TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle Now Chambered in .22LR

TNW Firearms has recently announced that the .22LR version of their Aero Survival Rifle is now available for preorder. This firearm has been chambered in a number of handgun cartridges (9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, 10mm, and .357SIG), but one of the most iconic survival calibers (the .22LR) has just been added.

The rifle feeds from the Remington Model 597 rimfire rifle magazines. As you can see, the magazine well has a distinctive cutout to be able to accommodate the short 10 round Remington magazine. Obviously, it is also possible to attach the 30 round magazine.

The Aero Survival Rifle is known for its easily removable barrel and quick caliber change capabilities. Because the gun is designed with the upper receiver being the serialized part (legally the firearm), it is possible to convert your ASR carbine into a .22LR one without registering a new firearm. For that purpose, TNW Firearms offers a conversion kit. The latter consists of the .22LR barrel, the lower receiver and trigger group assembly, the .22LR bolt and the magazine.

.22LR conversion kit

Right now the .22LR version of Aero Survival Rifle is available for preorder at the MSRP of $799. TNW Firearms will start shipping it around mid-May 2017. The rifle comes with one 10 round magazine and there is also a version with a restrictive state compliant blade-style grip. The conversion kit has a price tag of $390.

Hrachya H

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  • A.WChuck

    Not my first choice in mags to use, based on my friends 597 and numerous reports on the web.

    • valorius

      I had a 597. It was pure garbage.

      • JSmath

        Mine (597 HB OD) has been amazing. Only thing that it’s had problems with were the aftermarket 30 round polymer mags. Polymer cracked after going through a year of North Carolina seasonal weather and they split apart from their unloaded spring pressure… Was a pretty sad sight, but the Remington mags (2×10 rounders, 1×30) have held up just fine.

        • valorius

          Mine randomly fired doubles and 3 rd bursts…as well as jamming like crazy

  • Just Say’n

    Yeah, wrong mags. Should’ve gone with the ubiquitous 10/22.
    Speaking of which, if I want a take-down .22 I’ll but take Ruger for less than 1/2 the price of this one. The 10/22 just runs.

  • Vhyrus

    I’m glad they picked 597 mags. Now people that own those mags can put them into guns that actually work.

  • Bal256

    MSRP: $799
    Even with a lower street price, it just doesn’t seem like a great deal with $500 ARs going around, $500 kel-tec sub2ks becoming more available and other competition like the just right carbine.

  • Bramos44

    The only reason I have considered the TNW’s is for their 10mm carbine with possible .45 conversion. They don’t really do much a Sub2k Gen 2 can’t.

  • valorius

    Why on earth would you not base your design on the sensational 10/22 magazine?

  • valorius

    The 597 has got to be the worst rifle remington has ever sold.

  • JSmath

    Based on the comments here, I’m wondering if I should buy some cosmoline and preserve my 597 on the basis of being the only apparent one that’s ever worked. Took a break-in of about 200 rounds for it to start spamming them out without hiccups, but after that, no problems whatsoever.

  • mazkact

    I have an older 597 that shoots great. The metal ten round mags work in it and with a little action/trigger tuning I am happy with it. I’ve won a few “sporter” club matches with the 597. Just from a standpoint of availability alone I cannot believe TNW chose 597 mags for this, 10/22 mags please.