Springfield Armory® Introduces the New Springfield XD-E with external Hammer

Springfield Armory officially debuted the new Springfield Armory XD-E today at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The Springfield XD-E is a slimline 9mm pistol that features a manual safety and a hammer. Hammer and a safety?  Yes! Springfield chose to integrate a hammer and manual safety for several reasons. These features make it safer to carry a loaded pistol either in a bag, purse, or tucked close to the body in a holster. Also, because of the hammer, Springfield could use a lighter recoil spring, making the pistol easier to rack. This is a great enhancement for shooters who lack the hand strength to rack a traditional pistol typically carried for self defense. According to Springfield, the slide on the XD-E requires 27% less effort to rack compared to its striker fired counterparts. The ambidextrous external safeties also serve as a de-cock mechanism.

Key Specifications of the Springfield Armory XD-E

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3.3” Hammer Forged, Steel, Melonite
  • Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite Finish
  • Sights: Fiber optic front, Combat Rear
  • Weight: 23 ounces with magazine
  • Height: 5 Inches with flush magazine, 6 inches with magazine extension.
  • Length: 6.75 inches
  • Sight Radius: 5.4 inches
  • Magazine: 1 – 8 round magazine with GRIP X-TENSION, 1- 9 round magazine with Magazine X-Tension
  • MSRP $519

Several weeks ago, Springfield invited a handful of Industry writers to Las Vegas, Nevada to get an early look at the Springfield Armory XD-E. I arrived in Las Vegas the night before the event and, along with the other writers and media personal, attended a dinner with the Springfield staff. In attendance were Rob and Kippi Leatham as well as the owner of Springfield Armory, Dennis Reese. It was nice to meet the Springfield Armory staff and get to know the other writers. After dinner I retired to prepare for the next day’s events.

The Springfield XD-E is 1 inch wide at the slide.

Springfield Armory picked us up at the Paris Hotel and Casino, where we were staying, and drove us to the Clark County Shooting range. After a quick continental breakfast, we were shown a PowerPoint presentation about the Springfield XD-E and provided some gear for the day. After the PowerPoint presentation, the owner of Springfield Armory, Dennis Reese, introduced the staff and key personnel of his company, then gave us some insight regarding the development of the Springfield XD-E.

Things to note about the Springfield XD-E in regard to its mechanical design:

  • The Springfield XD-E took two years to develop.
  • The Pistol can be fired in Single Action or Double Action mode.
  • One of the most important features is the LOW EFFORT SLIDE (L.E.S). According to the Springfield literature, the slide requires 27% less effort to rack.
  • The Pistol has an ambidextrous magazine release.
  • The Pistol has a loaded chamber indicator on top of the slide. It is both visual and tactile.
  • If you want to replace the sights, the XD-E utilizes the same sights as the XD-S.

The 100 yard range at the Clark County Range. Action Targets provided a variety of targets for the Event. This is the range where we did our familiarization with the XD-E.


Adjacent to the range where we did our weapon familiarization, Springfield and Action Targets setup 5 defensive scenarios for us to test the Springfield Armory XD-E.

After Denny’s presentation, Rob and Kippi Leatham gave us a safety brief and an overview of the day’s events. There would be two ranges. One range would have a variety of steel targets for familiarization, and the other range would have 5 scenarios that we would have to navigate. After the safety brief, we donned our eye and ear protection, split into groups, and were given 30 minutes to familiarize ourselves with the Springfield XD-E. After 30 minutes of shooting the XD-E at some Action Targets I was very impressed. I found the Springfield XD-E to be slim, but have enough mass for my large hands. I had no problems achieving accurate hits at 25 yards. After our 30 minute familiarization fire, we were led to the adjacent range and run through a series of scenarios.

Scenario 1 – “Time to wake up” In this scenario we had to lie down. Upon hearing the word “go”, we jumped out of bed, unlocked the safe attached to the night stand, loaded the pistol and engaged the two targets. Pictured is the awesome Kippi Leatham! She gave me some great pointers on running a handgun.


Scenario 2 – “Coffee Break” In this scenario you are making coffee and 3 bad guys appear. On command, we were to pull the Springfield XD-E from a drawer and shoot all three of the steel targets. Pictured is Clayton Martin from Gunsamerica. Clayton makes informative and extremely funny videos.  


Scenario 3 – “Morning stroll” In this scenario we had to draw from concealment and engage 3 targets while moving.


Scenario 4 – “Ambushed” In this scenario we were carrying the XD-E in a holster in a backpack. Upon opening the door, we had to draw from concealment and engage the three targets.


Scenario 5 “Hit the road” In this scenario we were sitting in the passenger seat of a prototype Ford truck. We had a Springfield XD-E in the glove compartment. When given a command, we reached into the glove compartment, loaded the XD-E and engaged three threats while seated inside the vehicle.

During testing the majority of the ammunition we shot was the SYNTECH from American Eagle. We shot thousands of rounds of this. During testing I did not see a single malfunction.

5 hours on the range with the Springfield XD-E left me very impressed. There were probably 20 pistols on range during the event, and we fired hundreds of rounds through each one. During the day, I neither witnessed nor experienced a single malfunction. I found the Low Effort Slide significantly easier to rack than a striker fire slide. All of the female shooters in attendance commented that the Low Effort Slide is an awesome feature. I personally don’t like to carry a loaded pistol that lacks an external safety. I love the safety mechanisms built into the Springfield XD-E, and did not find that they slowed me down in any of the range day scenarios. I think Springfield will do well with the XD-E. If I had a spouse or loved one who wanted to carry a loaded pistol in their purse or bag, without a holster, or concealed on their person, I would insist that they carry the Springfield XD-E. Since returning from Las Vegas, Springfield provided me with an XD-E for additional testing. I have taken the Springfield XD-E to the range and have asked several non-professional female shooters for their opinion of the pistol. Every single one has commented on the ease of the Low Effort Slide. They also said the pistol is the perfect size and they would not hesitate to carry one. Springfield did an excellent job with this handgun.

