Hudson H9 Update | NRA 17

At SHOT 17 we got our first look at the new Hudson H9 pistol and were nothing short of impressed. While walking around the NRA Show floor we ran into Cy and had to get an update on the ultra cool Hudson H9’s progress.

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Patrick R

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    Glad to hear that about the WML working. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

    I am concerned with a WML it’ll be a bit much for carry though. That’s adding a lot of width to the holster but it’s also a very small amount of the market that will carry that way.

    • RSG

      For the price and small size difference, I’d be much more interested in the Maxim.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I’d agree if it weren’t for the NFA aspect.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I’m intregued by this gun. I’d like to handle one, but it’s way out of my budget for a while.

  • ExMachina1

    Am I really gonna be forced to buy one of these?

    Still think the weight/bulk may be a deal breaker for a carry gun (for most folks), but it’s just so gosh darn cool!

    • Croak

      Pretty sure if there’s enough positive feedback after the H9 ships, there will be a polymer frame version. And with the Hudson having a chassis system, it should be fairly easy to roll out.

      That said, there’s still a few of us out there that still prefer all-metal handguns if there’s a choice in the matter, and I suspect that Hudson is hoping that a whole lot of 1911 types will be tempted to add this platform to their collection, folks who would would still never consider a Glock or other striker-fired polymer handgun.

      • ExMachina1

        “Pretty sure if there’s enough positive feedback after the H9 ships, there will be a polymer frame version. And with the Hudson having a chassis system, it should be fairly easy to roll out.”

        Is this just speculation or has Hudson said this? It’s not a trivial matter to transition a design engineered in steel to one in polymer without quite a few modifications.

        • JSmath

          While this is true, it’s been done enough times that it’s not a suspicion that it can be done within moderately similar dimensions. Ex: Polymer CZ75/1911’s

        • neoritter

          Vaguely remember them hinting at it when interviewed by someone at SHOT Show.

      • mig1nc

        They could make a lightweight alloy version. Kind of like, say the Springfield Lightweight series.

  • Ratcraft

    I for the life of me don’t see why people are slobbering all over this thing. I don’t see it. The build up for this is akin to Plymouth unveiling an all new Cuda. It’s gunna be YUUUGE! Then it’s just a Challenger with single headlights and a V-6. This gun does nothing for me, am I wrong? Should I be ashamed? It’s a 1911 mixed with Glock in the shape of a club.

    • Edeco

      Could certainly be missing something, but so far I don’t understand why they’re using space as they appear to be. I’m surprised they didn’t go single stack or barely-staggered and make it thin. Or if going wide that they aren’t getting more than 15.

    • ostiariusalpha

      It’s fine. There is no legal or social requirement that you understand things like low bore axis or linear triggers. You just be you, and enjoy the guns that you like.

      • Ratcraft

        So your saying it’s a non revolver rhino with a 100 year old trigger design, sweet! It’s okay you don’t understand what a boat anchor is. All it needs is a laser to be a complete brick.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Hinge triggers are over 800 years old, so that’s a matter of perspective. If 34 oz. is too great a burden for you, then my condolences for your health.

          • Ratcraft

            It doesn’t have a hinge trigger, and no one said a word about 34 oz. Why you all mad I think it’s a brick? You the Antifa of the firearms blog?

          • ostiariusalpha

            I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit; I’ll spell it out for you better. There are two main methods of mechanically actuating the sear with the trigger blade: one is the linear trigger which moves in a straight line, and though you implied that it was old at 100 years, it is considerably newer than the +800 year old method of the hinge trigger that moves in an arc. The linear trigger has better ergonomics and superior inherent consistency, but hinge triggers are dominant on modern semi-auto pistols because they’re cheap to make and easier to engineer around double stack magazines. Now, I don’t know if English is your first language, but when you refer to something as a “boat anchor” or “brick,” the meaning is that it is heavy, not just awkard. That is why I brought up the actual weight of the gun. If you only wanted to imply that it was ugly or awkward, there are a number of better metaphors you probably should have went with. Lastly, I’m obviously a Grammar Nazi, so accusing me of being an Antifa on top of that is just ridiculous .

