Gemtech 22QDA Universal QD Mount | NRA 17

Gemtech was at the American Suppressor Association Media Day here at the NRA Annual Meeting 2017.

They have a new accessory for rimfire suppressors. It is called the 22QDA. It is a universal quick detach mounting system. It uses a quad lug adapter that you screw onto any 1/2×28 rimfire threaded barrel. The quad lug mount is also threaded 1/2×28 and screws onto the back of your preferred rimfire suppressor, turning your can into a QD can.


You can see in the photo above that it uses a proprietary quad lug design. The pattern is actually keyed. If you look at the very top photo you can see a small machined mark on the quad lug adapter and mount. You align those marks and then twist the can on.



The 22QDA retails for $129.99 and comes with one quad lug adapter. You can purchase more adapters for $30.

This system is only rated for .22LR and .22WMR. Even though there are other caliber barrels with 1/2×28 thread pitch don’t use this on them.

Nicholas C

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  • Drew Coleman

    That is not cheap, but I actually really like that. May have to get one for my 22 can.

    • Nicholas C

      Actually the pricing is fair. Go look at any Tri-lug mount for a suppressor. They are typically $130 just for the mount.

  • Howard

    Mine came in yesterdays mail, first impressions.. awesome.

    • Nicholas C

      I plan on buying a set tomorrow at the show. I loathe screwing cans on and off. #firstworldproblems

      • AndyHasky

        If this came out a year ago i’d be all over it, but since then I’v just gotten used to screwing my 22 can on and off and don’t want to add un needed weight and length…

    • Holdfast_II

      How much overall length does it add to the setup? That would be my concern.

  • PK

    Make another rated for 9x19mm and suddenly they’d be rich. Inexpensive 1/2-28mm to tri-lug (or to this proprietary quad-lug) don’t really exist for that, only HK priced adapters for either direction.

  • Holdfast_II

    This is actually a HUGE deal in places with an AWB where a pistol cannot have threads – but it can have have a permanently attached (i.e. soldered or welded) thing like this.

    • Charlie Taylor

      I can’t think of a state that doesn’t allow threaded pistols and still allows suppressors. But it’s an interesting point.

      • Nicholas C

        There is, Connecticut is one.

      • Holdfast_II


    • Nicholas C

      In theory it sounds good. But the problem is if you permanently attach this to your pistol barrel, you might have problems removing your slide. Although thinking of guns like my Walther PPK and the Ruger SR22, they have female threads I think and so you could permanently affix one of these adapters to the thread adapter for you pistol. But still be able to remove it and clean your gun.

      • Holdfast_II

        I was thinking about the new Ruger Mk IV. I think it would work fine.

        • Nicholas C

          Ah then yes, that would be perfect.

  • JSmath

    For only $30 an adapter, that’s actually pretty damn nice.

  • Heartbreaker

    This would be awesome for lever guns with tube magazines, you could suppress it and quickly remove the can for reloading.

    • Xtorin O’hern

      or, ya know, buy a lever gun with a loading gate

      • Nicholas C

        What .22LR lever guns have loading gates?

        • Xtorin O’hern

          point taken

        • Drew Coleman

          I wish Ruger would bring back their lever action 22 – it used 10/22 mags if I remember correctly.

          • Nicholas C

            Me too. It is the 96/22

  • Treyh007

    Very cool concept! I’m interested…….

  • Raptor Fred

    This is a neat idea. I wonder how much fouling and powder residue gets on there?

  • Charlie Taylor

    Was at the ASA shoot, missed this little gem! This is super neat and I have a feeling there are going to sell a ton of these.

    • Nicholas C

      The Gemtech Rep said they will have some for sale at the show. I plan on going their first thing!

  • Confused

    …so, they’ve invented the ‘three lug’, but with four lugs? Is this new? Isn’t the actual three lug rated for 9mm and other calibers?

  • JPG

    Does anyone know how deep the threads are on the adapter? I’m curious if this will fit full length threads like you find on the M&P 15-22 without using a thread spacer.

    • Nicholas C

      No, you will need a spacer.