Look for my second review of the XD-E soon! A big thanks to Dennis and Stefany Reese as well as the Springfield staff. Thank you, Rob and Kippi Leatham. I am now a better shot due to the time you spent with me on the range!

As always, comments and humor are welcome in the comments below.

Thomas Gomez

Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at LOADTHATBIPOD@gmail.com


  • Christopher Wallace

    seems interesting; the gunsamerica video that dropped this morning makes it seem like this thing shoots flat and fast fire is easily managed

  • Renegade

    “These features make it safer to carry a loaded pistol either in a bag, purse, or tucked close to the body in a holster.”


    • Thomas Gomez

      I know. I am sure you carry a Glock 19 locked a loaded. You probably have done it for years without cooking one off. There are a ton of people that don’t feel comfortable doing that. Hope this finds you well.

      • Renegade

        Can’t stand Glocks. J-Frame when IWB, XD or N-Frame when OWB, but close enough.

        Bless your heart.

        • Thomas Gomez


      • HSR47

        Appendix carry with a G17 is where it’s at.

        • Marcus D.

          Just don’t go dancing at the clubs in NY.

      • valorius

        There are a ton of people that have shot themselves or someone else with a glock too.

  • Risky

    I’m actually pretty positive the last thing I want in a pistol “tucked close to the body in a holster” is a hammer sticking out gouging me in my fat rolls. Maybe you skeletonal people out there can put up with it.

    • Stuki Moi

      Fatroll operated safeties aren’t the most reassuring things in the world either…..

      • Diet?

      • unixfool

        If you’ve issues with the safety disabling when holstered…that is NOT the gun’s problem. That’s a holster problem.

        • Stuki Moi

          For a concealment gun, I consider it a bit of a problem, if it requires a holster that is basically a full coverage hardcase, in order to be “safe.”

          Even that gun of “Glock leg” infamy, is “safe” in something as low bulk as a VanGuard holster….

    • unixfool

      If you had a proper holster, the hammer wouldn’t gouge you. I’m not the slimmest person…I do have rolls. I’ve been carrying hammer-fired guns for awhile and initially had this issue until I found a better holster. Or carry OWB and tuck in your shirt. Or, wear a t-shirt under your outer shirt, which will protect you from gouges.

    • Mrninjatoes

      Get a better holster!

    • Marcus D.

      Any holster that has a “sweat shield” will put a piece of leather (usually at least two or three layers thick) between you and the hammer. I get them on all my holsters except the western ones. I have two from High Noon (wait for a good sale) and one from Kirkpatrick. I am sure there are some Kydex ones that have shields as well, but I don’t own any kydex holsters.

  • TC

    Nice to see a new S/A-D/A hammer fire on the market. Looks like the bore axis is on the high side, like the Sigs.

    • Madcap_Magician

      It has a very Sig-ish look to it, as well. Like what you’d get crossing a Sig P225A1 and an SA XD Mod 2 subcompact.

    • unixfool

      Even striker-fired XDs tend to have high bore axis. They shoot fine, though.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Will it fit in an XDs holster correctly? Assuming the mold is blocked out for the thumb safeties. The trigger guard area looks just different enough to concern me.

    • Thomas Gomez

      Crossbreed and Alien have holsters ready to go.

  • Andrew

    “If I had a spouse or loved one who wanted to carry a loaded pistol in their purse or bag, WITHOUT A HOLSTER, or concealed on their person, I would insist that they carry the Springfield XD-E.”

    If I had a loved one who wanted to carry a loaded pistol without a holster, I would insist that they stop being negligent. Smdh

    • Jeff Smith

      I mean, I guess it would be safer than a striker fired handgun, but it’s still a HORRIBLE idea.

      Then again, so much of the advice I give ends up being “do the less stupid thing.”

    • Thomas Gomez

      You would be surprised how many people I know keep a S&W Shield locked and loaded in a purse or bag without a holster.

      Hope this finds you well.

      • Joshua Graham

        It’s a horrible mistake because it gets all sorts of lint and other crap in it that jams it up. Ask me how I know.

        • Twilight sparkle

          How do you know? O.o

          • Joshua Graham

            Because lint got in mine and jammed it up when I carried it in a work bag without a holster. Holsters are a must for safety and practical reasons.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I actually asked… well because you said to, it was pretty easy to figure out what happened lol.
            I just hope you found out about the lint issue at the range and not somewhere else.

        • Rob in Katy

          A good friends wife was looking for a gun to carry in her bag, store wanted to sell her a semi-auto, I asked does she have a bunch of stuff in her purse, yes it is like a big-ass-bag-o-stuff, I said get a revolver, you won’t have to worry about it cycling and getting jammed with or the slide not operating if she has to fire from inside the purse.

      • pvw20

        I imagine carrying an XD, with the grip safety, without a holster would be a better choice. I used to carry my XD40 subcompact in the inside chest pocket of my coat without a holster; sometimes Mexican carry too.

