Stack ‘Em Up: Catastrophic KRISS Kaboom (For The Second Time)

God bless competent gunsmiths. Not only do they have to deal with a broad spectrum of weapons in for upgrade and repair, but a wide range of owners as well. Today, on the back end of the curve, we have a negligent KRISS Vector owner who has not once, but twice, chambered and fired the wrong ammunition in his or her pistol caliber carbine. That’s right, a year before this event, the original barrel was ruined under similar circumstances. Here’s what the ‘smith “Mike The Collector” posted about receiving the poor gun for repair:

This is the Theory (since we only have the evidence)

Kriss is a 45. customer loaded up a full mag, chambered the gun, and fired. At some point, an entire cartridge of 9mm ended up in the barrel (how’d it get there? must have loaded it into the mag, howd he get it to fit in a 45 magazine? customers are magicians)

So when the kriss ‘chambered’ the 9mm, it obviously went down the barrel. And when the trigger was pulled, nothing would have happened. So they would have cycled the action to chamber a new round.

When that went off, the bullet may have hit the primer of the 9mm cartridge. Thus which is why there is an empty 9mm case in front of the 3 ‘squibs’. I say squibs lightly because it really wasnt a squid. Its more of a “stupid”.

But this wasnt noticed fast enough because he fired off 3 rounds total very quickly. So you can see the 3 separate 45 bullets smashed into each other.

So to clarify. Somehow, 3 rounds of 45 are smashed into each other behind a 9mm case inside the barrel.

whats interesting and unexplainable to me is the 2 bulges at the end of the barrel. almost like something blew up right at the end of the barrel? idk..

You want to know the greatest part about this? This isnt the first time we lost the kriss. someone blew up the Kriss’s barrel as well last year. Can you guess how? We found 3 or 4 cartridges of 40cal down in the barrel. Youd think you’d only ever see this once, til it happens again.


KRISS kaboom

Seeing as how this is not a select fire weapon, I am perplexed at the shooters ability to stack three 45 bullets on top of each other. I guess it’s possible that the barrel didn’t rupture until the last round, but… wow. Just wow.

I don’t believe that anyone should need a license to buy, carry and use firearms. But how can we setup a ‘common sense testing and licensing bureau’. It might be time.

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  • Porty1119

    I am in awe.

  • Joel

    “So when the kriss ‘chambered’ the 9mm, it obviously went down the barrel. And when the trigger was pulled, nothing would have happened. So they would have cycled the action to chamber a new round.”

    It’s time someone said it. Tap rack bang is asinine.

    • Cymond

      Tap rack bang is an immediate action drill for emergencies when the gun *needs* to work right now (or training for such scenarios).

      If you’re in a situation (outside of practice) where TRB is necessary, then a sqib load is the least of your concerns, and a more proper clearance method probably isn’t an option.

  • M1911

    That’s a special kind of stupid.

  • SGT Fish

    range rental gun? he said its the 2nd time WE have lost the Kriss.
    surprised its not FA. but I see this happening more with customers “renting” the gun that are not familiar with it at all.

  • Calavera

    Some boys just get the wind in their hair and the bit in their teeth, and keep pulling that trigger as fast as they can, until the gun stops, or blows up in their face. What really disturbs is the terminally stupid ones, who turn the gun around and peer down the barrel. Then, while staring down the barrel pull the trigger some more, in an attempt to make it work again. Seen. It. Done.

    • Tritro29

      More than once.

      • Alex _

        You are a Russia troll. Soviets invaded Poland you moron.

        • Tritro29

          Trolling 101 (gone wrong).

          Call out some one as a troll about an irrelevant matter to the thread.

          Ok Trollchan. I got the memo, carry on with your life now.

          • Alex _

            You are an Albanian, who is ashamed so he poses as a Russian, pathetic.

          • Martin frank

            firearms not politics you clown

          • Riiight

            Outing him for his nationality isn’t exactly politics “clown”.

          • Martin frank

            how can someone be “outed” for their nationality? people can be whatever they want. and peoples nationality does not matter either. who tf are you to say whats bad and what isnt. your on a page about freedom. why would you infringe someone’s?

    • Sticky-eye Rivers

      It almost makes you wish for gun control laws.

