SIG P210 / Swiss P49

A brief introduction to one of the most accurate, over-built service pistols of all time – the 9mm SIG P210. This particular one is a very early pre-commercial P49 version, issued to the Swiss Army from about 1950 until the mid-70’s when it started to be displaced by the P220 / P75.

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Mike B

Mike was lucky enough to go to a school with a 25 yard smallbore range, only 25 minutes from the centre of British shooting at Bisley, and had a firearms certificate before he had a driver’s license. Moving to a more gun-friendly country has allowed him to service his milsurp habit. He lives up in the mountains in Switzerland and vlogs at YouTube as Bloke on the Range. He can be reached at


  • Just say’n

    Hmmmm..why was it only in service for 25 years? The 1911 was used (still being used by some units) for about 75 years, various 1st world nations are still using the Hi-Power.

    • GD Ajax

      Because the much better P220 came out in 1975.

    • Marc

      One word: $

    • ostiariusalpha

      It’s been in service with the Danes for 68 years. Still might break the 1911’s record, but the Danes don’t seem too enthusiastic about trying for that. The Belgians have used the Hi-Power for 82 years, though it finally lost its status as their standard issue sidearm.

      • The_Champ

        Hi-Powers are still in use in the Canadian Forces, and have been since WWII.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Yep, till at least 2022. Which is a little sad, considering the shape the pistols are in.

    • mazkact

      Likely a capacity issue. The CZ 75 took cues from the 210 and with it’s double stack magazine is IMHO just about the perfect handgun. My Armalite AR 24/15 TC is likely just about as close as I will ever get to owning a SIG 210, it is like a CZ 75 with the SIG 210’s hump back slide.

  • Patrick

    I have one and love it, but i need to reblue it … holsterwear …..

    • mazkact


  • Broz

    I thought you looked and SOUNDED familiar – then I read the description….Bloke on the Range!!!