    • Mrninjatoes

      A LOT of people carry that way. My wife refuses to carry her pistol in a holster when in her purse. The Xde makes a lot of sense. I wish they would ditch the Gripzone. lol

    • valorius

      I carry a Ruger LCP without a holster every single day, and have for the past 7 years. It has a pocket clip and long DAO trigger.

    • I can’t believe how many people carry like that. It’s so irresponsible.

  • hking

    GRIP ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Springfield must still really think its target market doesn’t know where to hold a handgun. It might be a good gun, but lets not mince words here, it looks like a steaming pile of ugly.

    • BravoSeven

      No one at Springfield has an Internet connection. They haven’t read the 4.7 million comments posted by people that hate the “Grip Zone”. I’m a Springfield fan, I own a XD9, but damn; why are they still rocking the “Grip Zone”?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Croatian internet is slow. They’re just starting to see gripzone comments now.

        (jfc I don’t need comments about how “Springfield is USA bla bla bla)

        • Mrninjatoes


        • Mario AK

          Sorry about before

      • unixfool

        Probably because it actually helps with better tactile feedback and reduction of perceived recoil.

        • Marcus D.

          It isn’t the texture that is the complaint, it’s that the words “GRIP ZONE” are imprinted in the plastic.

          • unixfool

            I’m well aware of what the complaint is. What I’m saying is that the Grip Zone is the name of the texture and they’ve put the name of it on the grip. Makers of ANYTHING do this all the time. Cars have “5.0” on them, or “DOHC”, or “turbo” or “AWD”. Laptops have “Pentium” or “Intel”. I never hear anyone ranting about that type of labeling, but people get triggered by the term “Grip Zone”. Meh. You never see it if it’s in the holster. You never see it if you’re shooting it. I’m still not sure why it’s an issue with some folk.

    • unixfool

      I don’t mind the Grip Zone because:

      1) It actually works (contrary to popular belief, they aren’t trying to tell you how to hold a handgun). It’s a marketing name. But again, it actually works. How many other handguns that are 3-3.3″, shoot 9mm, .40, and .45, yet are relatively soft shooters?

      2) When you shoot, you’re gripping the gun. You’ll never see “Grip Zone” because your hands are covering it.

      3) Guns aren’t fashion statements. They’re tools.

      Let’s face it, people are still buying the guns regardless of the “4.7 million comments posted by people that hate the “Grip Zone””. There must be twice that many who don’t care, otherwise the guns wouldn’t be selling. If people aren’t buying them because they hate the Grip Zone, they’d be losing money and they’d quickly change up by removing the tagline. That hasn’t happened, so it’s pretty obvious the majority of people do NOT care about that.

      • USMC03Vet

        I’d rather have grip zone than any lawyer warnings, which almost all handguns have except the XD printed on them now days. Warning gun shoots bullets is far more ridiculous.

    • coyotehunter

      So says the nefarious GLOCK owner???

  • Michael Kokot
    • BillC

      Hahaha, love it. “More GRIPZONE”!.

      • Beomoose

        Next year Glock introduces the Glock 17 FU featuring GRIPAREA and External Glock Hammer or “GLAMMER.” Sales immediately skyrocket as the faithful declare it the best thing since greased cartridges.

        • No one

          Man, do Springfield fanboys always have to be so salty about Glock at every opportunity because they have to make themselves feel better for devoting themselves to a mediocre brand or something?

          • Cymond

            I know, right?
            They’re almost as bad as the Glock fanboys.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Here I am a former FN fan that has converted to CZism and I think all of y’all are wrong.

          • LOL—-let me see I’m actually a fanboy of most handguns but I guess I better pick one. Wilson 1911:-)

          • Jared Vynn

            Outside of maybe a highpoint or Derringer I don’t think you could have picked a more “controversial”/”disliked” handgun. Well done.

          • Thank you:-)

          • No one

            Witty and original retort!

            Except Glock fanboys on this stie usually don’t go around in non related threads saying how totally bad Glock is for whatever reason but they’re “Made in the USA!* (*Not really) Clone that doesn’t work as well is so much bettererer!

          • valorius

            Let’s keep it real, lots of people hate glocks.

          • noob
      • jba

        Like… “needs more cowbell!”… LOL

        • Shaun Connery Oliver II


    • Julian C

      I KNOW – let’s sell out those idiots who bought our products, whore ourselves out to the antigun legislators, and back laws that will hurt others but not apply to US! We can get kickbacks from the anti-gun folks AND still sell products to those who are too dull witted to know or care!

  • RSG

    I’ve owned and carried pistols since 1992. I always carried one with an external safety. I resisted all guns without external safeties until I recently bought some glocks for carry. Recently, I heard of a scenario that got me reconsidering again. A gun dropped in between a car’s front seat and the console. As the gun was being pulled out the trigger got caught on something. Without the manual safety, it would have fired. Oh, and the barrel was pointing upwards. All this to say, I may consider this Springfield.

    • Stuki Moi

      In my, I’m clumsy, experience, if a manual safety in the thumb operate position is to be light enough to disengage quickly in an emergency, it will be light enough to be disengaged by fatrolls, softside (smart carry and belly band) holsters, and protrusions between cars seats and center consoles.

      This Springfield being hammer-at-rest DA/SA and hammer fired, already has, in my experience, a much more reliable safety system built right in: Trigger is long and heavy, and by covering the hammer during manipulations, you get advance notice of something about to happen. So why the safety?

      • Thomas Gomez

        Hey Stuki. They added the safety for the de-cock mechanism. Plus it gives an end user more options. Hope this finds you well.

        • Shaun Connery Oliver II

          Does for me! Thanks!

      • coyotehunter

        What part of the word “safety” don’t you understand?

