Gemtech Integra | NRA 17

Alongside the 22QDA, Gemtech had their Integra out for us to test drive. No, I’m not talking about the Japanese Import from Honda/Acura. The Integra is their integrally suppressed .300blk AR.

While integrally suppressed ARs is nothing new and certainly .300blk is no longer the new kid on the block, what makes the Integra worthy of notice? It has a bore evacuator. Watch the video below. At the 7min mark it explains bore evacuators.

In case you didn’t watch the video, the bore evacuator creates a pocket of pressure and helps evacuate the gasses out the muzzle. A great idea for tank operators and an even better idea for a suppressor.

You can see how short the gas tube is and how close the gas block is to the receiver.



I got to shoot some rounds and as expected I did not get gas to the face. We were shooting Gemtech .300blk sub sonic loads so I would be interested to see what it does with super sonic ammo.


Nicholas C

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  • RSG

    These guys have to start selling suppressed barrels with a 16″ OAL.

    • Tony

      The MIST-22 models and the Integras are both integral suppressed barrel that are 16″ OAL.

      • RSG

        I’m talking about selling the suppressed barrel as a stand alone item. In fact, all silencer companies and barrel manufacturers should be offering integrally suppressed barrels with an OAL of 16 inch for a one stamp project.

        • Tony

          The main issue would most likely be the barrel nut setup, because it would end up being trapped behind the perm attached suppressor, and you’d end up being stuck with one type of handguard setup. Would be easier for bolt action type rifles but probably super hard for an AR platform.

          • RSG

            Nathan from faxon told me the problem is barrel life. For heavily used 556 guns10-15k rounds can burn out a barrel which would mean the can goes too. I’m still not convinced. I want 300 BLK suppressed barrels for my own builds. I’m not interested in universally fitting cans that don’t suppress as well as integral. Especially for super sonic rounds.

  • Raptor Fred

    “GEMTECH/NEMO Arms patented gas block” I wanna see this gasblock that eliminates blowback.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      300blk doesn’t blowback anywhere near 556, and this gas system is tuned to this can, so it really doesn’t need any special block at all – for blowback.

      If it’s under a 7″ barrel it might use a special block to cycle.

  • pablo4twenty

    That tank barrel video is cool!

  • FOC Ewe

    Bore vac does the same thing on a howitzer.