          • Ratcraft

            Actually no. You assume. By boat anchor, all I see in it’s worth is to throw it over. It’s a machinist term for a scrapped part where I come from. Don’t you understand machinist lingo? Scrap a part and it’s still good for a boat anchor…. As in brick, that’s it’s shape, as in add a laser and it really looks like a brick, guess you missed that. You are angry over my opinion of this gun, hence the antifa comment. I though that was funny. It’s okay, you can be angry. Go buy that $1200 brick and be happy.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Then I’ve assumed correctly in your case. Yes, I work in an industry where we regularly have to tell people their broken equipment is “boat anchor qualified.” And the thing said junk has in common is that they are all heavy enough to be used as a boat anchor. See how that works? Nobody calls a stripped bolt, or a pile of metal shavings, or a failed capacitor, or a few square inches of sheet metal, or any of that smaller debris a boat anchor. Also, I’m far from angry with you; in fact, I find your inability to comprehend both firearms engineering and the white man’s grammar truly hilarious. I do hope you keep posting more about what you “though” is funny. The Hudson is an interesting gun, but I have a set of revolvers and a VP9SK that I’m looking forward to.

          • Ratcraft

            Nobody calls a stripped bolt, or a pile of metal shavings, or a failed capacitor, or a few square inches of sheet metal, or any of that smaller debris a boat anchor. No, I said scrapped part. None of the above are scrapped parts. For someone so in tune with their reading comprehension you should have caught that. You came at me. You continue to come at me. You, are angry. Why you mad tho?

          • ostiariusalpha

            You don’t think that capacitors or bolts are parts? Hahahaha! Okay, cool story, brother.

          • Ratcraft

            Nope. Bolt is a fastener, not a part. A capacitor is an electrical component. Tell me more about the lingo of my industry and how we are all wrong.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Oh, it’s “we” now, is it? Perhaps you could point out this amazing and authoritative source that defines fasteners as not being parts, because I really can’t find it in a single one of my machinist manuals or handbooks (and I actually went to the trouble of looking, just to be fair to you). All parts, and I mean all parts, are machine elements. Of those elements, the axles, the bearings, the fasteners, and the frame members those fasteners hold together are all categorized as structural components; a capacitor would be categorized as an electrical component, of course. The terminology of machining in no way tries to overrule or contradict those used in any other field of fabrication or engineering. You have no support for this narrow definition of what a part is, except in your own noggin.

          • Redfoot
    • Evan Ferguson

      Agreed. It’s ugly, and the company is likely going to go out of business.

  • Cody MacArthur Fett

    This gun is coming out two days before my birthday. Blast! It would be like a gift, but I’m poor and that price is so high. I guess I’m going to have to start saving.

  • Mick

    Did they mention what distributors would have them? Lipseys, Davidsons, RSR????

    • Jack

      It’s listed at RSR

  • mig1nc

    Anybody heard if you’ll be able to melt in an optic?

    • Roguewriter

      I bet that one of the first options on slides will be a pre-milled for red dot.

  • DIR911911 .

    nope , for that kind of price I can get two guns

    • Roguewriter

      You can’t get two comparable guns made out of steel for that price.

      • Matt Taylor

        But like 17 Hi-Points

        • Roguewriter

          I think you and I have very different ideas on the meaning of “comparable” in this context.

        • LGonDISQUS


    • Christopher Wallace

      kinda want tho

    • Jack

      You only shop at palmetto don’t you? Price is definitely a factor but it’s not the only one.

    • Independent George

      It’s not a question of price, but what you’re getting for the price – and it looks like you’re getting a LOT.

  • GD Ajax

    Going to wait to see if there other calibers besides 9mm. Otherwise I’m just going to save my money for one of the other new striker pistols. That cost’s less.
    Never thought I’d see a pistol that has a higher price than a new HK handgun.

    • David B

      If this price shocks you, go look at Wilson combat’s website.

      • L Cavendish

        or Republic Forge…Ed Brown…Les Baer…Nighthawk…or especially Cabot


    Burn me at the stake if you like, but give me this for .380 rounds, and I’d buy it.

    Remember, I’m 66″ height, 135lb weight, always wearing suits.

    Longslide singlestack = yay.

  • LazyReader

    Every time I see a weapon that that has more mass up front, I think blaster pa chew pa chew.

  • David

    Very excited to see this, but as with any pistol I’m not sold until I can feel it in my hand.

  • John Saxtorph

    Let them make one in 7.62×25!

    15+1 of 1600 fps and 650 ft-lb – how about that?!
    The most underestimated pistol caliber in the world, IMHO.

    Fiocci, Sellier & Bellot, PPU Privi Partizan, Wolf, Winchester, Red Army Standard… probably missed a few other ammo makers that still produce non-corrosive 7.62×25 ammo.