      • valorius

        I agree a manual safety is not really needed on a DA pistol.

    • valorius

      A friend of mine shot a hole in his roof in exactly that scenario.

  • RSG


    • Rob-L


    • Street price about $465–$475—–

      • RSG

        I’m interested, but just a reminder, as you well know, they are giving away Shileds for around $225 now.

    • Marcus D.


  • Flounder

    Did springfield hire Clarkson? Because that would explain hammers magically appearing to make a bad idea, worse.

  • HemingwaysBeard

    I hope this pushes CZ to reply with a polymer RAMI.

    • Moose

      They already made one

      • HemingwaysBeard

        I didn’t realize they had a RAMI-P. Was it just discontinued because bad sales?

        • J.T.

          They were discontinued because they had an issue with the frames bulging.

    • Stuki Moi

      I don’t think The CZ slide layout on a subcompact, is the solution most who lack slide manipulation strength are clamoring for…

      • HemingwaysBeard

        The RAMI seeme to have a pretty good reputation, but the primary complaint I’ve read from reviewers is the weight. I’m in the market for a small/thin DA/SA to carry, and am not worried about regular slide manipulation. I’m going to check out this new springfield, but have an affinity towards the CZ.

        • Stuki Moi

          I like the RAMI. CZs in general. They’d be my 1st choice for a DA/SA gun. Tigger reach in SA is just exactly in the right position for my hand, whereas SIGs and Berettas seem to have been designed with the DA pull in mind. The P-07, to me in practice, carries and conceals as well as the RAMI, as the grip is much thinner. But metal guns are just so mucher classier….. 🙂

          It does take some grip strength to rack the slide on the RAMI (for a 9mm). That CZ slide doesn’t give you the most to hold on to.

  • Joby

    I like the hammer, but can I get a decocker only model?

    • Not right now they don’t have that choice.

    • TheSaint

      Only push down and never up on the ambidextrous Safety/Decocker lever…
      Springfield calls it the Decocker Only Mode!

  • santi

    I really like it but please get rid of the “GRIP ZONE” lettering. It’s pretty cheesy.

    • Thomas Gomez

      I wish it would go away.

      • Steven Alexander

        Another writer on a xd talk forum wrote a review (XDMAN). He’s been testing one for a while. He asked them about getting rid of the grip zone. They flat out said it’s not gonna happen. 🙁 http://www.xdtalk.com/threads/first-xde-review-xdman.363345/

        • Thomas Gomez

          XDMAN is a good guy. He does beautiful work..

    • coyotehunter

      Almost as bad as Rugers “read instruction manual before using” stamped on their barrels….

      • valorius

        How many people you think read that and still don’t read the manual? I’ll bet it’s a lot.

  • BillC

    Well, at least it doesn’t have a grip safety that freezes the slide shut.

  • ShooterPatBob

    It’s an XD for people who never wanted a gun like the XD… pretty slim market. The only worthwhile feature could be the easier slide pull.

  • Lyle Caudill

    No thanks. My wife confidently owns her own Smith & Wesson Shield. I think this is an r&d, marketing, and practical nightmare especially for the personal defense community. Just one man’s opinion.

    • Thomas Gomez

      Have your wife rack the slide on the XD-E. A lot easier to manipulate then the Shield. I carry a Shield, and an XD-E will probably replace it. Why would you want someone with weak hands fumbling with a slide when doing an important task like manipulating a handgun?

      • Zack mars

        Not all females have trouble racking slides…

  • Stuki Moi

    That’s some pretty cool bedroom furniture 🙂 If I dd ave to get woke up in the middle of the night by a lethal threat intruder, that’s the kind of bedroom I would want.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    OMG! First the whole Saint deal where they LITERALLY reinvented an obscure rifle nobody born after 1980 knew about, the AR15. Now THIS?!

    This, it’s something else let me tell ya. How do you say it again? Hay-mer? Am I saying it right? I bet this is some old secret Swiss design used in super expensive target pistols that Springfield figured out how to reproduce isn’t it? It looks complicated. Lol let me tell you we are living in the FUTURE!

    Just kidding, kinda neat.

  • A.WChuck

    I kind of like this model, but I were to get a polymer hammer fired gun made overseas, I would get a CZ P07.

  • Joshua Sanders

    A hammer really!?!? Go back to original shave that hammer and don’t fix something that ain’t broke… K.I.S.S.

  • Brick

    Serious question.

    After all of the GRIP ZONE jokes and general head shaking, why is it still used? It’s basically a punchline at this point.

    It is business intelligence that cost $0 and might move a few more units if it were nixed. I’ve never met somebody that thinks the GRIP ZONE branding is a positive.

    • Honestly I don’t know. it doesn’t really bother me.

      • unixfool

        I think it doesn’t bother most people. If it did, it would affect sales, which would force SA to remove the branding. They obviously aren’t to that point and I doubt it’s going to change…this is now their third gun with that branding. Eventually, all XDs will have it.

        • ZuluHotel

          I wouldn’t say it’s helping their sales though. I’ve got quite a few friends who are avid shooter. Not one of them even considers anything in the XD series for future purchases. So I guess my question is, how good are their sales compared other polymer framed pistols? Genuine curiosity, not trying to trash SA.

          • unixfool

            So you say that you know of no people that like the XD series. OK. That hardly represents the whole. I’ve got quite a few friends and acquaintances that own XD series guns, but I’m not sure that qualifies me to say that they’re popular. My small pocket of the world does not represent the whole potential buyer and actual owning population. The adverse would apply as well, not just to me, but to anyone else.

