The Firearm Blog: Firearms Not Politics Since 2007

I started The Firearm Blog way back in June 2007. This year we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!  The site slogan back then was “Firearms Not Politics”, as it continues to be today.

10 years ago the internet gun content landscape was very different. It was the golden era of political gun blogs, but blogs dedicated to the guns themselves were non-existent. Forgotten Weapons did not exist, nor did C&Rsenal and it would be a few weeks before hickok45 would publish his first 0:12 second video clip. I tried something new, and TFB became more popular than I would ever have imagined.

10 years later we still have the same site slogan and philosophy. The slogan is part of the site logo shown at the top of every page.

This upsets some people. I frequently get emails which state “Unless you cover [this important political issue], I will stop reading your website”.

We are well aware that our non-political stance offends certain people. We are especially aware that we lose vasts amount of traffic by not covering political events. The traffic our competitors get during major political events such as Presidential Elections is ridiculously high. Even minor events cause large spikes in traffic. While not political, we also generally avoid covering gun-negative stories such as mass shootings despite traffic from them rivaling major political events. During these periods of intense political interest, we watch the website rankings of our competitors and see their estimated traffic shoot up while TFB stays static.

TFB (and TFBTV, our Youtube channel) is about promoting guns and gun culture, we have accepted lower traffic is a consequence of us being non-political.

We do cover legal issues, lawsuits and regulations and how these affect the industry, once or twice we have even blogged about a politician or pro-gun celebrity’s firearm collection (without covering their politics), but often these are grey areas and we have to avoid overstepping the mark.

Occasionally I make the wrong call, either not covering something we should have, or covering something we should not have. All I can do is use my best judgement at the time.

Our competitors The Truth About Guns, Bearing Arms and all offer extensive political coverage. The gun bloggers SaysUncleView From The Porch and Shall Not Be Questioned have excellent commentary on political issues. These are the sites I visit to get my political news. If gun politics is important to you, then I recommend you read them as well.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Vhyrus

    I have argued (and will continue to argue) that firearms and politics are inexorably connected, and as long as there are two factions that disagree on earth, weapons will at least tangentially be involved. That being said, you have made a niche for yourself, and a good one at that, and should continue to do so despite my pedantic efforts otherwise.

    • Anner

      Agreed. I applaud TFB’s restraint in sticking to their original intent.

      • supergun

        They are a good company. American made. Love it.

    • Anonymoose

      If it wasn’t for guns (and their hypocrisy on drugs, war, trade/economics, and just about everything else), I’d be a Democrat.

      • Jared Vynn

        That use to be my position as well, but lately I am seeing too much of a push into discrimination disguised as identify politics/social justice. Closest I got now is the libertarians.

      • MrFN

        Yeah, I feel like I would almost be, too. Strictly Independent because of it, haha.

      • Jeff

        Oops, shouldn’t that post be removed for site policy violation?

        • Anonymoose

          No, because this is the comment section. There are no “policy violations” for readers unless the readers start picking fights.

          • supergun

            Do they get bloody noses for picking fights. Your comment is funny. Picking fights. That is funny. Thanks for the laugher.

          • Anonymoose
          • supergun

            Now that was funny. But not as funny as the senator warren (pocahontas) saying that the USA will stop electing Men for the Presidency in the near future. As stupid as she sounds, the way many men are wimping out over everything,,,,,,who knows. Who is that in the picture? schumer?

      • BrandonAKsALot

        As horrible as it is to admit, I was. I was a typical stupid liberal brainwashed by the media and didn’t realize it. It was my interest in firearms in my mid 20s that opened my eyes to the world. That and running a business. This site was one of my gateways into the gun world too.

    • Keiichi

      Right there with you.

      Pete and other writers have said in the past that they believe the spirit of the motto and policy is to avoid the Red vs Blue partisan cheerleading and clashes in the comments, and in that regard I applaud their efforts.

      However, reasonable people with reasonable differences on firearm related political stories ARE capable of respectful discussion, and that is lost on this site. It’s a shame, because I very much respect most, if not all, of our fellow TFB readers, and I would love to engage respectfully on such topics with them.

