TFB Modification Minute: Stop using a 🔨 hammer and adjust your sights 👀

This week’s modification minute features the MGW Sight Pusher, used by professional gunsmiths to adjust and replace handgun sights, rather than potentially damaging hammer/mallet/punch approach. Enjoy!

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Patrick R

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  • Christopher Wallace

    theres as $40 sight pusher on amazon that works well enough, certainly not as nice as whats featured here. Unless you’re changing sights on pistols all the time, the cheap one may be the better option.

    • PK

      Another option is to split costs between some friends, or see if your shooting club has need of one in the group toolbox if there is such a thing.

      Failing that, yes, no point in buying the heavy-duty tool unless you’re going to be doing more than one handgun. For me, the more expensive tools paid off on the third or fourth sight job I think.

      • Christopher Wallace

        ive used my cheap one for 3 sight jobs now, going to do a fourth here soon. still dont think i could justify 200$ for a decent one. im thinking you’d need to eb in the 10 handgun neighborhood for it to make sense. but splitting the costs between friends or at a club makes a ton of sense.

      • Zundfolge

        Yeah, because nothing ends friendships faster than shared ownership of tools 🙂

        • PK

          I’m sorry to hear that’s been your experience! I guess I’ve just been particularly fortunate, or perhaps my friends are all quite laid-back about it. Either way, I’ve had excellent luck with pooling tools costs over the years.

  • st381183

    Your thumb and a vinyl punch and hammer is all you need to change the rear sight on a Glock. If you are doing a Springfield or Smith and Wesson an anvil, sledge hammer, and rotary cutting tool are the order of the day.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Over time it can wallow the rear sight dovetail out a bit.

    • Flounder

      FN Is wayyyyy harder than Smith and wesson. Although I hear nightmares about springfields.

  • SGT Fish

    it doesn’t get you zeroed, but sending the slide to glock for factory night sights is the best option. its cheaper than the cheapest tritium sights and they will even assemble your slide with new parts if you send it in stripped. so you get the sights, and a few new parts for less than you’d pay for just sights.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Just no. Don’t scam Glock.

      Younlitteraly can adjust wind age with this tool as well as replace sights.

      • Flounder

        I am sure glock won’t let you scam them. They are charging for this service after all. I am sure some accountant has made sure whatever they do, they still profit.

        • FulMetlJakit

          And even if they did let you…

          Glock ain’t hurtin

          And that’s what they deserve for shipping with those sorry placeholders on top.

  • SGT Fish

    question. how do you adjust for a pistol hitting low? should I put a shim under the front sight? that’s all I can think to do for now

    • Younggun

      You could get a taller rear sight. Plenty of aftermarket sights for major brands come in taller sight configuration for people that like to “lollipop” or have the point of impact right above their front sight.

      • Steve

        Wrong – you need a shorter front sight… pistol is hitting low, you need to raise the POI but filing the front sight (or similar).

        • Steve

          by filing*

        • Dougscamo

          Absolutely!…Like you say below, filing is an option….

        • Shoeless Joe

          and the effective difference between filing the front sight and raising the rear sight is…

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Get a shorter front sight. Can you describe the problem in more detail? Is the point of aim on top of the front sight or covered by it? How low? What gun?

  • SignalFromTheRim

    You are running straight adds now?

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Not an ad homie, more if a how-to short that was sponsored by Brownells.

      Even if it were, you do understand we have to pay quite a bit of money to run the site?

      • EC

        I think though that it is very problematic that you link all the products, including something as generic as Blue Loctite, directly to Brownells.

        Sure, Brownell sponsoring it is fine. But that last step I think easily crosses the line and transforms a sponsored article into an advert.

        In the future, maybe clearly state in the headline that this article is an advertisement? Like:

        “ADVERTISEMENT: Stop Using a Hammer and Adjust…”

        Nothing wrong with ads. They just should be clearly identified as such.

      • SignalFromTheRim

        If this is a paid promotion it should be clearly stated as such in the video. The fact that it was not destroys any notion that TFB is an independent journalistic organization.

    • Blumpkin
  • Dougscamo

    Please buy one of these tools for James R so he will quit that cheap as# hammer when he

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Lol. He wot?

      • Dougscamo

        Well…James R voted me up so HE KNOWS! The claw hammer he used to take apart his Sub2000 in order to put in new trigger springs….

  • Rickey Morris

    Patrick, do they have one Pusher set up as a master unit that you can buy the clamps for and insert for different models instead of buying a tool complete for the individual models, and brands? Instead of one for the Glocks, Sigs, Walthers etc, just buy the clamps?