            If someone isn’t interested in them, it’s more than likely not because of “Grip Zone” but something else — non-Glock-like high bore axis is a viable example.

            I’ve no problem with XDs…I can hit where I’m aiming at with my Mod.2 sub, it carries well, it eats all the ammo I throw into it, it doesn’t malfunction…what more can one ask of a firearm? Plus, you’ve to have owned and shot one long enough to even determine if it’s a good gun.

            I’m not sure if they really care if they can get more sales if they didn’t have “Grip Zone” on the gun, this being their third gun to bear the “Grip Zone” markings. If they cared, why are they still marking them with such branding? Does this make them the laughing stock of the gun world? Only to the ignorant, IMO. The gun functions flawlessly. It’s a tool, not a fashion statement.

            But the real honest truth here is, they just sided with the Illinois government in hindering 2A…they’re not going to care about how people feel about Grip Zone, either.

    • ZuluHotel

      Free press when you think about it. Look how many mentions of the “Grip Zone” in the comments alone. But for the record, I abhor it. Completely unnecessary and seems like a weak attempt by completely out of touch decision makers to make something eye catching and “cool.” If SA was listening to people serious about shooting and those who are actually buying guns, this idea would’ve been laughed out of the conference room.

  • Bud Harton

    wow! Glad I wasn’t holding my breath. I feel so…..underwhelmed. Since the SA CEO has decided to sell out to the Chicago Mob in the Illinois legislature, I guess Springfield Arms has decided to hean on down the road to obscurity

    • JSIII

      I was thinking about buying a SAINT and this gun looked good but after this I will be buying something else.

      • Mrninjatoes

        Whatever. You weren’t going to buy one anyway. Oh, lets not mention Gaston Glock and his shady dealings/hookers/bribes. And Smith and Wesson, remember when they would give your SWAT team Ar-15’s if you adopted the M&P? No worries if the Ar-15’s barely worked. Colt….? Don’t even get me started with those guys.

        • janklow

          …do you work for Springfield?

          • Mrninjatoes

            Nope. I just used to work in the Industry before I retired and was privy to a lot of insider information. Gaston hooker stories are my favorite. I am still waiting for the “I am a former Glock SHOT Show girl. AMA”.

          • Not far wrong there sir:-)

          • Julian C

            ooooh… the old ” I had INSIDE information which YOU don’t know!” ploy. How kewl!!! Secret Squirrel and all!!!

        • Julian C

          ah, you are a psychic, who knows what others will or won’t do!!! How nice for you!!! You could have made money as an adviser to Hillary and given her more time to choose another venture!

          And most of us do not care what an Austrian company does, since they cannot directly influence our laws, so that is totally irrelevant. Springfield and Daniel Defense both spat in the faces of those who made them prosper, then grabbed their ankles for the anti gunners.

    • Mrninjatoes

      I have friends on the retail side and they tell me that Springfield products always move, especially the 1911’s.

      • Rick O’Shay

        The Springfield 1911s are decent for the price. One of these days I’ll finally get around to adding one to the collection.

  • I like the idea of a hammer fired single stack, just wish it were decocker only.

    • Thomas Gomez

      Why is that? That seems to be a common theme.

      • gunsandrockets

        One fear I’ve heard of is a safety that is unintentionally engaged. So they prefer decocker-only switches.

      • I don’t want the safety to accidentally switch on when I toss it in my purse.

    • unixfool

      I’ve always hated firearms that have the combination safety/decocker. It just complicates things. With my Bersa, for example, you can’t carry cocked and locked, but the gun has a safety…WTH…that doesn’t make sense. And when you decock, you’re engaging the safety…why is that needed?

      With the PX4 Storm, their F Type allows you to carry in Condition 1, as well as fully decocking the gun so that you have the option of carrying decocked (Condition 2). I’m all about options but I’m not carrying in Condition 1 since I’ve invested time and training toward carrying in Condition 2. I actually bought the G Type levers and converted my Storm to decocker-only.

      I guess that’s the gist of it. If you’ve trained to carry so that DA is your first trigger pull, you’re not going to need or want a safety.

    • Jared Vynn

      That’s why I like the sig 2022, just want a single stack compact model.

  • Joshua Graham

    I was hoping it’d be something totally new but it’s just an XD with a hammer and not even a double stack one so there’s no point in me considering it for a home defense pistol.

    • Thomas Gomez

      It is optimized for concealed carry. For home defense, I am still going to rock a full sized pistol. (Or an Ar-15)

  • Joshua Graham

    Also what the hell is the point of all these handguns that are single stack but still have to be carried IWB? Go pocket size or go double stack compact or subcompact. It’s stupid.

    • Spencer Ivey

      I cannot and will not carry in my pocket. Blue jeans plus my large thighs don’t work like that. Single stack is thinner and lighter which makes them work better iwb for concealment and comfort. Especially at work where I’m crawling under houses, in cabinets, and through attics. I have double stacks and larger single stacks but they don’t carry like this. And smaller certainly don’t shoot any easier. This size works for me and I’m sure it does for lots of other people who carry anytime they have pants on.

      • Joshua Graham

        My .357 LCR fits fine in my front jeans pocket in an Uncle Mike’s #3. The single stack 9s only have a couple more rounds over it and are just less convenient to carry.

        • Spencer Ivey

          Personally I won’t carry a 357 for CC. Too much blast for me. I understand that in a self defense situation I won’t notice or that hearing should be the least of my worries, but it’s too much. The blam of a 45 without hearing protection is bad enough but I can handle it occasionally. Not a Magnum. And I don’t really trust 38 special.