      • Joel

        I never shy away from respectful debate, but one of the reasons I gave up on TTAG was the decidedly disrespectful debates that often ensued on that site.

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    *deletes post about the Whigs promoting percussion muzzle loaders over flintlocks in 1836*

    • noob

      *deletes comment about the UK Bill of Rights 1689 which guarantees the right of Protestants to keep and bear arms, since the Catholics were doing it so why not everyone?*

  • 22winmag

    I like this place, but I could do without all the grenade launcher, knife, and inane accessory posts.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Grenade launchers I understand, but the knife and flashlight post seem out of place.

      • Hey I like knives and flashlights. Knives and guns just go together.

        • So do flashlights.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            How else would I find everything at the range on those trips where I lose track of time?

          • Twilight sparkle

            Night vision O.O
            No but I just tend to scroll past flashlight reviews when I see them on here, not really a bad thing just not my cup of tea

          • Nothing wrong with that—–

      • noob

        Thefleshlightblog: fleshlights, not politics.

  • Ed McCarthy

    Thank you, sincerely!!!!

  • Zundfolge

    Guns are intrinsically politics (thank you Mr Mao) so you’ve been living a lie from day one … that’s ok we’ve enjoyed your little corner of teh interwebs anyway.

    • datimes

      Mao famously said power comes from the barrel of a gun.

      • noob

        The full (literally translated) quote is actually about civillian control of the military: “So the Party must rule the Gun, and never the Gun rule the Party”

  • datimes

    In the highly charged political environment in which we live it’s pretty hard to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

  • BravoSeven

    This is the only firearm site I frequent on a regular basis and it’s because of the no politics stance. I like it just the way it is. Thank you very much.

    • DIR911911 .

      knew I wasn’t alone , thanks TFB

    • FlaBoy

      Me too !!! Keep the “no politics” policy ! It’s downright aggravating when other sites post political items not ever related to guns, shooting, etc.., simply because of the bloggers own political bias. If they want to make anti-Trump or anti-anybody comments, there are other more appropriate places to do so…same goes for ESPN.

      • supergun

        Politics is like a$$holes. Everyone has one. Shame everyone does not have a gun.

    • Bierstadt54

      Agreed. I know the politics and if I want more I know where to go. But TFB is the only firearms site I visit every day. Thanks TFB!

  • noob

    Congratulations Team TFB! You remain the one website I actually type into my navigation bar by hand.
    (Although these days it autocompletes as soon as i press “t”)

  • Nick Leghorn

    Happy birthday!

    -Nick from TTAG

  • Jambo

    The least you could do is to not promote products from traitors like RRA and SA, but you continue to give them coverage. You may not want to to talk about politics, and that’s fine, but your actions are political, whether you like it or not.

    • Let me clarify. Steve nor I have any control over advertising etc. We had already arranged for and had agreements to cover some SA products before we or most people even knew about this situation.

      • st381183

        Agreeing to cover is not the same as agreeing to post unless money changed hands. Many news organizations will hold a story until a controversy blows over or to stay out of the fray. Posting the videos turned out to be perceived as political. Go figure…

        • Another firm policy we have had from the start is no money or payment of any kind for posting a gun review. We never make anything from our reviews.

      • Jared Vynn

        I will sadly be using adblocker temporarily.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          That only hurts our ability to keep the lights on. Springfield isn’t making any money on you seeing a banner.

        • Yea we don’t have any control over banners either since it’s part of advertising.

      • Jambo

        So I’m to believe you didn’t put out two videos about Springfield products in the past three days?

  • Joel

    Your concentration on guns, not politics is the very reason I read your website more than any other. I used to read TTAG all the time but their incessant ranting about politicians became tiring (as well as their site’s tendency to become infected with viruses, causing my anti-virus software to intercept an unusual amount of their content). Keep up the good work and don’t second guess your choices. Your content is first rate, and keeps things classy.

    • Rick O’Shay

      I’ve commented less and less on TTAG over the last year. TTAG’s issues go well beyond political coverage, and TFB is the more enjoyable site to visit for many other reasons besides little-to-no political coverage. TFB is definitely doing something right.

    • pun&gun

      TTAG’s biggest strength is its gun and gear review content.

