BREAKING: Breach Bang Clear Reports Mike Lamb Is Not A Recon Marine

There are very few in the gun community that doesn’t know the name Mike Lamb. Mike has carved a career out for himself as a trainer and all around expert largely thanks to his time in the military as well as his continued training. The report from my friend David Reeder at Breach Bang Clear that Mike Lamb is not a Recon Marine is nothing short of disappointing.

It is hard to not feel betrayed and a bit hurt that Mike was less than honest with us about his experience. After Mike was medically retired he was recruited to work for Magpul and quickly became a leader in the Magpul family rising to the position of Director of Military Operations and became a plank holder for Magpul Dynamics, the training arm of Magpul.

David Reeder sat down with Mike Lamb because Mike had a very heavy weight on his shoulders that he has carried for 20 years. Mike wanted to tell the world that he was not a Recon Marine and wanted to clear the air.

I highly recommend that you read the entire post over there, Dave does a wonderful job of telling the story of Mike Lamb coming clean about his past.

Below is a quote from the article that Dave wrote on Breach Bang Clear.

But I was never Recon. Someone called me out on it, and I copped to it.

Patrick R

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  • None

    You’d think, considering the head of Magpul and Magpul Dynamics (I think) were both recon Marines, this would have been fleshed out earlier.

    • Henry Reed

      It’s almost inconceivable.

    • valorius

      Maybe they’re fakes too.

      • HenryV

        Do you think they could be ‘plastic marines’ too?

        • Mike

          Not Plastic, but polymer.
          You can charge more for something made of polymer over plastic.

      • Brocus

        main stream marines

    • GD Ajax

      It’s either they didn’t care to look into, they were that incompetent or stop giving a caring about ethics when they made it big.
      Regardless this is going to cause untold damage to the Magpul brand.

      • Herr Wolf

        yes- people are going to stop buying Magpul’s excellent products because of this/sarc.

      • Rick O’Shay

        I don’t see this making the same kind of waves as what SA and RRA have going on right now. Some people might care, but most won’t.

        • Duane Liptak

          Mike was hired to be part of Magpul Dynamics and was supposedly vetted by Haley, who was running it at the time. He also started doing some bus dev, but that was very short lived. Mike wasn’t here long. In reality, neither was anyone in Dynamics. That was before my time, though. It was like a year around the shotgun video time. So…8 years ago? Lots of lessons learned in that era, which is why we are now very, very careful to actually vet everyone’s background, and validate everything on the resume, and war stories.

      • Cal S.

        Doubtful. If you’re like me, you may not have even remembered that Mike was partnered with Magpul. Or particularly cared.

        I may be brand-loyal to Magpul, but not because of any employees they have or disposable big names attached to their product line. Every company in the AR market has made sure they have a cadre of super-dooper operator names that they can brag about. At the end of the day, people (should) stop caring about it.

        • Wow!

          Best response I have seen to all of this.

          • Cal S.

            Lol, thanks!

        • Jason Bourne

          I agree completely. I don’t really buy based entirely on what people say or claim anyway. But, in the end, it is unfortunate that people let this ruin their day…

    • USMC03Vet

      Which brings up some uncomfortable questions.

    • catfishb52

      The plot thickens, maybe they were part of Mike’s ruse? Perhaps, Magpul is a front for North Korean agents? Tune in next week as the plot to undermine gun training everywhere is exposed.

    • Wow!

      It isn’t that hard to imagine. The amount of serving personnel is a very small percentage of the population, but even then no one will meet and see everyone else or do what everyone else is doing since everyone has specific roles, just like any business. If you work for X corp and someone claims to be Jim from marketing on the 28th floor, would you doubt anything? Social engineering has taught us that unless you are schizo or otherwise paranoid, we are naturally trusting creatures in order to function in daily interactions. It is not hard for people to trick us, especially when there is no immediate consequence to our trust.

      • Ben Pottinger

        Thats not absolutely true (small percentage). In truth, roughly 7.4% of the US population has served in the military at some point in their lives. Though obviously not many were recon marines.

        As for the training culture, people do it for fun or to look cool. I mean it *is* fun and *is* cool, but if your truly worried about being able to deal with statistically significant life threatening situations you’d get EMT trained first and formost, long before you took any long gun or “advanced” training. Your almost guaranteed to have multiple situations through your life where EMT training would be beneficial while it’s incredibly unlikely any of us will be in a situation demanding advanced shooting skills.

        Still, nothing wrong with fun or a hobby.

        • Wow!

          7.4% IS a small percentage (even though I said serving personnel, not served members) and even then you don’t meet everyone in that 7.4% (much less remember them) no matter what you role is. If some guy came up to you and said he was an X, you probably are not going to suspect him if you were a Y in the military. This kind of stuff is seen in all professions. Scams/exploits work because we think that we are above being tricked by them, even though all of us are capable of being tricked… even those of us who have “red team” experience and should be aware of it!

          For the rest of your comment, I agree 100%. The big problem is that people are reluctant to teach people medical techniques unless they plan to make it a career (in fear of making a situation worse since the proper application of techniques requires a solid biology and chemistry background), but I think that needs to be put aside by the realization that if someone is seeking this kind of education, they are serious enough to learn enough to know where their capabilities lie.

  • Scott Wagner


  • USMC03Vet

    You’re telling me nobody did a FOIA on this guy? I can’t believe that. I can’t believe nobody checked up on his publicly available military background. I’m so tired of phonies getting away with it for years and years. Same story all the time and stolen valor lies are simply the smoke of a larger fire of other criminal activity.

    Just goes to show though how the industry more worried about selling that product or service than being truthful with their customers. From notorious fake John Gudick to Devil Dog Arms former CEO and now this turd factory. Don’t believe everything being sold.

