MagPump Magazine Loader | NRA 17

We saw how well the MagPump loader worked at SHOT Range Day but didn’t really get the chance to show you guys how it worked. Thankfully Patrick ran across their booth at NRA 2017 so you can have a closer look.

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  • Sledgecrowbar

    Of all the snarky things I could say about the price, the real issue I have is that it’s not reasonably faster than other options. And they make a point of saying it is. A Striplula, which is my loader of choice, will load three stripper clips into a mag in maybe as little as five seconds with practice and not fumbling (does anyone really care to try though? I think it’s a reasonable estimate). It’s not easier either, you have to bring out this thing that takes up range bag space. I’d really rather sit around with every new case of ammo and load stripper clips, and have one tenth as many loose items for ammo, than bother with this.

    I feel like this loader and the maglula range benchloader (and wooden copies) are for some mythical military unit that doesn’t get its ammo on stripper clips but has to load a hundred magazines at a time. I don’t see the need even for pro-level 3 Gun as far as competition and I don’t know who else needs magazines loaded in such a quantity to justify this expense.

    • HSR47

      If you watch the video, they tell you what this is really for: events where you need to cycle a lot of people through a small number of guns in as short an amount of time as possible. If loading mags doesn’t take as long, you can cycle more people through in less time, and with a smaller staff.

      So, TLDR: This is for big shoots like SHOT Media Day, and MG shoots.

    • GJNM

      If I’m gonna sit around and load anything, its gonna be mags not stripper clips. You have your way, I have mine. My department may purchase one of these for range days when we have to cycle over 100 cops through rifle training and qualifications. I’m certainly going to purchase one for my own training operation where I can have up to 20 students on the line at one time and reloading mags is a major down time, especially for those not practiced on loading mags by hand.

      Stripper clips are fine and I got used to bandoliers of them when I was in the military when we were far from base and had limited mags on hand. These days, sure, I keep a few bandoliers of them handy if the need arises but unpacking loose ammo to load into stripper clips to later load them into mags is just double work. I can load mags straight from bulk ammo faster than loading stripper clips then loading them into mags so why load stripper clips?

  • B. Young

    I like various different mag and belt loaders this one has it good points but for a three minute video showing only 7 seconds of operation is weird. Honestly the skill to load stripper clips without a machine is up there with swimming and fire starting as far as a survival skill goes. It does seem somewhat snowflake resistant in that you can load the cartridges either way and still works and it stops after 30 rounds.