  • KiwiGuy

    Another reason to enjoy TFB, it’s about the firearms, not the chest beating. Keep up the good work please, it’s a pleasure to read reviews on gear, and not see too many tact-ti-fools dressed for a walk about Fallujah.

    • Edeco

      Yup, one can have a technical convo here without getting into bizarre self defence scenarios or a whizzing contest. Usually, sometimes a keyboard commando stumbles in.

      • Jared Vynn

        I’ve ran into a couple overly pedantic Keyboard Comrades, but for the most part it’s enjoyable.

  • Major Tom

    Now if we can only tone down the AR-15 bias. :3

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I will say that the lack of politics makes for a much more interesting discussion in the comments section. Instead of everybody angrily ranting but still agreeing on all the crap the government is trying to do, we can have wonderful equally unproductive but much more enjoyable discussions on why the 1911 is and always will be better than the Glock or how much is too much when dealing with AR accessories or how out of touch the modern gun industry is regardless of how much cool stuff they keep releasing.

    • Ced Truz

      1911 FTW!

  • TiredofBS

    The problem with this site has nothing to do with Politics. It’s the clickbait article titles. The writers who argue with posters if they don’t like what they post. The false reporting. The begging for more money with patreon even though they make plenty of money on ads and selling user data. Or maybe the TFB facebook channel that has people that know nothing about guns.

    This site used to have good articles and information. Then “Steve” found making money at the expense of content was a better idea.

    • Richie F

      Exactly how much money do you think a website gets from ads and tracking data?

    • I am very proud of my team and our content. I think we post decent research, and are regularly cited on wikipedia.

    • CapeMorgan

      And yet, you are here. Strange.

  • R.Muñiz

    I Like TFB just the way they are and have been following almost from your inception. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. the chubby red head guy and the skinny dark hair guy put out excellent videos, skinny guy cracks me up. Keep up the good work

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Apparently I need to start running. Thanks for the complement none the less!

      • Anonymoose

        Same here. I’ve lost 20 lbs since the New Year, at least.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Nice! Keep it up!

      • Independent George

        It’s still better than being “The fat one, the short one, or the one with the girly hair.”

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          I would just be happy with more hair …. Screw getting old.

          • supergun

            Everyone does. Some less often.

      • Flounder

        and wear tighter clothes…

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Would body paint be good for you?

    • Anonymoose

      Skinny dark hair guy is dead to the world, unless you’re talking about Edward O.

  • st381183

    We are not asking you to pick a president, or pick democrat over republican (purposely not capitalized), or influence zoning law, or endorse a policy, or even agree or disagree with Springfield’s and RRA’s action. BUT this is important INDUSTRY news that has began a boycott and internet outrage that will, at least temporarily, cause major sales slippage for both companies.

    I would prefer to get your insight into these matters due to your connection with the industry and those who may have more firsthand knowledge regarding the issue. Reporting is supposed to be facts based and news can be reported without interjecting your opinion and/or bias. You had a perfect opportunity to speak with company reps at NRAAM and chose not to do so. You caught heat by the majority of the followers in your comments section, that should have been a hint to at least address the issue instead of crying, “Guns not politics, guns not politics:(”

    If a natural disaster had destroyed Springfield Armory’s factory you would have reported it and how it affects the shooting world. Here we have a man made disaster for both of these companies and it is affecting the shooting world.

    • Ced Truz

      I’m sure 15 other sites cover this ad nauseam.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve come to this site almost everyday for the last 10 years and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work TFB and thanks for the coverage!

  • Ryan

    The big Springfield banner ad on this article is just a coincidence right?

    • I don’t see a big banner. Keep in mind I don’t know who advertisers are, beyond me seeing banner ads show up. We have strict editorial/advertising separation.

      The only exception is if we push a sponsor, such as on TFBTV, or Facebook Modification Minute. But we are very explicit about that.

      • Jared Vynn

        Currently there was/is a banner taking up the bottom of my screen for Springfield’s new pistol. I had often seen ads for Springfield in the past, but with recent events it’s harder to over look them.

        • I am not saying you are wrong, just I don’t see it myself.