    • RealitiCzech

      Some of it is due to post-9/11 .mil leg-humping. “I’m a printer repairman, but I insist on having a guy from Delta teach me to shoot the fridge-temperature IQ crackheads who might break into my home.”
      You have really good, practical training but didn’t operate operationally? You don’t the resume to train me brah.
      It encourages lying and exaggerating of one’s exploits.
      BTW, I’m having a class Friday. I killed Hitler – twice. With a Glock 7. Cost is $7000, and I was in Delta CAG SEAL Team Recon SAS 9th Royal Marine Ranger Regiment.

      • Tritro29

        And you were on that balcony In London.

        • RealitiCzech

          I can neither confirm nor deny that but I will totally sign autographs.

      • jonp

        I don’t remember you. I was the door gunner on that space shuttle mission where we dropped Delta Seal’s from low orbit into that country to kill that guy. I can’t be more specific as it’s still classified but if you don’t know what I’m talking about you weren’t there.

        • B-Sabre
          • jonp

            Yeah, that was me in the suit. They had to model the patch on something but couldn’t show our faces due to the secret squirrel missions we went on

          • B-Sabre

            Really?!?!? Gosh darn it, you’re my hero!! Can you teach me to operate operationally, like an operational operator? I’ll pay you all the monies!

          • jonp

            I don’t do it for the money. When I’m Operating on an Operation I Operate for Love of Country. I could teach you but then I’d have to kill you.

        • Clarence Bodiker

          I saw him we were stationed in pun-tang just over the border. Man it got hairy there for a bit.

          • Longhaired Redneck

            Officially, no US governmental entity has ever been involved with or in the vicinity of Puntang, hairy or not!!

        • .45

          Yeah? Well I was with a division of Spetznaz operating in the Zone. Eventually I became a Military Stalker. Not much to tell after that, I usually mixed it up with the Monolith, but I did stop by to see the Wish Granter a couple of times, no biggie there, just wished for more of a challenge and it babbled about People Soup and Misery mods. I did notice the Zone got a little weirder after that.

          Last time I went through I had a little chat with the C-Conciousness and told them they had better clean up their act or some idiot was going to shoot them all in their pods or something. I don’t think they listened, but whatever.

          • USMC03Vet

            Get outta here, Stalker!

        • RealitiCzech

          I wasn’t there, I was taken off the line because I failed to attend my yearly SHARP and Diversity classes when in a coma for 6 months (HALO’d out of the ISS on a dare, pro tip: bring oxygen).

      • MissileMech

        I don’t like to brag, but I was in Transportation.

        • USMC03Vet

          Motor T is legit. I need hots to go with my cots.

          • MissileMech

            I was Army Watercraft. Delivered beans and bullets, but I got to fish while doing so!:-)

          • Edward Allen

            Office poag with an M16A2 capability, and proud of it.

      • Anonymoose

        Everyone likes to forget that Instructor Zero never served with any military or police force or fought in any wars or anything, yet he trains special forces guys (and civilians who wish they were special forces guys) to jump through flaming hoops and everybody thinks he’s awesome.

        • The_Automator

          Rob Leatham never served a day, yet has taught the baddest dudes on the planet how to shoot for years.

        • Saint Stephen the Obvious

          But Zero never lied.

          • RealitiCzech

            And we couldn’t understand him if he did.

        • David B

          He actually served 1 year in the Italian army. Not that that makes him an operator, but it’s there. And he never claimed to be a tier 1 alpha recon seal ranger, he just said that he trains those units, which is true.

        • 2BulkFuel

          Instructor Zero also never claimed to be anything other than what he is.

          • Anonymoose

            People just assume he’s some super-secret black ops OPERATOR and hire him. He’s probably gotten 1000 times more experience from training people than he had to begin with. Maybe it’s like how they say you should teach others a concept to master it yourself.

          • 2BulkFuel

            If someone assumes you are an experienced operator, then it is their fault for assuming.

            When you blatantly lie about your background, and furthermore, profit from those lies, the responsibility lies squarely on your own shoulders.

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            O’Leary was a helluva football coach though, and Notre Dame should’ve stuck with him.

        • KestrelBike

          I thought that guy had been an Italian paratrooper?

          • JRT6

            I don’t know what these guys are talking about. Zero has embellished his military role too.

      • Rick O’Shay

        The Panteo guys did a video series where they discussed how they felt having a legit opr8r background was crucial to being a legit trainer. Attitudes like that certainly are going to encourage folks to lie about their backgrounds, especially if there’s a buck to be made.

      • USMC03Vet

        True. True. You don’t use the make and model SAD does when they are reportedly guarding VIP tangos at black sites? You gonna die in hypothetical gun fights!

        • RealitiCzech

          I got killed once when I brought my MP7A1 instead of an MP7A2 to battle. Won’t do that again.

    • Joshua

      Considering he worked for a handful of ABC alphabet soup units…Most probably didn’t think he’d lie about being Recon, it’s not like his resume wasn’t impressive as was.

      • USMC03Vet

        I still cannot believe other veterans would not do a basic FOIA on the guy prior to hiring him or do one at all during that time.

        • HSR47

          If you don’t talk about the boathouse at Hereford, people aren’t going to take note of the fact that you don’t know what color it is.

          In this case, it sounds like he was really into /some/ secret squirrel type stuff, just not everything that was on his resume. If he spent the majority of his time talking about the things he was legitimately involved in, it kind of draws suspicion away from the things that he wasn’t.

          From what I’ve read elsewhere, it almost sounds like this started out as a lie of omission — that others inferred he must have served with a given unit (due to the other things he has actually done), and that he failed to correct that notion when he could have done so without it being a big deal.