          • Joshua Graham

            There are low flash self-defense rounds for it that are fine. Also decent short-barrel optimized loads. I understand your concern, but I’d point out that any short barreled pistol is going to be loud as hell and damaging too. It’s just the price you’ll have to pay if you get into a self-defense situation.

          • Joshua Graham

            Interestingly, you should keep some magnesium pills on hand if you ever have to deal with hearing damage in the aftermath of shooting a handgun without ear protection. Take a bunch of them. It mitigates the effects of hearing damage somewhat if taken within the hour.


          • valorius

            You won’t be bothered by the noise or blast at all.

      • Joshua Graham

        Different strokes for different folks, though.

        • int19h

          That also happens to be the exact answer to your original question.

    • Thomas Gomez

      I carry a Glock 19, but sometimes my attire dictates I wear something more slim line. I liked the 43, but it is a toy in my giant hands. At present I have been carrying a Shield, but I am probably going to start carrying the XD-E due to the added safety features. I like mechanical safety.

      • Joshua Graham

        I’ve been carrying for years and turned into a lazy bum who gets annoyed at wearing IWB holsters, even the most comfortable ones. So I just usually pocket carry. It’s especially nice in humid and nasty Florida to be able to carry in a pair of shorts during the summer months.

        • Spencer Ivey

          I agree that iwb gets annoying after awhile. And by awhile I mean three years now of it poking me. I’ve considered own holsters for a bit now but they won’t be worn enough to be worth the investment of a good leather one to me. Not in my current environment. Usually now if I’m that tired of it, it comes off when I come inside and gets traded for a owb. Alien gear may be my best bet when their new gear really takes it up a notch to offer all kinds of holster options. But for now I’ll stick with the minor annoyance.

      • Joshua Graham

        What’s the DA trigger pull like on the XD-E? How heavy, long, etc.?

        • Thomas Gomez

          Morning Joshua. The SA weighed in around 5 lbs. The DA was around 12. The DA had a nice wall before the hammer dropped. With a tight grip, I was drawing from the holster and making head shots at 5 yards in DA. Cheers amigo.

        • Bud Springer

          Finally, I mean FINALLY, someone asks about the trigger action. Triggers on hammer fired semi-autos has not been a major issue but this being somewhat of a hybrid, i.e., single/double action, the trigger action is never mentioned in any of the review. Thanks to Joshua for asking.

          • Thomas Gomez

            I will be doing a second review in the near future. I was going to delve more into the triggers.

      • Jared Vynn

        Have you tried out the Ruger LC9 by chance?

        • Thomas Gomez

          Never, but I have heard good things about them.

    • Independent George

      Blame the ATF. It’s made in Croatia, so they need to score enough import points. The weight & dimensions look like an attempt to game the system.

    • Marcus D.

      I assume what you mean by “still have to be carried IWB” is that they are too large for pocket carry. I carry a single stack IWB–but it does fit in some of my pants pockets, and I have a lovely OWB leather holster for it also. But where concealment is required–everywhere in my state–I cannot adequately conceal a double stack handgun, probably because of my body shape. A double stack sticks out as a huge lump on my side, so Fergedaboudit!

  • Spencer Ivey

    I want it in 45 with the XDs’s grenade grip. Seriously hope they’ll give that as a grip option. The XDs is my carry pistol and has been a long time. It’s been amazingly reliable, accurate, and easy to carry. But it is the only firearm I own without a hammer. I actually don’t mind the safety, but I could take it without too. Think V1 vs V3 on an HK. I don’t have to use the safety but it gives me options if I want them. Do current magazines and holsters for the XDs work with this?
    Are they the only ones producing a single stack polymer framed DA/SA? Hopefully soon in 45.

    • unixfool

      I got the chance to fire my boss’ XDM with the grenade textured grip. I was surprised. It was very nice. I now find myself thinking on getting one.

  • Brad

    SAI is the devil!

    • gunsandrockets

      Interesting. I’ll have to look into that.

  • Twilight sparkle

    I’m probably the only person that likes the way this looks…
    Just change the safety to a decocker only and I’ll bite on one.

    • unixfool

      Agreed. I can see myself buying this gun. I don’t usually do single stacks but I might not mind this one.

    • Marcus D.

      Since the decocker and the safety are the same button, what does it matter? No one says you HAVE to engage it.

      • Twilight sparkle

        I don’t like that it could be engaged with a poor draw or in a holster or something, I just don’t want the safety to be there to get in the way at all.

        • Marcus D.

          What are the odds of that? If you get a proper grip, your thumb is not going to push it up. I have never had a holster engage a safety on a handgun, specifically 1911s, which have a more accentuated safety than this little nubbin. A gun is not gong to move inside a good holster, so how could it be accidentally engaged?

          • Twilight sparkle

            If you have to use it you might not get the best grip or best draw since you’ll be in a bit of a hurry.

            I know when it comes down to it that’s more of a training issue than anything. It’s a lot easier to train to carry something without a safety when you own a few guns. Keep it simple is a good motto to stick to

    • No I like it as well—

      • Twilight sparkle

        Yep, but I’m definitely not in on one now for unrelated reasons. Sorry Springfield

        I’ll just keep my eyes peeled for a 2075 rami bd again, it looks better anyways.

        • Dakota Raduenz

          I’m very very torn. The only option that actually matches this is the P239 and I don’t think it is this small. I wish I could see a size comparison between P239, P225, and XD-traitor (I mean XD-E).