          • Jared Vynn

            It is cycling between academy and Springfield, it would appear that Google ads (Google syndication is what I am seeing as the source) are the culprit for the Springfield ads though.

          • Yep no control over that. It comes from the big guys office.

          • Richard Allen

            I don’t see it either and thought it was probably Google or your browser which seems to be what you have discovered. I have set all these people to maximum privacy settings. It doesn’t completely block things but it helps.

    • I don’t see it either but I’m not saying you don’t see one.

  • Rusty S.

    Congratulations on 10 years, glad to be part of the team!

  • Chris Hale

    I appreciate the non-political format. I can get that in a ton of places and I follow plenty. I find what you do here refreshing.

  • The_Champ

    Congrats on 10 years. I get so blasted by politics everywhere else on the internet I hope you keep your policy in place.

    I could knit pick some of your articles but guess what, I can chose to skip the ones I’m not interested in. How about that? 🙂

  • Jeff Smith

    Steve, I’ve read this website every day, almost without failing, since around 2008. Your site is one of the reasons routinely asked by the owners of my local gun shop to help identify stuff that they’ve never heard of.

    Thank you for the 10 years of knowledge I have as a result of you running such an amazing website.

  • uncle bobedy

    Thank you all for a fantastically informative website that is unique. Thank you!

  • Jeez Louise

    As a non-American gun owner, I support your no-politics policy. As you’ve said, TTAG and others have the politics covered. I’m just her for the gun porn and Patrick’s videos.

  • Independent George

    I’ve only been a gun owner since 2013, and a reader since… I’m not sure when. Nevertheless, I appreciate the focus on the hardware rather than the politics.

    Not that politics are inherently unwelcome for our politically charged hobby, but it’s nice to find someplace where we can just cut back and talk about something we love instead of stressing out over the things we hate.

  • JBurridge

    Thank you for sticking to your slogan- it’s great to be able to read your site without getting slapped in the face with an article about how wrong everybody is about something. Well actually you do those sometimes, but at least it’s just about Glocks and pistol caliber carbines, not divisive politics.

  • Congratulations!! Love TFB, it and SSD are my daily source of firearms news.

    What they have in common – daily interesting content, and no political derp.

    Keep up the great work and never change.

  • Don Ward

    Thanks Steve for addressing the situation.

  • MrFN

    I would like to say thank you for all you do. I’m in the minority of almost everything in the gun community, and it’s nice to just nerd out on technical details and other “just gun stuff”. Been here since probably 2009, and I visit every day.

  • Roy Rapoport

    I’ll add one note as perhaps an atypical reader here: I’m a (well-armed) California Liberal. I have a rather strong stance on the 2nd Amendment (one that is sadly not shared by most of my Liberal friends and allies), and on that matter (along, of course, with Glock’s superiority over any handgun designed over a hundred years ago (duck)) we are in agreement.

    I appreciate the strong focus on trying to avoid politics.

  • Isaac O. Lees

    Admit it. You’re just buttblasted that people called you out for shilling for Springfield and RRA after they threw the buying public under the bus. Hush, silly reader, and go back to reading our advertisements disguised as reviews and direct reposts of press releases.

    TFB: Corporate shilling, not content.

    • You really have no clue how TFB works….. If you hate it so bad nobody is twisting your arm to read it.

    • James Reeves

      I appreciate your POV but you can’t confuse the verb “buttblasted” (one of my favorite words) with the adjective, “butthurt”. v important.

  • argh

    as a non American I really enjoy the non political nature of this blog, even though I’m extremely politicly active about guns in my own country. It keeps a much higher % of the content relevant to me and is probably a big part of why I visit almost every day. congrats on making it to the ten year mark

  • Rusty Shackleford

    You say you are not taking sides, yet at the same time Phil W is typing “Springfield did nothing wrong” on the comment sections of the three Springfield product stories posted in the last 2 days, all with a coincidental Springfield Arms banner ad.

  • Tassiebush

    Thanks for all the work over the years and into the future. The general principles that this blog operates under are so much more important than whether they are faultlessly adhered to. It’s the focus that counts!