          I don’t feel sorry for the guy (he’s made his bed and now he gets to sleep in it), but at the same time I don’t have any particular desire to crucify him.

          • Silence Dogood

            Mike Lamb, is that you?

          • HSR47

            No. I have never served in the military of any nation.

    • Flounder

      He did serve, and was honorably discharged. It is a lot harder to get exact details on exactly what someone did while they served. At least that is my guess.

      And I bet he is a great instructor. And he probably knows more than enough to fool everyone but actual recon marines who he probably gets along with great being a marine himself!

      • USMC03Vet

        Actually in order to do anything you go to schools and there is a record of it contrary to what the blackest of the black operator phonies try to claim. In this case recon indoc and school would have been listed for easy confirmation. That is what makes up most of military records in the first place. In order to confirm involvement with specific ops/missions is more difficult and requires having to show either awards for them and/or time in service when it occurred with whatever unit was involved. Basics like qualifications are very quick and easy to determine.

  • st381183

    This is news but the Springfield / RRA scandal isn’t…..hmmmm

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer
      • Cymond

        I love TFB for that.
        But can you give me a few good keywords about this so I know what​ to Google?

        • int19h

          I hate to be Captain Obvious, but have you tried “Springfield RRA scandal”?

          • Cymond

            I stumbled across it on YouTube. I tend to distrust Google because I often get very vague results when I want something specific. I have to search specific to receive specific.

    • Build a bridge to Acceptanceville and get over it; TFB has made their decision on the matter perfectly clear, and barkin’ about it ain’t gonna make ’em change their minds. There are other news sources.

  • JT Win

    Way to spit on our troops, don’t they risk their lives for X?

  • UCSPanther

    Universal life lesson number 8: No one likes a faker…

  • Kaiser Dishelm

    Another operatively operative mall ninja.

  • FormFactor

    There are many people who fake it, that he chooses to come out with it is respectable and good. One stupid decision at one point back in your life can become an enourmos weight on your shoulders.

    • valorius

      When you tell the same lie 10,000 times it’s not one decision at one point- it’s 10,000 decisions at 10,000 points.

      Dude is a fraud.

      • John

        Very well said, “it was just one lie….that I maintained for a decade.”

        Lance Armstrong anyone?

      • RealitiCzech

        That’s not a lie, just a habit. Totally different.

        • valorius

          So he’s a habitual liar.

  • valorius

    Apparently Magpul employs the same vetting methodology as CNN.

  • valorius

    The internet is absolutely loaded with fakes. Everytime i read some comment section with all kinds of people claiming to be vietnam vets (for instance), i am fully aware that probably 80% of them are fakes.

    • 2.7 million served in Vietnam. If nobody spent more than 1 year in Force Recon, at best they have had 24,000 members of the lifetime of the organization. The real number is likely lower.

      Force Recon vets are much, much more rare than Vietnam vets.

      • valorius

        I agree.

        Even among those ‘vietnam vets’ (for example) that really did serve- 90% of em served in non combat roles. So that yahoo thread we have all read where every other poster was “A vietnam vet marine grunt” (for example)…..they’re almost all lying fakes.

      • datimes

        I worked for a Sheriff who was a recon Marine. The guy never took a vacation but took a few days off every year for a reunion.

      • Mattblum

        I have a buddy who is an ex-marine. He was not recon. Freely admits it. However he also told me that the recon guys were spooky good. Guess some people feel the resume needs polish. I don’t quite understand it, but then, I had a very high lottery number and got to miss Vietnam.

        I don’t know anyone that went who came back without scars, either mental, physical or both. The funny thing is that the folks who had served non-combat posts, often in Europe, were much more protective of their reputations than those who actually saw the elephant.

    • RealitiCzech

      There are always fakes. Somebody mentioned that there were so many self-proclaimed ‘lone survivors’ from Little Bighorn that Custer would’ve won by sheer numbers.

  • valorius

    I never heard of the dude before now.

    • Kevin Harron


  • Don Ward

    “There are very few in the gun community that doesn’t know the name Mike Lamb.”

    What isss “Mike Lamb”, precious?

    • valorius

      A liar and a fake, apparently.

    • Anonymoose

      Don’t know, don’t care.

    • Kevin Harron

      The fact of someone vaguely associated with Magpul having faked part of his resume in a training culture that seems to be overly focused on tacticool over tactical is hardly shocking.

      • MeaCulpa

        And why anybody that’s not in active military or law enforcement needs/wants tactical training is beyond me. Having a gun for self defence might make sense but training for encounters with multiple well armed and motivated assailants seems a bit over the top and unrealistic (unless you happen to be a public figure in Baghdad) but it is certainly a trend. ymmw imo and all that.

        • Wow!

          Tactical is synonymous with practical. Truly tactical training is just regular weapon handling and other general combat skills. Everyone from someone in a rapid response team to the everyday citizen benefits from knowing basics like situational awareness, room clearing, how to secure a non-immediate threat, presentation, low light, etc. Ignoring training if we have the opportunity is being irresponsible. No one should ever be discouraged for training too much, and few of what is taught in most classes is that unrealistic since bad guys do travel in groups since they usually are too scared to work alone. Rarely (but still possible) will you be approached on the street by single combative individuals unless you go through bad neighborhoods. Generally most people will have to fight when their home or business is targeted (and for many people, it isn’t an option for them to move to a lower crime neighborhood).

