Gemtech 22QDA – 4 Lug Rimfire Adapter

Traditionally, mounting a suppressor to a rimfire host involves screw threads rather than the quick detach methods found on many modern-day rifle suppressors. And the H&K style 3-Lug silencer mounts have been reserved for subguns and pistol caliber carbines. Hoping to change the way (and speed) in which we swap 22 long rifle cans across hosts, Gemtech has released the 22QDA – a four lug, spring loaded mounting system capable of being used on any 1/2 x 28″ rimfire silencer.

The principle is fairly simple: First, attach the 1/2″ x 28 to four lug mount adapter to your favorite rimfire silencer. Second, attach the four lug muzzle device to your favorite host(s). Then use the push, turn release method to attach and detach your the suppressor.

“But I don’t mind my current thread mount.” True, direct thread silencers do have their benefits. But the QD22A system solves a few issues that can plague rimfire shooters. First, direct thread silencers have a tendency to unscrew/disassemble the thread mount from the silencer during the removal process.

Second, a popular setup for suppressed rimfire AR15s is to mount the silencer under a rail system for a more compact package. The four lug Gemtech system will allow for quick and easy attachment and removal of recessed cans.

And lastly, we all have our favorites: using the 22QDA mount with additional four lug muzzle devices, shooters can swap their primary rimfire silencer quickly between hosts. Also, one side benefit of Gemtech’s new system is that the muzzle device isn’t much longer than a standard threaded barrel.

Why four lugs and not the standard three? My guess is to avoid the eventual tragedy of someone mounting the 22QDA on a non rimfire can and host. Come on, we all know ‘that guy’.

MSRP for the full kit is $129.99 whereas additional muzzle devices will start at $32.99 each.

The Gemtech QD22A rimfire attachment system:


I really appreaciate the way Gemtech innovates and takes risks to bring new products to market. Last summer we stumbled across an interesting patent issued to Gemtech for a ‘Quick Connect for a Pistol Suppressor that appears to incorporate a booster module along with a QD system:


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  • Iwantplaydough

    Love the idea, wish it was cheaper. Cut the price of the main kit from $130 to 75, and the attachments to 25 and sign me up.
    With 1 can and 3 guns this setup would cost me $200. Too much for me, but for $125 I’d bite.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That’s MSRP. My guess is that you’ll see prices on both drop in the near term.

      • Daryle Elams Jr

        the price at the show was just right….

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Gemtech engineering: “we have the bi-lock, it wiggles and almost no one likes it… we can’t go to three lug because HK will sue us into oblivion… what to do… what to do!?”

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      It must take a lot of energy to be negative all the time. I’m pretty excited about this adapter.

  • JPG

    Does anyone know how deep the threads are on the 4 lug that screws onto the gun? I’d like to know if it will make it to the shoulder on my 15-22 barrel that has standard 1/2 x 28 threads rather than shortened rimfire threads.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Probably going to need a spacer. Cheap and easy to find. That way it tightens against the shoulder and not the crown inside the adapter.

  • PK

    A bit more detail from yesterday’s post… but I’m frankly stunned they patented this.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That patent I included may not be the 22QDA. Its got a booster section in there as well.

  • Gary Kirk

    I just put an A2 birdcage on everything, and use my GMT HALO..

  • thedonn007

    I like to use my 9mm and .22lr suppressors on my .22lr firearms. Any chance that I can use this system with my 9mm suppressor as well.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Would there be any issues adopting this style of system to a can with a piston so you could run it on a centerfire pistol?

    Maybe instead of a spring loaded mount use a QD system with some sort of locking collar.

  • nova3930

    Was wondering what happened to this thing. It was in their catalog a couple years back then just disappeared. Thought it was a pretty good idea