  • Pete Sheppard

    One of my morning regular views. Sometimes the boundary with politics gets blurred, but that’s unavoidable. PLEASE get Alex C. to do some guest videos, at least!
    ALSO–I see the other blogs as colleagues, not competitors. There are plenty of perspectives to explore.

    • Yea Alex is totally out of the gun and writing business. Most of the time we get along fine with other blogs and the guys who work there. We all meet up during industry events and visit as well as shoot together.

  • Aussie long shot

    Have been reading and watching for a couple of years. You guys have a great product and great content across both YouTube and this page. Stay true to what you.

  • Alex Xela

    what an absolute cop out! you can’t just generalize the SPRINGFIELD and ROCK RIVER issue with ” politics” this is very specific-firearm related issues that should be addressed and reported on by any media outlet in the industry. This is not another trump/anti trump political poo story. For you to to post tons of ” bootlicking” springfield garbage the last few days and state ” oh well you know, we posted this a while ago and its just now posting blah blah.” as an excuse when you know you are GETTING PAYED BY SPRINGFIELD and along with numerous social media accounts to post their garbage and you have the ABILITY to delete these posts before they actual publish your page is an absolute insult to your readers intelligence. its 2017 we all know how blog publishing works. what a shame! i love this page and love your content. I think, along with many of your readers that you have sold your soul. keep pushing their garbage and getting paid. spineless.

  • lawbob


    also: in American English we always put periods and commas inside quotation marks.

    • Cymond

      That rule has always seemed bizarre to me, and I refuse to follow it anymore. Only the original quote should be inside the quotation marks.

  • Blumpkin

    I’ve been a long time reader of this site. I respect the fact that you’ve outlined the type of website you want to be and generally adhere to it. This is not to say that I don’t think the politics around guns isn’t important, but there are times when I just want to read gun reviews or announcements of new products (or maybe I just want to see how much more tight James R’s clothing can possibly get) .
    I try to keep very aware of gun politics, but at times, it’s too stressful to read gun ban, politically charged, doom of the constitution articles everyday all day. Hobbies are outlets, right?

    • James Reeves

      “Blumpkin” lolol

  • Jeff

    I do not consider the two separable, ever. Trying to do so is pretty much the head-in-the-sand (or elsewhere) philosophy. But that is why I surf multiple sources.

  • Flounder

    Steve, this was a rather needed reminder of your blog’s overall mission statement. I think it is very likely that TFB has become what it is today because of non partisan news that you provide.

    No where in the whole internet is there a better place to get news about product releases and announcements. Your reviews could use some work, but they are in general improving over time. You don’t put out hit pieces and even your negative articles are useful and mostly only objective.

    Good work on making a good team and an amazing blog.

  • Dickie

    Trust me the ones who say they will stop visiting if you dont cover “yada yada yada” are bluffing. They will come back because your content rocks.

    Ps. More news on the glock summer special please.

  • Full Name

    TFB is GREAT, and I thank you very much for it!

  • Mike

    You forgot about the recent anti-Iran political post last week which didn’t go down to well in the comments.

    TFB is still the number one firearms news website by miles, happy blog birthday and here’s to the next ten years.

  • The Rambling Historian

    I started coming here specifically because The Truth About Guns is such a hostile place. Keep up the good work. This is the kind of relatively politics free site actually probably does more good for 2nd Amendment issues than places like TTAG because it does not help feed into the negative stereotypes of gun owners and pro-gun Democrats, liberals, etc. are clearly going to be much more comfortable browsing this site. Those neutral on the issue and generally moderate or left of center are also more likely to be pro-gun after reading here than reading some place like TTAG or the NRA blogs.

  • Disarmed in CA

    TFB For Congress! oh wait

  • Great work guys! I have been a faithful reader for 7 years and really enjoy the emphasis of firearms (and related gear) articles without the often vitriol of political posts. Sometimes it is important to inform on matters that can have a broad impact on the community, but staying on topic with firearms is what makes this site unique and so successful!

  • wetcorps

    Happy birthday TFB 🙂

  • Cap’n Mike

    Thanks for ten years of good stuff TFB.

  • vwVwwVwv

    you guys are GREAT, thank’s a lot.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Keep it up. Now if you could just proofread stuff before it goes live. The double-posting of articles seems to have been fixed.