          Rami BD is fantastic… Fantastically double stacked… and I absolutely love CZs. But I want a single stack DA/SA decoder on the reasonably short and slim side.

  • Mrninjatoes

    I love the scenario you were put through! So you get out of bed and there are two strangers. You draw your pistol and shoot them. Morning coffee is interrupted and have you have to shoot 3 more guys! Walking to work you draw from concealment and shoot 3 more dudes. You go home, get ready for a night on the town, there are three bad guys out your door and you subsequently shoot them. Then you are rolling around with your homie and 3 more threats appear. Sounds like a hell of a day!

    • Cymond

      “Fighting for your life with Shia LaBeouf! Average Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf!”

      • Thomas Gomez


    • valorius

      Sounds like a typical action movie.

  • AndyHasky

    0/10 not enough “Hammer Zone”

  • unixfool

    Trigger weights?

    • Thomas Gomez

      From what I measured….SA was 5lbs. DA was around 12. There was a nice wall right before the break on DA mode.


    After Springfield Armory and RRA sold out gun owners and small gun dealers in IL —— em. Don’t buy their overpriced croatian crap.

  • Mike Crumling

    I fully expected the hammer to have “Hammer Zone” in bold letters on it somewhere.

    • John

      It would have been “hammer time” but y’know, copyright.

  • Ratcraft

    I was hoping for an all new XDb 10mm with 18
    round capacity….. Yes I want a big nasty heavy beast of a pistol. With the Shield
    at $325, why? Still a cool gun though. Break the mold, GO BIG! Yes the b is for

  • Independent George

    The Springfield website says it’s 25 ounces, not 23. Anyway, the long overall length and tall height scream “ATF Import Points!” to me:

    25 points for weight (1 point per ounce)
    10 points for 9mm
    10 points for a firing pin block
    10 points for double action
    5 points for external hammer
    5 points for locked breech
    5 points for drift-adjustable sights
    3 points for overall length (1 point per 1/4″ over 6″)
    2 points for external hammer

    That takes them to exactly 75 points. Does the “Grip Zone” count as a target grip? That’s worth another 5 points if the weight is actually 23 ounces instead of 25.

    • Mick

      5 points for loaded chamber indicator as well.

      • Independent George

        Thanks; it wasn’t listed in the specs, but I can see it now on top of the slide after browsing through some photos. Assuming the GripZone does not qualify as a target grip, that takes them up to 80 points if the gun weighs 25 ounces, and 78 points if it’s 23.

        If that’s the case, the 5″ height is even more questionable to me, as it precludes pocket carry and prints far more than its competitors.

  • Robert

    This looks awesome! But I still feel they could drop the “Grip Zone” badging. I don’t need the gun to tell me if it’s grippy or not, that’s why I have hands…

  • Carlos Velazquez

    TAA-DAA!!!!!!! It now has a hammer!!!!!

  • RogUinta

    Could that thing be any uglier?

    I know this is a “no politics” site, but SA’s recent selling out of the Illinois citizenry has put them on my “never buy” list. I’ve spent the past 2 months trying to decide on a single-stack 9mm, and finally narrowed it down to the XDS-9 4.0 or the Range Officer Compact in 9mm. I’d planned to buy in May. After this shenanigans, I’m looking at the Colt Defender 9mm and the SIG offerings (P239, P225).

    • Stan Darsh

      If people make a big deal about SA screwing over the Citizenry and they end up going out of business, where will we get suck high quality products like Croatian pistols, South American 1911s and cast receiver M1As that cost as much as a Rockola Forged receiver?

  • john huscio

    never liked springfield, the fact that they just made a deal with gun banners in illinois just reinforces that.

    • Seth Hill

      SA didn’t do shit, it was the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA) that did it. BTW, Rock River Arms is also a part of that group, so are you going to treat them the same as SA?

      • Brad

        And who are two of the biggest manufactures that are members of the IFMA? Yes, RRA is as much to blame as SAI.

      • janklow

        yes, but then RRA already wrote my state off, so i will actually treat them worse.

      • Paul Rain

        “I didn’t do it, it was my hand puppet lobbyist group!”

      • Zack mars

        SAINC and RRA were the only 2 companies to ever donate to that lobby group

  • Jack Burton

    Giddy to witness what seems to be the beginning of a resurgence in hammer-fired DA/SA pistols, sure hope it lasts a while.

  • coyotehunter

    Huh, imagine that, a new handgun with a SAFETY!!! and an EXTERNAL hammer!…WTF!…..there IS A GUN GOD AFTER ALL….

    • No one

      You must be easily impressed.

  • mlk18

    I for one am going to buy one so I can teach my children that the very best of ideas can result in failure. Hey kids, if you are disappointed in yourself remember that someone designed and brought to market the XDe. That will get them through the hardest things life has to throw at them.

    • Thomas Gomez

      Really? lol

  • R.D. Armstrong

    Springfield can die after their support of stricter gun control in Illinois I’ll never buy from them again or Rock River

  • Spencer Ivey

    In relation to Springfield’s disappointing involvement with Illinois legislature, can we really blame them? The way I see it they had three options. Move, Comply and die, or do what they did and live to fight another day. Moving to a better state is an expensive thing to do. They could fight, risk loosing and not be able to do business in Illinois anymore and be forced to move, or die out. Or they can get this carve out early in and fight it the rest of the way. So they loose some customers by making the deal they did, or they go out of business for not doing what they did. Right?

    • janklow

      at the end of the day, it’s a decision they made. so yeah, we can blame them for it.

      but hey, i’m not a HUGE Springfield fan, so it’s not like me saying “i won’t buy their products” impacts their bottom line meaningfully. or at least that’s what i am being told.

