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The LASR App training software allows you to get the data you need to get the most out of your dry fire practice for a fraction of what other guys are charging.

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  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    I was turned on to the LASR app a while ago. Its head and shoulders above regular dry fire training. They even have a community shoot feature where you can shoot courses of fire and your scores are recorded against other people across the world. Great program and its not too expensive. The LASR program retails for $120 but I found a discount code SAR where you can get 10% off everything in your shopping cart (doesn’t apply to tax because taxation is theft or shipping). They also sell SIRT products and other training related stuff (SAR code works with that stuff too) at

    I would have to say I use the LASR and my SIRT products about 1-3 times a week training on self defense, CCW and competition type training with it. Great stuff, even has a save feature so you can look at reports and graphs of your training over time to see how you’re progressing. Practice reloads, multiple shooters, multiple targets, split times, shows where your shots hit on the targets, has a diagnostic mode, etc. etc. Its the best money I have spent on a training device.

  • Blake

    This product has saved me hundreds of dollars over time. I use it in conjunction with a DryFireMag (Glock resetting trigger magazine), a LaserLyte G19 laser barrel (activated by the DFM), and a SIRT laser AR bolt (and a handful of cardboard targets). It allows me to set up ranges in my room (using LASR’s standard, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 size cardboard targets) that I can set drills for and test my results over time. I’ve seen my sidearm draw-to-fire time, first shot accuracy and consistency, and target transition time all improve.

    The setup cost me a decent amount upfront, but being able to accurately train without the cost of ammo has saved me god know’s how much money over time. I can’t suggest this kind of training enough.

  • MattCFII

    As the others have said, LASR has improved my shooting greatly and the guys are always looking to improve the software! I use my SIRT pistol and AR bolt with it.