    This is still my first internet stop of every day because of your philosophy. I want to know about the sport, the hobby, the new gear, not the depressing crap. Politics is for small-minded people who are easily distracted and enjoy being unhappy.

  • Joe Schmo

    But no article addressing Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms and their collaboration with SB-1657? Regardless of politics, their involvement in the legislation has a significant impact on the market and the industry. It just seems weird to ignore it as a strictly “political” issue, but that’s just my thoughts. Regardless, I still think TFB is the best firearms related website around.

  • This is my go to site for actual firearm development news. I have plenty of places to get the politics side of them from, and you listed a bunch of them (even though sometimes I too delve into politics in the comments, despite my efforts not too).

    Thank you for offering a place to discuss new and old firearms and their accessories.

    • Cymond

      Some subjects, it’s impossible to avoid politics in the comments because the subject is so political that it’s the natural direction the comments go.

      Like, there’s a comedian with a song called “The dirtiest song that ain’t”. It’s absolutely filthy. He leaves out all the dirty words, but the context and rhyming leave only one possible word that would fit. The listener’s mind naturally fills in the word.

  • supergun

    Love this site. But Firearms not politics is like having a weapon without bullets. The very reason we have the 2nd Amendment is politics. Gun politics is the very blood that keeps America free.

    • Cymond

      I understand that, but it’s not like there’s a shortage of blogs & websites devoted to 2A politics.

      • supergun

        This is true.

    • Marc

      Sometimes the political websites say things that make you wonder if the writer does mind altering drugs. I will not read until Bob Owens publicly and metaphorically eats crow! I wouldn’t mind if he said that he wanted someone other than Trump. I wouldn’t mind if he had said that he didn’t think Trump was the best. The riduculous thing that he wrote was that Trump winning the nomination would mean the end of our second amendment rights.

  • TDog

    Good for you, TFB! Keep it this way and let all the crybaby snowflakes complain as they will.

  • Cymond

    Yes, other sites see a spike in traffic when they cover political subjects, but TFB sees steady traffic because you *don’t* do politics.

    You’re a niche website, and essentially alone in the niche. Don’t ever lose what makes you special.

    I started coming here long ago, maybe 2007-2009, not really sure. TFB was always a bit of a safe haven, but even more so after I burned out in 2013. Others have come and gone, but you’re the only firearm news source that I have always followed regularly​.

  • Jimmy Wayne Williams Jr.

    I am a pastor. I am also SUPER political. But I don’t talk specific politics in the pulpit. Some things should at times be kept separate. Thank you for not talking politics when I am looking for gun stuff. And thank you for a great (I guess for the lack of a better term) organization.

  • HollowTs

    I appreciate not hearing all the political redirect. I come for guns and guns only. We all have different political stances. What is enough… What is too much… This site should remain only about firearms. Their function, availability and innovation. If you need politics. Go watch whatever news program fits your personal flavor and leave it there. You guys are doing a great job! I only wish Alex was still a part of this blog. Thanks again.

  • Johnboy70

    I was a new gun owner when I found this site got some good info here never even noticed about the politics, just keep the e mails coming.

  • Ced Truz

    You do you (and your site) how you do it. It’s nice to have something that is bogged down with the political ramblings of literally every other site on the net. Personally I enjoy the political free environment (at least of the articles). Most of us agree, too many gun laws is bad and politicians are stupid. We don’t need any other echo chamber. So from me at least, thank you.

  • BeoBear

    Personally I love the no politics aspect of this blog. I can get politics from most gun blogs and do on occasion but I prefer the purity of the articles found here. May you have another ten great years to come!

  • CavScout

    The other day that former marine dude said ‘Let’s stop all the islamiphobia’….

    Sometimes I think it’s ‘no politics’ because half or better of the writers are Dems. It’s too bad the TFB isn’t an ally in a fight, and purely a benefactor.

  • Dave

    I enjoy the content, and while I probably share the majority views of most gun owners, I don’t need it reinforced in every single thing I read. I have no problem with the “not politics” stance and maybe never realized it’s one of the reasons I enjoy TFB.