          Strategies are things that are over the top for most people to know (although still important for the info to be available. We don’t want the mil or police to have a monopoly on that). Strategies such as how info is gathered/disseminated (including surveying and interviewing people), how a mission is planned and executed, and what objectives need to be taken and how to use them after all is said and done, isn’t what an average citizen needs to know in their day to day life but that isn’t what most courses cover anyways.

        • E Wolfe

          “And why anybody that’s not in active military or law enforcement needs/wants tactical training is beyond me.”

          Because; make believe is fun, which is why laser tag & paint ball are so popular. When you go beyond buying a no frills AR & decent red dot or optic for 25-300 yds, then you’re obsessed and just wasting money. Unless you enjoy match shooting, or are a long range hunter.

          Tactical: When you get to be my age you quickly realize that flopping into a prone position, or any sudden stop generates massive arthritic pain radiating through every joint in the body.

          I’ve been running and gunning for nearly sixty years, slower and slower every year. But pistol competition & long distance shooting are still fun.

          • nicholsda

            Red dot or optic for under 300 yds? Son, I say son, that is iron sight range. ( Done in the best Foghorn Leghorn voice.) 🙂 I will admit to a few with them but the M1s all are iron sights and are good to 600 yards or better.

          • ramv36

            A non-magnified red dot is the iron sight of the current time.

          • E Wolfe

            That’s absolutely true, except for snap shooting. Why forego an edge to save a few bucks. M1s good to 800 yds, if battle zeroed to 200, & sight properly indexed. Range estimate, dial it up, 100yds per click, and estimate your windage (The tricky part). But, that’s assuming you’ve got time to fiddle and a static target or massed troops.

            I know where you were going, and appreciate the humor. I would not gussy up a Garand with extraneous accessories, unless it was match grade and intended as a dedicated snipers rifle. But let us not forget; the Garand was intended to engage targets at 600yds, whereas the M16 family is geared to 300 yds/meters.

            Concepts & tactics change. For us old fellas, we tend to have a different hammer for different tasks, whether it be punching paper, varmitting, hunting or–for the fleet-of-foot youngsters, a three gun match.

          • nicholsda

            Yep, us older guys have different hammers for the jobs. 1911 or MPA 10-T to 50 yds. M1 Carbine or AR-15 to 300 yds. M1 Rifle to 800 with iron sights or longer if an M1C or M1D version with scope. M1A NM for match shooting. My Colt AR-15 does have a 4X scope on it. But the A2 iron sights are there too. Groundhog hunting, Ruger 10-22 with a 50 round mag and a 3X9-50mm scope.< Overkill but still fun. 😉

      • S. Plankenberg

        Seems like these guys would realize how easy it is to verify some of their claims.

        • B. Young

          strangely it took 20 years and he outed himself! Maybe not by choice though.

          • 2BulkFuel

            He did not out himself. He was outed, and given the opportunity to get in front of it by the very community he disrespected with his lies.

          • durabo

            “Stolen Valor”

  • valorius

    “What color is the boathouse at Hereford?I?”

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Blue! Wait. There is no boat house. Wait. You don’t know.

    • Ain’t it kinda splotchy black and white? I only know beef cattle, the milk breeds are a mystery to me.

      • Independent George

        Those are Holsteins.

        • You sure you’re not thinkin’ of New Jerseys?

          • phuzz

            I’ve heard of Jersey cattle (they produce really creamy milk), but not New Jerseys.

          • They’re like that, but you can only buy one every thirty days.

          • Clarence Bodiker

            Is there Background check and a 7 day waiting period?

          • MeaCulpa

            New Jersey cattle is sorta like Jersey cattle (producing creamy milk) IF, and only if, there’s a Iroc-Z in sight of the cow at all times, that they are rubbed with fake tan daily and that Bon Jovi is constantly played at obnoxious levels.

          • jonp

            That’s the one with the BIG Guns

          • Calavera

            Shouldn’t that be “New Guernseys”?

          • mazkact

            Brown Swiss and Belted Galloways are restricted cattle in NJ,NY,Cali,Mass and IL.

          • Calavera

            Udderly ridiculous!

          • mazkact

            Only legal if you milk them using antique Surge hanging pot milking machines or by hand, no pipelines.

          • jonp

            If I had a dollar for every pail I hauled to the bulk tank or time I got whipped in the face with tail dipped in manure while putting on a belt I wouldn’t be on here.

      • Don Ward

        Herefords ARE a beef cattle.

        And you call yourself a Texan.

        *Shakes head sadly*

        Next on TFB…

        OUTED: TexasUberAlles actually from Boston and don’t know his cow critter breeds!

    • John

      Hey, Robert De Niro saved Sean Bean’s life, so he gets to ask hard questions.

    • Edeco

      *catches falling coffee cup*

      …actually my training is the opposite, let stuff drop.

    • Scouse

      Don’t think they are even stationed in Hereford anymore! I worked with a fellow Bouncer in Liverpool, 60to64. Found out he was an SAS Trooper when he passed away in 2007. He never split to me, we were very close, survived some horrendous fight’s together, the only other Doorman (polite name. For Bouncer!) I would bet my life on.
      He was a madman though!

    • The_Champ

      Such a good film!

    • 1911a145acp

      Continuing our theme of movie references, will the next TFB post on the subject be…………..wait for it………… Silence of the Lambs……?

      • Old Vet

        There’s no room for sheep in cattle country, son.

    • Bill

      Sean Bean always dies.

  • iksnilol

    Who is he?

    • Sir Mon 7.62

      Just another liar, i.e. a normal product of the most free and righteous people on the face of the Earth

  • Verner

    I’ll never understand this need to exagerate experience. Can’t you be a knowledgeable professional without having been a SEAL-Recon-Ranger-SWAT-ninja?

