Keystone & AB Arms 22lr Rifles

AB Arms just introduced a partnership with Keystone to produce some precision trainer rifles, while on the NRA Show floor Patrick decided that he wanted to take a closer look at the pint-sized long guns.

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Patrick R

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  • Joseph Ramon

    Quality 22 ammo will be just as expensive as match grade rifle ammo.

    Center-x is about $.22 a round.

  • Captain Obvious

    Because it’s important to teach kids to be elitist gun snobs at an early age.

  • Hey Quasimodo we can do without the large photos that take up space. Here is your comment.


    Patrick, for crying out loud at least put on a button down when you go to a trade show to represent TFB. You look like you are on your way to do an oil change on your dads truck. You also need to let the reps do the talking instead of interjecting your mutterings that often sound condescending. Maybe you need to get some coaching from Alex C.

    Hey Alex has been gone months now.

  • Trollolololol