    • valorius

      I blame them. They should have moved.

  • Captain Obvious

    Finally, a double action auto you can carry cocked and locked or drop the hammer with a lever. Best of both worlds.

    • Thomas Gomez

      It truly is.

    • TheSaint

      Just like the FN-FNX, HK, S&W or multiple others have had for years…

  • Dickie

    Wheres the decocker

    • Marcus D.

      The safety switch is the decocker switch. Up for safe, in the middle to shoot, and down to decock. Amazing how they did that, no?

  • gunsandrockets

    Well well well. DA/SA external hammer guns making a comeback in the new world of polymer pistols. More choices for the public always good.

    This pistol reminds me in some ways of the Walther PK-380, which also has a very low racking force. Funny, it hadn’t occurred to me how important an external hammer mechanism could be in reducing that force.

    • Marcus D.

      The FNX is a hammer fired DA/SA with a decocker. It’s been around for at least a couple of years now, I think.

      • No one

        The Beretta 92 series also has a Safety/Decocker combo option and that’s been around for a while now.

  • Maxcoseti


  • USMC03Vet

    Springfield just trolled me hard. I’ve been waiting since they released the compact mod 2 for a single stack mod 2 and instead they release an non XD but call it an XD with mod features but missing the other features which make it an XD.

    Springfield, why. My emotional state after The Saint and now pseudo XD.

  • thedonn007

    That safety needs to be a decocker.

    • Mrninjatoes

      It is a decocker.

    • Thomas Gomez

      It is both a safety and de-cock mechanisms.

  • IN Dave

    I figured springfields next pistol would have been called the “XD-Monica”. But I guess that is a little much to put on a slide. I prefer to give my money to businesses who don’t enable antigunners. I guess Springfield is out.

  • GD Ajax

    Springfield found a way to butcher the HS2000 more than they already have.

    • Thomas Gomez

      I think this a very different design then the original HS2000.

  • valorius

    I applaud the configuration, but my lord XD’s are ugly. And it’s way too heavy.

  • Joe Schmo

    “I would love to see the Springfield XD made with a hammer instead of a stiker.”

    A sentence I have NEVER heard in my entire life.

  • Marcus D.

    The XD is legal in California (grandfathered in), but the XD-M and the XD-S are not because they don’t have manual safeties. IF (and of course with California courts that is always a big IF) the microstamp law goes back into hibernation (because the technology to implement the law doesn’t actually exist, notwithstanding what our former AG said), this gun could actually be sold here because it has a manual safety (and assuming it also has a magazine disconnect). Not that I’d necessarily buy one, mind you, my DAO Kahr striker fired pistol weighs only 16 oz empty and gives up only one round to this gun.

  • mazkact

    “These features make it safer to carry a loaded pistol either in a bag, purse, or tucked close to the body in a holster.”

    I could really get behind this statement if this new handgun utilized an internal or recessed hammer and was a smooth DAO.

  • jerry young

    I’m not sure about other states but in Ohio it is against the law for someone to carry a gun in their purse or bag without a holster, I’m against purse carry for the obvious reason that if someone steals a woman’s purse they got their gun, my wife is guilty of purse carry and even though I’m against it I bought her a purse made just for concealed carry it took buying several different ones to find one she liked, I’d order them online and she would put them aside saying she’d get to it later, they’re piled like her shoes finally I took her to a local gun shop that sells purses just for that purpose and she found one she likes, she says it’s because her pants have no belt loops, my friend that makes my holsters added an IWB that doesn’t need a belt and I’m having her make one for my wife, I had her try one of mine to see if she like IWB and just as I did she found it to be more comfortable than OWB.

  • Carey Redd

    Sig Sauer goes after the polymer striker fired market and wins big, so Springfield goes after Sig’s SA/DA territory. We are living in a topsy-turvy world.

    • No one

      SA/DA is CZ’s house, and they don’t need pretenders.

    • Paul Rain

      Springfield are more busy going after H&K’s BYSAWHU territory.

  • SpikeM

    So should we expect a hammer fired double stack in the future? I do like my XD Mod2 sub-compact 9mm with the 3″ barrel as an EDC, but would have preferred a hammer to striker fire.

  • Gerry Jantsch

    When will the XDE be available to buy

  • ozzallos .

    I am kind of curious how the trigger handles with an actual hammer. Other than that, its pretty underwelming.

    But seriously. You’re going to ride that gripzone thing into the ground, arent you Springfield?

  • Captain Obvious

    Too bad Springfield Armory sold out to the socialists in their state. No more SA products for me, ever.

  • Mark Horning

    Wrecked it by combining the safety with a decocker.

    Every gun that combines these has the same issue, almost impossible to use the safety without accidentally shoving all the way into de-cock, especially for anyone used to a normal (i.e. 1911) safety.

  • Fin

    No way, not after selling the people of Illinois up the river

    • Blake

      What did they do exactly?

  • Julian C

    NEVER again anything from these treacherous, greedy dirtbags who threw the entire gun community under the anti-gun bus. Had they not made a side deal to get themselves exempted from the new law in order to drive small dealers out of business and restrict the 2A rights of gun owners, this would have been on my list, but never will I support these vermin. There are too many GOOD companies out there who appreciate their customers, rather than spitting in the faces of the people who made them prosper.

  • Martin frank

    so is it a decocker or just a safety that rolls cocked and locked loke a 1911 except with out a grip safety?

  • This thing is going to be huge.