  • Vince

    What I find truly sad is that anyone who has served honorably in any role in the military finds it necessary in their mind, to claim deeds and qualifications that they are not entitled to! As someone who has not served due to both life choices and things beyond my control, I honor all who have or do serve and am grateful for their service, no matter their occupational specialty.
    As for Mr Lamb, he has forever tarnished his reputation and will now and forevermore be known as a liar and thief, having stolen that which was not his, the name of Recon Marine!

  • RealitiCzech

    I thought this was about Kyle Lamb for a moment, and was surprised. Never heard of this guy, but his biceps are dreamy so I’ll let it slide, unlike Cory of Cory & Erika’s Derriere fame.

    • Rick O’Shay

      That was my first reaction too.

    • M1911

      You and me, both.

  • I have never understood what in the everlovin’ hay-hole makes anyone in the 21st Century think they can get away with false claims of military service. It ain’t like having a girlfriend who lives in a different town or winning all those bar fights in college or whatever, there is absolutely a paper trail that can be easily followed in the public domain.

    What a re:con maroon.

    • Clarence Bodiker

      There existith the holy document the 214 and 201 file. Therein lay the holy deeds and it is truthful and sacred. Forged in the crucible of almighty service and documented by the holy scribe the clerk.

      On a serious note people who bullshit don’t know you will eventually run into a guy who was there. He will say I don’t remember you in my class and you won’t answer questions right.

    • Mad Marsupial

      Why anyone thinks they can get away with any false claim these days is astonishing – but some folks are only getting caught now for fake details they started to use 20+ years ago before the internet was the monster it is now.

    • Smedley54

      Why talk about it at all? I’m proud of my service, but anything done “back then” was under the influence of youth, back when I was ten feet tall and bullet proof.

    • retrocon

      Well, the “stolen honor” law was declared unconstitutional, so people are out there even claiming to be CMH holders who have never worn the uniform. Shame.

      While I respect special operators, there are so many of them leaving service and taking jobs as reps for myriad weapons systems producers or gun-pundits, who even cares to check anymore?

      And besides, again, having only been a lowly Army MP myself, I can see how, as backend consultants, they can contribute to make a weapons systems better. But, as “faces” and “pundits” and trainers, I don’t really get how their experience translates to downtown Hoboken. South Chicago, maybe.

  • John

    If a Marine takes the point position when on patrol, aren’t they doing reconnaissance?

    By that definition, isn’t everyone a Recon Marine?

    Also, better to lie about this than about being a pedophile.

    • Peter

      As if one rules out the other 😉

    • USMC03Vet

      No. Being a recon marine is a designated military occupational speciality and a tough one to earn.

  • fleetwrench

    He should go work for Springfield Armory or Rock River. He will fit right in with those Scammers.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Please provide some background for this statement?

      • itsmefool

        It’s a reference to SA and RR supposedly wanting to put Illinois gun dealers out of business by indirectly supporting a bill…turns out, SA admitted it was supporting a “pro-gun” group that actually helping push the bill. SA already sent a news release apologizing for the mistake and getting behind its defeat, but some people only want to see part of the truth.

        Of course, I wish all gunmakers would leave the Land of Lincoln, but I understand there are some issues with that from the manufacturing standpoint.

  • jonp

    Stolen Valor Weasel. Someone who “comes clean” after being caught is a POS who deserves no respect.
    You lied to everyone for personal gain and peed on the backs of every Soldier that put themselves into harms way as a member of our nations finest. Go jump off a bridge
    Yes, I served in an Airborne Unit. No, I didn’t have any secret squirrel exploits of derring do or kill Bin Laden. I proudly served and exited our military.

    • Flounder

      This is NOT stolen valor. Just a little embellishment. The guy served as a marine. Worked with intelligence agencies. And i am sure he is a great instructor.

      He also came clean. Maybe under duress maybe he actually has a conscious.

      I really can’t fault someone who made a small mistake trying to get ahead. Sure it is sleazy, but no one at my company got to where they were without being much worse.

      To end, I have to say, he did serve and was honorably discharged.

      • Scouse

        Not sure if I told this tale here before (Old guys forget stuff!) When I moved to Canada, with Family, different Wife, in 1968, one of the first jobs I got, in a GM Company. Frigidaire? Spelling? We made shock absorbers, first day, when asked were I was from in England, I replied Liverpool.
        The chap who I was speaking to, said, “Oh there is a Guy here, who used to work as a Bouncer at The Cavern Club, of Beatles fame”
        When I was introduced, on a meal break, said Ex Bouncer went white, “I told these Guys I went to the Cavern a lot Mike!”
        I was a Bouncer at the Cavern, 1960 to 1964. Got stabbed twice as well.
        Most Bouncer jobs were part time, mine was, Thur/Fri/Sat nights.

      • DIR911911 .

        “but no one at my company got to where they were without being much worse.” . . . and we wonder why this country is going to shit

      • M1911

        I wouldn’t call this “a small mistake”. He deliberately lied many times.

      • USMC03Vet

        Bullshit it’s the definition of stolen valor. A lot of stolen valor scum are actual veterans that ruin all the honorable stuff they did because it wasn’t enough and wanted to lie more. It’s even worse when a real veteran does it because they know better but do it anyway.

      • jonp

        He is a piece of. If you serve then lie about what you did to make money your a piece of . Did I mention he is a piece of .

  • Warren Ellis

    So what was the point of him pretending he was a Recon Marine? Did it burnish his credentials for an interview or something?

    I mean do things like this help get peoples’ feet in to the door of producing and selling guns?

    • RSG

      Yes and yes.

  • Mike Vee

    You know what I call out? A website with grammatical errors.

