continue to pick up Comp M3’s as I find them.


    • Rob

      Lithium AA and AAA batteries have been available for years.

      • Eric Kennard

        But are they as sturdy as the 1/3 N? If they leak and corrode the interior of the battery compartment that would a problem.

        • Haulin’ Oats

          Lithium Cells do not leak like alkaline batteries.