Adaptive Tactical Shockwave Sidewinder | NRA 2017

Mossberg’s Shockwave is immensely popular. There are waiting lists to buy one. Well Adaptive Tactical will be making a Sidewider kit for the Shockwave.

I will be honest, I have used a Sidewinder kit on my Mossberg 500 Roadblocker. I found it added a lot more weight than I would have liked since most of it is forward of the ejection port. It felt unwieldly and the magazine system was finicky. However, handling the Shockwave with the new Sidewinder kit, felt perfect. If you hold the Shockwave at waist level then the weight is much more manageable and you can have a 10 rd drum or box magazine to feed the Shockwave.

The new Shockwave Sidewinder kits will retail for $269 and come with a 10rd drum. Adaptive Tactical is looking to have these released in the Summer. The representative also mentioned that they are looking into modifying Remington 870s in house and offering them as complete guns. The problem is that the 870 mag tube is not easily removable for most people.

Nicholas C

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  • Marty Ewer

    If there were ever a time for “OMG,” it would be now. Gotta get Gary to hook me up. 🙂

  • Fred

    ” It felt unwieldly and the magazine system was finicky. ”

    So I guess changing to the 14″ shockwave build somehow magically solves the finicky issues of the system?

    Why is this being promoted if the system is known to the editors to not be reliable?

    • Nicholas C

      Changing mags is where the issue lies. But on this small firearm how much reloading will you actually be doing?

  • DW

    Fallout combat shotgun!

  • retfed

    When I saw the “Sidewinder” name, I immediately remembered the Sage Sidewinder I carried back in the 90s, a pistol-gripped 1100 with a modified recoil mechanism. I loved that thing.
    Damn, I’m old!
    I like the Shockwave, too, but I don’t trust ATF not to double-cross us and decide it’s an AOW, just like they double-crossed us with the pistol braces. (The fact that they changed back means nothing. There will be a Democratic President again in the future.)

    • Nicholas C

      It will never be AOW. It follows the laws regarding what they classify as a Firearm. It doesnt match the characteristics of an AOW because OAL is over 26.

      it would be like saying ATF will double cross on AR pistols and consider them SBR. That will never happen.

      • Yeah, this isn’t like the usual ATF SOP where they make an arbitrary ruling based on the whims of their agents and it carries the force of federal law without benefit of legislative review, this is based on the actual written statutes of the NFA.

  • Gary Kirk

    Make it for my older 11-87 and I might be in..

  • Bill

    Why make a shotgun as small as possible and then add a large as possible feeding device?

    • neckbone

      Why not?

      • Bill

        Because it just doesn’t make usable sense. This pattern of shotgun started as “witness protection” guns, so a plainclothes guy in a suit could conceal something considerably more powerful, if only for 3 or 4 rounds, than a handgun under a suit jacket. You aren’t going to conceal this under a suit jacket, ergo why not just carry a full size gun, with a full ammo loadout, or with this accessory?

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, guns don’t have to “make sense,” but this is more pointless than most gadgets, except for some form of cool factor.

        • AD

          I think the idea is not so much to build a small weapon, but a short one. Not something that I have any experience with, but as I understand it shorter weapons are generally more maneuverable, especially in relatively cramped areas. So having a short shotgun with a high magazine capacity might make sense, even if there’s a cost in bulk and weight?

          Still, I assume it’s just a range toy. Personally I’d like to try shooting one for fun.

        • Martin frank

          because this is america and no one has to care about your old hardass opinion. people can do whatever they want sorry you dont like it commie.

          • Bill

            Try some decaf, sport. I’ve used a similar gun for breaching. If you want to hang the equivalent of a swollen scrotum off your gun, by all means, give it a go.

  • Edeco

    Um, no, no Shotwave Snakewinder for me, thanks.

    They need a folding stock for the SA20, that would be fun and practical. No BS of course, stiff with a big, tight hinge, so one could hang from it and do pull ups.

  • valorius

    If Patton were alive today: “That this shotgun is so popular is a testament to the stupidity of man.”

  • This thing is completely ridiculous and has absolutely no practical value whatsoever.

    I expect it to sell like hotcakes.

  • Bob in Houston

    I wish I could trade in my Knoxx Sidewinder kit for one, I swear, the day after I bought and installed mine, thats when magazine availability became nonexistant and the one my kit came with (box not drum) didn’t function well enough for even a range toy much less something I would defend me and mine with. I also could swear these had their debut at the 2012 Houston NRA convention as thats when I talked to one of their guys about any kind of magazines for the Knoxx version that they have improved here.

  • Ryfyle

    I want one with a bunch of shell crackers.

  • None

    Gotta love TFB’s BS links.

  • Adelmo Lucano

    Bellissimo !!!!

  • Stephen Cox

    You could almost sweep the streets with that…