TFBTV: Does Shooting A Revolver From a Jacket Pocket Actually Work?

We’ve all heard that one of the perks of carrying a revolver is the ability to avoid the time necessary to draw and present by simply firing from concealment: In other words, blowing a hole through your jacket pocket. But does this tactic actually work? Or are you just ruining a perfectly good coat? James investigates this popular theoretical strategy in this episode of TFBTV. Equipped with a velvet blazer, James drops a copper-washed Ruger LCRx into his pocket to see if he really can dump a cylinder into a cardboard mugger. For the sake of comparison, James also tries pocket-firing a KelTec P3AT as well to see if the tiny auto pistol can fire off more than one round. Check out this episode for the results.

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James Reeves

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• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
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  • Mrninjatoes


  • Madcap_Magician

    Part of the malfunctions with the semiauto is probably because of the specific coat rather than something inherent to shooting out of any pocket per se. It looks like due to the cut of the coat and the close-fitting nature of a blazer-type coat, that the muzzle of the gun was being pressed against a corner of the pocket, which would definitely make it difficult to cycle a semiauto.

    I’ve seen semiautos fire just fine out of a looser-fit winter coat with pockets located further down.

    But the revolver will likely always have the reliability edge here.

    • PersonCommenting

      Also does anyone really carry in a blazer. Most adequate pocket carry would be in slanted pockets. Straight down pockets like that are hard to get to even if you werent carrying a gun. Just aesthetics if you as me.

      • SP mclaughlin

        Hipsters do!

      • My (rarely-used in central Texas) heavy Winter coat has straight pockets, so I rigged up a simple pistol holder out of heavyweight cardboard that makes my compact as easy to draw as from a holster, and looks like I’m carrying a paperback or a tablet or something.

    • Mrninjatoes

      What is this Obvious 101?

  • KAF

    He’s got to try that with a down-filled coat.

    • Perp would end up lookin’ like a recovered mourning dove when the cops rolled in– all covered in bloody feathers.

      • RealitiCzech

        “We find you innocent of murder, but you are in violation of the Federal Migratory Bird Act.”

        • phuzz

          Also, you are being fined for littering.

  • JD
  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Dude, you can admit you bought “Purple Rain”. We’re all friends here.

  • Jon in CO

    Not conclusive. It’s a Kel-Tec. We can’t be sure it would fire outside of the jacket without issue…

  • Swarf

    Meh. Kel-Tecs malf on purple velvet, it’s well known.

    Should’ve used a G43. Austrians eat purple velvet for breakfast.

  • Edeco

    of course it had to be a skin tight jacket 😛

    Would have been neat if it were a Schott brand coat.

  • LazyReader

    Does shooting a revolver through a jacket pocket actually work

    That can answered with the question “Does a jacket stop a revolver”

    • Somewhere Bean Bandit is furiously trying to type and failing because his hands are like bear paws.

  • Mick Finn

    That may have sold some revolvers. I’m on board. I just have to check the lost & found at bars that may have rad jackets like that so I have some cool throw aways to practice in, or wear and be FABULOUS.

  • Calavera

    Just remember to drop the piece, and slowly walk away afterwards. “Jimmy “the wrench” Reeves was the kind guy who always rooted for the bad guys in the movies.”

  • Jim_Macklin

    The Ruger LCR has an internal hammer and would be good as are the “hammerless” S&W and other revolvers. Colt has shrouds that can be added to the Cobra and Detective Specials.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I tihnk his point was that even a revolver with an exposed hammer spur will do the job just fine. I personally have no interest in internal hammer revolvers, but I also dont pocket carry them. Or anything for that matter. At least not guns.

  • B. Young

    Watch a few B&W gangster movies, revolver in the pocket always works!!

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    You revolver guys are correct *this time*

  • gunsandrockets

    A sh*tty jacket sacrificed for a worthy cause. Thanks.

  • I believe the correct method for shooting from the pocket involves the non gun hand grabbing your junk to keep it occupied and non jealous of the other hand.

  • BillyOblivion

    I tried to put my revolver in my pocket, but the only one I have is a S&W 629.

    Couldn’t find a coat big enough.

  • John

    Great video! My favorite is watching James face in slo-mo, kind looks like he’s holding in a Chipotle burst! JK JK

    As for that coat, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • John

    Yes, but can you shoot it out of your JEANS pocket!!

  • USMC03Vet

    Pretty sure James shops in the teens department.

  • valorius

    Of course it works with a revolver. It probably would also work with a larger jacket pocket with a rearward slot, like a windbreaker type of deal.

  • Don Ward

    I’m late to the party and I’m sure someone has already said the Mae West line.

    *Reads thread*


    I’m the first?

    *Clears throat nevously*

    Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


    I see it is actually a pistol.

    • James Reeves


  • iksnilol

    It’s better if you take the jacket off 😉

    • Stan Darsh

      Dammit! I knew this comment was coming yet I still went looking for it.

  • Sid Collins

    A little help please. I was in a restaurant in New Orleans and when I went to leave my purple corduroy jacket was missing. If anyone sees it, please let me know.

  • Jon Kann

    Great episode! I am still laughing.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Can you test the crotch gun from From Dusk Till Dawn next? Asking for a friend….

  • BlueMarlin Blues

    holy hell, skip to 3:00 if you don’t want to listen to this guy talk forever.

  • ShooterPatBob

    So, the exact thing we were expecting happened. I guess it’s cool to see it on video, but definitely not a “myth” that needed busting if you can comprehend the basic mechanics of a firearm. James is always fun to watch.

  • Ark

    3:06 – James returning to his roots as a centerfold model.

  • the main issue firing a revolver in clothing is the chamber outgassing either setting the clothing on fire or the outgassing taking off chucks off your flesh. Certaintly caliber would be an issue. Wouldn’t want to set off a 454 casul in a pants pocket.

  • Swarf

    You got linked on TTAG.

    They’re pretty concerned about your ——–

    • Swarf

      Oh my God, Phil. If you are going to censor/mangle my comment so badly that all the humor is lost and it looks like I type with a stutter with my Mom the nun looking over my shoulder, then just don’t post it.

      Instead put up a notice saying “I refused to post this comment because the word that is short for Richard offends me, and I think it should offend you too, and I am making that call for you.”

      • James Reeves

        LOL thanks for the heads up. They definitely were concerned about my richard.

  • Diver6106

    That is why a colleague of mine carried one in Germany during the Cold War. And actually had to use it in a taxi… See Gerhardt Thamm’s “The Making of a Spy.”