  • Raginzerker
  • Uniform223

    I was with Special Forces Group 5, 1st BN, D Co, ODA 517…

    See, anyone on the interwebs can make stuff up to make themselves seem more legitimate.

    It sucks this happened and what’s worse in my opinion is a portion of the firearms community. A portion of the firearms community feeds this seemingly insatiable idea/fantasy that the only qualified instructors have to have a special forces/operations background to be legitimate. This is all in an effort to be more “tactical/tacticool”. In my opinion this is all just theatricality then actual usefulness.

  • 22winmag

    Breaking News: People fib on their resumes!

  • Bucho4Prez

    My first thought was…

    Also, don’t take some dudes class if he starts every sentence with “In the teams, we…”

  • Calavera

    I’ve known a few guys like him in the course of my career. It’s a strange compulsion I believe driven by deep set insecurity. One man I worked with claimed he was: a NASA astronaut candidate, major league baseball player, Navy fighter pilot…on and on. All phony. He was unaware that I had reviewed his security paperwork and BI. He would talk so casually about it all, with an incredible ease. He believed his own lies. Tragic, when you consider that his own true, real life story, professional exploits, and achievements were what most men could only dream. In the end, that compulsion got him killed.

    • USMC03Vet

      There is always that one guy in the unit that lies and has to try to one up everyone. I can only imagine the utter crap they spew about their military service when they get out. I know the quality of stolen valor phonies personally having seen someone I served with get exposed for outrageous claims. They aren’t good people.

  • David G

    “OUTED!” Are you serious?

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    The good book says “Behold your sin will find you out” and we see it still rings true today.

    The problem about Mike’s ‘coming clean’ is it didn’t happen that way. He was outed, someone called him out on his 20 years of lying and he got caught. Coming clean is knowing you did wrong and bringing your sin to light yourself and asking forgiveness (and not because you got caught).

    I imagine that this will be like the Cory & Erika drama where people end up not caring about the false claims. They road out the storm and they still have lots of business despite their lies (but I will never recommend them to anyone).

    I too wondered how one could claim something but if your integrity is lacking, anything can happen. We all have the ability to sin (choose to do the wrong thing).

    Saint Stephen the Obvious

    • RealitiCzech

      Cory & Erika was a tempest in a teapot. In the end, people realized they weren’t watching the channel because of Cory’s fake infantry experience and goofy Costa beard, but to watch Erika in booty shorts.

      • USMC03Vet

        In the end it just exposed how scummy some of the “training” community is that tried to excuse and advocate for a POS liar that got caught and couldn’t even apologize without lying again.

  • 2BulkFuel

    “Someone called me out, and I copped to it.” He didn’t cop to it, he got caught and had no choice. He made a living off of the reputation of men with courage and integrity; qualities he sorely lacked.

    He was given the opportunity to make a public statement before one was made for him. That opportunity was given to him by the same community he disrespected.

    • USMC03Vet

      Bulk fuel specialist? 😍

      • 2BulkFuel


  • GunnerMcGunner

    Why didn’t the people interviewing and hiring Lamb ever ask for an official copy of his DD214?

    • itsmefool

      Because many in the “gun press” are just fanboys themselves and not real reporters…of course, real reporters don’t hardly exist anymore! All you need online access and an opinion (even an half-baked, uninformed one) and you, too, can be a journalist!

    • robocop33

      A DD214 does not always reflect everything you have done. I was in Crypto and my MOS was 0000 and not every TAD I did or places I was sent to was listed simply because it was classified. That said, I was never on the front lines as my clearance was too high to ever risk me being captured by our enemies. When you know that much classified stuff they are not going to let you be captured!

  • Daniel Moulder

    Well, I can certainly forgive. I’m sure that his training was very good, even w/ this coming out. We all have skeletons in our closet, some more than others. We are fortunate if they don’t come out for millions to see. Sad to hear this, but at least he did come clean.

    • USMC03Vet


      • ckeltz3


  • Am I the only one in this comments section who just found out who Mike Lamb was today?

    • M1911


    • Kevin Harron

      Definitely nope.

    • ChupaMe

      He’s one of the talking heads on Trigger Time, which I watch on the Pursuit network occasionally.

    • Cattoo

      No. So far Mike has wasted enough of my time although I am now curious as to whether or not he was even a Marine. Not curious enough to waste more of my time to look him up though.

    • ramv36

      Yes. At first I thought they were talking about Guns & Ammo author and all-around Badass, Sergeant Major KYLE Lamb

  • nova3930

    Just another data point that confirms my prior experience. The less someone talks about their military experience, the more they’re likely to have done.

    Another example. One of my wife’s family member’s recently passed. He retired from the Army in ’96 as a MSG with 30+ years in service. He never really talked about what he did though.

    I got to look through his service records after he passed and see he retired with an MOSs of 18B and 18Z, and passed the special forces qual course in the mid 70s. Had stuff in his records signed by Charlie Beckwith even.

    A half dozen guys in green berets showed up for his funeral and he got a full military honor guard as a combat veteran of Panama and Desert Storm, and god only knows where else. And never once in the 10 years I knew him did he say he was anything other than “infantry.”

    • M1911

      I’ve competed with a guy who was Special Forces (served in sandy places) and later a Federal Air Marshal. He is the nicest, most modest guy you would every meet. I’ve never heard him boast about either career. And boy can he shoot…

      • itsmefool

        And those are the real heroes!

    • Calavera

      My uncle never once spoke of his military service in WWII. Sometime after he passed away, I found his service photo, and hometown newspaper clippings reporting on him, and letters to his mother. His service photo showed a bright-eyed, broad shouldered young man in the prime of life, his whole future ahead of him, wearing a garrison cap, jump wings, and unit patch of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles. Jumped in Normandy, and Eindhoven. As, a boy, the only clue I had of his military service, was hearing him in the guest bedroom, thrashing, tossing and screaming in his sleep every night. My father would simply say, “The War. He had a bad night. Bad dreams.” He never spoke of it.

