Lancer L5 AWM Colored Magazines | NRA 17

In an odd coincidence, Lancer has added two new colors to their L5 AWM magazines. They are now available in Robin’s Egg Blue and Purple. I just posted about the Jagemann color molded Glock magazines that also come in Robin’s Egg Blue. So now you can have Robin Blue glock mags and AR mags for your 3Gun setup.

These are available now on Lancer’s Website for $21.99.



Nicholas C

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  • Bfg3000

    Now in color

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    “Colored magazines” is offensive. Its “Magazines of color”.

  • Dracon1201

    How convenient for Simunitions Training.

    • Bill

      If only the blue one was restricted to Simunitions, it’d be fantastic.

  • Mr T

    It needs to come in pink.

  • neckbone

    Lancer keep making the best AR15 mags on the market. 🍗🍺

  • Jimmy Chimichanga

    i’ll hold out for the pink ones