      • valorius

        No it doesn’t. We need darwin to have access to these people so they can be removed from the gene pool.

        • Smedley54

          Darwin’s so messy, though…

          • valorius

            True, but he can be highly entertaining as well.

            Just yesterday:

            “ALTON, ILL — A man who East Alton police recently had chased off railroad tracks as he played a guitar died Thursday when he was hit by a train in Alton.”

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            Messy, but effective. Now if we could only get some safety labels removed…

        • Grey Beard

          Perhaps engineering for failures has far out paced the prospective candidates for a Darwin Award.

        • Phillip Cooper

          +like a billion times….

    • nicholsda

      Darwin Award winners for sure.

  • Pseudo

    Possible that the catastrophic failure caused some sort of slam fire/ unintentional full auto? Otherwise I couldn’t fathom how they got three rounds stacked…

    • Rick O’Shay

      Attempted mag dump?

      • Cymond

        Probably, and probably compounded by the barrel shroud so the shooter couldn’t even see the problem.

  • iksnilol

    Hacksaw away the bad part of the barrel, problem solved (assuming NFA tax paid).

    • TexianPatriot

      F the NFA N the FNA.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    100:1 He reloads… and shouldn’t.

    This has pretty much nothing to do with the gun. I’m not really buying the 9mm went down, sat 1/2 way there, then the primer exploded, “firing” the 9mm bullet into the barrel where it stuck” then causing a stack up of 45 bullets.

    • Drew Coleman

      If a 9mm case got stuck in there and caused the problems, then it’s more of people not paying attention.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Yea… I still don’t believe that though. A 9mm case isn’t going to lodge itself in there. Putting a 9mm round 1/2 in the barrel and firing a 45 round isn’t going to pull up to that 9mm, blow the 9mm’s primer, go all side ways lodge itself in there all while the 45 round doing this waits patiently.

        This is dumb.

        Way more likely scenario: He got a squib, messed around with it, and tried shooting it out.

  • Ratcraft

    What do you expect from a Vector owner? Ugliest monstrosity there is, makes the Hi point look sexy. If you won one, no offence, I mean that with the utmost respect. Some guys like fat chicks,

  • Alexandru Ianu

    “Somehow, 3 rounds of 45 are smashed into each other behind a 9mm case inside the barrel.

    Thanks for a good laugh

  • Kimberwarrior45

    Occam’s razor. First, the two bulges at the end of the barrel were not from this “incident”. More likely is the 9mm was held by the extractor and did fire but the case expanded to almost the size of the 45 chamber. The next was a 45acp and this pushed the case forward into the barrel but when fired did not exit. The second bullet pushed a little more but also expanded the first 45 bullet when striking it from behind making a full obstruction. Firing the third round followed the same sequence and caused the rupture due to the now complete blockage.

  • I’m amazed this dingbat didn’t blow his hands off.

    He should keep trying until he gets it right.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      *balls. He can still procreate missing a hand.

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    Why would someone who F’d up that badly even bring it to a shop? I’d be to embarrassed to let something that stupid see the light of day.

    • DIR911911 .

      “loaned my gun to a friend , look what happened” . . . is how that story starts

  • Cesare Renzi

    I cannot really fathom why you guys are so frantic about “gun control” laws…

    If you made people jump a few legal hoops to get their toys you would weed out those who can’t even bother to pause and check what caliber they are loading. How can you even mistake a 9mm for a .45?

    • robert57Q

      No new gun law could ever weed out stupidity.

    • lucernhammer

      We already jump through enough hoops that’s what ya don’t get.
      You can’t regulate away stupid look at our congress men and women .for example “legitimate rape doesn’t cause pregnancy” and “Guam will tip over “.
      Not the people that should be writing laws.

  • robert57Q

    Three bullets behind a 9mm shell, that pretty well takes the cake.

  • Nikora Lee

    well it is a hype gun designed to separate stupid people from their dollars so what would you expect

  • Cal.Bar

    My father mistakenly fired nearly an entire mag of .40 cal out of my .45acp HK USC/UMP before it jammed. NO damage to the weapon. No big deal. Just Sayn’

  • So it still makes sense to license firearms =)