      • nova3930

        Wife’s grandfather is like that. He’s a vet of Okinawa. One of just a few to survive out of his company and that’s probably because he got hit by an unexploded star shell from a destroyer about halfway through the battle. Broke his hip and had to be evacuated. By the time he healed up the war was over…..

      • Kingston

        I think that was partly a generational thing too, and a very respectable one at that, maybe because military service and qualifications just weren’t as monetized post-service as they are now. My grandfather was the same way; as a boy, I knew he had served in what sounded like some exotic places (N. Africa, Burma, etc.) and had “been hurt” a few times, and had malaria. Other than that, he was very reticent and it wasn’t until over 10 years after he died that I talked to some of his cousins who still own the house where he grew up, and they said, “Oh, yes, we’ve got lots of his papers and his medals…” He had apparently been up to some very Lawrence of North Africa/Asia stuff, been decorated for valour several times, and spent the better part of a year in hospital for wounds and tropical illness before being demobbed. Yet, if you had asked him, he made it sound as if he had spent the war scurrying around in a jeep or swatting mosquitoes in a jungle somewhere.

    • Gary Kirk

      My grandfather was a ww2 marine, Pacific theatre.. Never spoke to anyone about his “time”.. Except for me as a little kid riding with him to the hardware store or whatnot.. I still remember the marines at his funeral all coming up to my 10 year old self and shaking my hand..

  • M1911

    Took me a while to realize this is about Mike Lamb, not Kyle Lamb. Guess I need to read more closely…

  • Cap’n Mike

    Im bracing myself for the Breaking News story that Chris Costa didnt serve in the Coast Guard. 🙂

    • itsmefool

      Hah! Brilliant!

      Although, I must say the guy can shoot, so there’s that.

      • Cap’n Mike

        I couldn’t resist😀
        In the words of Homer Simpson;
        “I will never make fun of the Coast Guard again. You Navy rejects are all right.”

        All kidding aside, some of the bravest, most capable people I have worked with were in the U.S.C.G.

  • Seth Hill

    He lied about being a recon marine and yet we are supposed to believe his doing work for “intelligence” and alphabet agencies? I don’t see anything in the BBC post that backs up these claims. Maybe his unit got information about enemy positions from intel provided by one of the agencies and so he embellished that to say that he worked for them?

  • 1LT Homer

    It seems like nearly every Stolen Valor case centers on the claiming of an elite spec ops career. When is the last time you met a guy pretending to be an 88M…?

  • Gun Fu Guru

    Two years ago, the whole gun community wanted blood after Cory “AWOL” Jackson was outed. I don’t understand why many here are tolerating the same stolen valor when it comes to Mike Lamb.

    • DIR911911 .

      because this guy actually served and wasn’t medical discharged out before even starting basic training. jackson was only in army greens for 2 weeks, that’s not enough time to do anything but processing especially if they are sending him to the hospital during that time to diagnose heart problems HE KNEW HE HAD. jackson only enlisted so he COULD be discharged then claim service he can not do. this story is about someone who went through basic and advanced training and actually served in the military and other agencies.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        Would it be stolen valor for a 42R Musician to claim he was an 11B Infantryman with multiple combat tours overseas? Yes.

        • DIR911911 .

          true. there are definitely degrees of guilt for lack of a better term. but don’t answer your own questions , that’s tacky. haha personally I don’t even stand when they do those “salute our veterans” call out at public events

  • David L. Willis

    He lied…so what. His work speaks for itself. Mick Stryder is and was an absolute flaming douche-hole, lying sack of shit…went to Federal prison for it…and his knives don’t cost any less for it.

  • Rangefinder

    What color is the boathouse?
    Answer: There are two colors painted on the inside and outside of the boathouse;dark blue and light blue.They are the colors of Oxford and Cambridge University’s rowing clubs.Several original members of the SAS were also members of these universities rowing clubs and decided to adopt their old crew colors for the boat house.

  • Django

    It seems the only criteria one needs to pull off fake credentials/tactical operator, is the right facial hair, higher than normal bravado, 511 gear, choreographed gun ballet, tattoos and half – assed military jargon. Not to mention a gaggle of emasculated fanboys who hang on their every word!
    He should become an actor, rapper or singer seems they follow the same routine in phoniness!

  • David

    Panteo Productions has a couple of Bullshit Artist instructors one claiming to be a Ranger to.

  • Joe Elliot

    Not recon? I guess that would mean he had good sense. In 1967 on admin day in Staging Battalion 200 or so Marines were given the option of going directly to Vietnam or staying stateside and going to recon school. Guess how many chose recon school. Zero, nada, zilch, none. Westpac ground forces was the preferred option.

  • MIKE


  • Mikial

    Well, good for him for finally coming clean, but I can never understand why guys have to try to inflate their backgrounds. Be who you are, and just get though life on your own merits.

  • Rick Rios

    It is a huge problem on the shooting community, the amount of Tacti-Turds is overwhelming. I don’t see why they have to Lie about their service just to get some credibility. I hate Tacti-Turds

  • Rogertc1

    Did he even serve in the military?

  • Bob

    never heard of him until this was posted.

  • a_b704

    Since I rose to the top, as a US Army Recon SEAL, I just knew this guy was fake!

    • itsmefool

      And we thank you for your fake service!

