LEAKED: Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell

We just received a tip that Magpul is going to be rolling out a new polymer magwell in the next couple days. I expect this to likely be released on the opening day of NRA Annual Meetings. Other than the spec sheet above we have no information beyond that.

A sub $25 mag well for the Glock platform is an exciting thing in my opinion. Most decent mag wells run $90 and up building in a cost barrier that many shooters aren’t comfortable crossing. With a MSRP under $25 the new GL enhanced magwell is perfect for those that want to try a magwell but don’t want to pony up a c note.

Check out Magpul online for more information this weekend.

Patrick R

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  • Andrew

    “leaked” 😒

    • PK

      Good thing it was an entire specification sheet with MSRP that got “leaked”.

      Does no one just go ahead and release information without the trendy flourish?

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        It isn’t supposed to be announced till NRA starts tomorrow. That is a dealer one-sheet that one of my sources sent to me.

  • Cactus Air Force

    I got excited thinking this was going to be an AR magwell style thing like that Fab defense joint. I always liked having that extra magwell grip, for when my flappy POG arms inevitably got tired.

  • SGT Fish

    Perfect! I was thinking of getting a raven mag well for my g19 but didn’t want to spend that much, and all the cheaper ones are huge. This is perfect and I only use extended mags anyway so no worries about stuck mags

  • dave

    Glock 26 gen 4
    Glock 26 geb 4
    Sigh, i can dream cant i?

  • DIR911911 .

    just got a g19 gen 4 about a month ago. first trip to the range was enlightening to say the least groups in the 6-10 inch range at 5 yards. luckily my buddy brought his g21 for me to try and I instantly shot it better, the whole magazine in about a 3 inch hole dead center. when we got back to the house we started comparing the two guns and from the backstrap to the trigger was longer in the g21 until I added the largest backstrap to the g19 , that made them exactly the same length. I also noticed the back of his 21 was smooth around the web of your hand while mine had a glock logo and more aggressive checkering. a little elbow grease and some 220 grit sandpaper fixed that and took away a little under the trigger guard to give a little more room for my sausage fingers and boom. next trip to the range brought all groups into the 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch range for the whole magazine. I could use just a smidge more room for my pinkie on the grip and this magwell could be the answer for what looks like a cheap price. . . wow I talk a lot 🙂

    • SGT Fish

      That’s one reason I’ve been shopping for one. Just need a smidge longer grip, but g17 is too big. This should be perfect and help keep reloads consistent

    • keazzy

      At 5 yards you are getting 3.5 inch groups? Wilson guarantees 1.5 inch at 25 yards. Something is wrong with Glock if it can’t do better. That’s old school Mini-14 numbers there.

      • JJ

        Wilsons says it will do that with their test setup. Real life is around 2-2.5″ from their info, iirc. Some user tests compared to 6 other barrels showed it as the least accurate of the bunch.

        I believe the original Glock 17 Gen 1 was designed with a 4″ group at 25m for combat use. With better ammo my G2 and G3 versions do better but it’s not supposed to be a target pistol with the loose tolerances involved. The G4 versions are a bit tighter and do better. Put a aftermarket barrel in and usually cut groups in half from my experience. My LWD barrel did. KKM barrels do too. I’ve only been shooting Glocks for 26 years now though. YMMV.

        FWIW, my G21 has always been the most accurate stock Glock I owned. G19 second.

        • JJ

          My error. 1/2″ from their test setup.

          You were correct on the actual group size guarantee. My numbers were from someone’s personal experience with the barrel.

          • DIR911911 .

            all my shooting is done standing in a weaver stance and like I said WHOLE MAGAZINE , 15 shots in that group about 1-2 second between shots, not in a ransom rest bolted to a table and only shooting 3-5 shots. I’m still getting to know this glock trigger , it’s my first glock.

      • DIR911911 .

        your go to comparison for a $500 glock is a $2000 or more 1911??? that puts glock on a high pedestal

  • Nicks87

    I’m glad some companies still care about affordability. $90 magwells? Give me a break. #learnhowtodoaproperreload, #tacticalmagazineexchangeforparkinsonssufferers.

    • JJ

      Right. Like $150 triggers for Glocks. If the UAT trigger didn’t come with my LWD frame, I wouldn’t spend the acorns on it. I ended up using a glock trigger bar on it eventually as theirs made it stack due to slightly different geometry. The OT and PT adjustments are ice if used lightly set.

      For relevant info, the LWD magwell add on is nice too. But just for their frames only.

      Prezine versions were only $20.

  • USMC03Vet

    Square peg round hole. Glock aftermarket does it again. Don’t get caught dead without this cuz your gun fighter cred will vanish.

  • Don Ward

    Press releases are now “leaked”?

    That’s not how they taught it in J-School.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      This wasn’t a press release Don, that is a dealer one-sheet for product that hasn’t been announced yet.

  • Dougscamo

    FINALLY…something to put in those useless, funky as#ed grip holes…

  • Seems like lily-gilding for most shooters, but this definitely looks like legit kit for competitions.

  • Clarence Bodiker

    This is a no brainer for me I shoot competion and I would love this. Anything that shaves time off a mag reload while adding a bit more length is a plus.

  • john huscio

    Or you could just wait for the 17/19ms………which have flared magwells from the factory….

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      I could spend $25 next week or spend $550 in, what, 12 months or more?

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      The 17/19m or ‘ms’ as you called it will not be produced for civilian sale according to Glock.

      • SGT Fish

        then ill slap my magwell on an FS(once they come out) and do a trigger guard undercut. win

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    M&P version?

  • JJ

    A lot like the Prezine plastic mag wells made years back. I have them on some g17s and they work very well as a mag guide and as a hand stop. Keeps your hand from moving around or sliding down. Adds an ounce maybe. Didn’t work with compacts though. Just full size. I got a few when they made the last run. Haven’t seen them since. Don’t like the bulky aluminum versions. Plastic made sense for a plastic grip. I will be interested to try on on the G19/23. Don’t knock it til you try it. And No, your gun fighter cred won’t diminish. Just another gadget that might help some retain their grip or find the hole easier. Some have that issue. Semper Fi, devil dog.

  • PaulWVa

    I would love to have something like this for my Sig 320 (original style frame). Please. I don’t do Glock.