  • ToddB

    There are always those who have to embellish what career they had, we have all been to a bar and there is some guy who always seems to be special forces, killed half the people in the war, usually a cook or some other REMF. The louder they are, the less they did. Then there are those who just make it up. Knew a guy who took my marine stories and told them as his own. Even went as far as ‘borrowing’ some of my pictures to show. When confronted, made up some purely coincidental story of how they ‘fell’ into his bag, and he just happened to keep them for years. He wasn’t sure whos pics they were, like he really knows that many desert storm vets. He gave up on the marines stories, now he can be a wanna be cop since he got himself a constable badge.

  • JoeBoomer

    In reading the comments, I initially thought I came across a Dairy Association website. You guys! Any way, too many warriors who aren’t. Integrity and your handshake should be your code.

  • Emilio Zapata

    how many of you operators clicked the more on this story button… who cares what he needs off his shoulders, if its not his head.
    life is full of posers. too bad most if not all of the talking heads are phonies, and maybe even caused a real sharp troop’s death so he wouldnt have to serve in the dirty field.

    my dress blues still have the raggedy hem on the pants, i never wore em, i was a ramp rat, and dont need a cheerleader.

  • ckeltz3

    Ostracize immediately.
    Fame & fortune off of the blood others.
    What a disgrace.

  • Michael

    I have no respect for someone who has claimed for years to be something they are not, especially service related. Had a former friend who would tell everyone he was a Marine sniper, except those of us who had actually served. We found out about it when one of his female friends was asking us about his dead first wife. We knew his first wife and she is alive and well. Came to find out that there were so many other lies as well. Still can’t figure out how he kept track of all his lies.

  • Old Gringo

    Too many people exaggerate their military service. I was an intelligence officer and a counterintelligence officer. Since then I have about 30 years in which I have interviewed lots of veterans for both government and private companies. I have found dozens of people who claim an intel background. Bad day for most of them, because I knew all the major players in that business. Upon questioning, most did not even know where the intel schools , headquarters, or who headed the 18 US intel groups. I was able to get them to all admit they had some limited role in intel. I also had lots of people claim some specials ops background. Problem for them was as an intel guy I was often assigned to special ops units and deployed with them, and knew a lot about those issues as well. Again, you sound pretty stupid when you claim to be Army Ranger or Navy Seal and you cannot even identify where they train and where their schools were located. Perhaps the most fun was asking many of them the process of getting their Top Secret clearance. Many had no clue. So, lots of liars did not get hired by me. Happens everyday, and my rule is not to not trust anybody. So, if this guy was not a recon guy, he lied. Kind of like Elizabeth Warren saying she was a Cherokee to get into Harvard or somewhere and also got a teaching job there. What we know about people is that if they will lie on a job interview, they will also lie on their taxes and will cheat on their wives. It is called a character flaw.

  • Warrior24_7

    Hmmm… Didn’t read his side of the story, but it seems he was forced out one way or another. One thing about a lie, is that once it gets going, the bigger it gets. He had to keep this lie going for 20 years! Why? To get a job? Nobody did a background check? I see the guy getting roasted on here, but how many of those people voted for the liar we have in the White House? At least this guy was good at his job. It seems that people pick which liars to accept and which ones they reject. It seems people like the liars that line up with their beliefs. He hurt no one but himself here. If you’ve been in the military then probably you heard these lies before. The person either served in a combat zone and didn’t, or was some elite special member and wasn’t. Getting wounded is another big one. Eotech just lied, anyone still using their sht? Exactly! I don’t own any Eotech, but I’m looking hard at their Vudu scopes right now! Frankly, I don’t give a damn!

    • Alex Yamach

      “I see the guy getting roasted on here, but how many of those people voted for the liar we have in the White House?”.

      You should be hung by your heels, and your throat opened like the leftist scumbag pig that you are.

      Folks, I invite you to look at this cupcake’s Disqus profile, and read his comments he’s made across the ‘net…

      “Warrior24_7”? More like a coward Democrat bedwetter.

      He needs a one-on-one counseling session with “Negan” and “Lucille”.

  • RetiredSOFguy

    So many frauds trying to be what they weren’t man enough to be.

  • ramv36

    At first read I’m thinking “Of course he wasn’t a Recon Marine, he was Army Delta”, and then I realized I had no clue who Mike Lamb was and i was thinking of Kyle Lamb, whom everyone should also know.

  • Silence Dogood

    Sounds like another Dave Canterbury

  • Core

    Dishonesty is a flaw in character, but having the courage to admit it is a start on the path of righteousness. Everyone he lied to deserves an apology. He should start by apologizing to all Recon Marines. It always amazes me at how men feel they need to lie to elevate themselves, but I guess our society values all that luster a bit too much.

  • RPK

    Although I appreciate his service and the fact he was “medically retired”, whether he was “in the rear with the gear” or whatever his duties entailed, Stolen Valor or misrepresenting one’s military service is no laughing matter. To all those who actually served in Recon Marine, they DESERVE the recognition for making the mark, striving to be the best and working under less than ideal circumstances. A “poser”, as it were, has no credibility in the military community. Anytime I hear or see his name connected with a product, service or video presentation in the future, it will hold no water. As a fellow Veteran, although what I said above may seem harsh, I still thank him for his military service and wish him well in future endeavors.

  • Jason Adams

    Sounds like he was standing up and being truthful and facing the consequences. If that was the case that took some guts. Ask yourself what if you were in his shoes? I know, all of us don’t ever lie so we would never have to do this …. right? And would you?

    So maybe we should look at the man as he is now and not as he was.

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    I am a skinny guy and being in the military is no joke so when you got people who lie they can burn in hell for all I care. I joined as a 68W and now I am a 68E and proud of it( ahahhahah just chill)