LEAKED: More Leaked Magpul Products To Be Introduced At NRA 2017

I just posted about the new Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell and another tipster sent me more products that Magpul will be announcing at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

We already knew that they were releasing a windowed DAKA pouch since they announced it earlier today on their Facebook page but we had no idea the rest of the new products were coming. As I said in the previous post, the GL Enhanced Mag Well is great news for anyone who wanted to see what impact a mag well has when performing reloads at an attainable price point.

In addition to the DAKA pouch and the Glock mag well, Magpul is rolling out a version of their Hunter stock (which I just reviewed and found to be wonderful) for short action Ruger American Rifles. The stock features detachable bottom metal that accepts the Magpul AC magazines and has an MSRP of $299.

The last product is an enhanced magazine release for AR-15s. Priced at only $19.95 MSRP, I imagine that we will see a ton of them out in the wild shortly after they are announced.

Patrick R

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  • Henry C.

    I dig the glock magwell. Magpul needs to offer a Tikka T3X stock. Good to see the American picking up popularity too.

    • Read my mind on the Tikka stock.

      I wish there were more chassis for that platform, especially ones with polymer body elements vs. aluminum (because I don’t like it when my face freezes to my rifle!).

      • iksnilol

        This is gonna sound tacticool/wannabe apocalyptic but: wrap your rifle. I’m being serious, just grab some bandages or a scarf and wrap the part of the stock your face is touching.

        That’s one of the reasons I wear a scarf during the winter. Just so that I can wrap it around a cold cheek rest.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Yeah, I definitely wear a scarf because of my rifle stock. Not the fact that it is super soft on my face and keeps the chill from drying out my skin, or that it compliments my boots so well, and I just love this pattern…

          What are we talking about again?

          • iksnilol

            Otherwise I just forget I’ve got a scarf (I like turtlenecks or high collars on jackets to protect my neck).

      • Keiichi

        Depending on your use case, the MDT HS3 might fit the bill. With it, you can choose which stock and grip you use for the cold, and get a very strong and stable platform to drop the action into.

        • Frank

          MDT make a lot of OEM stuff, they make the precision stock for Savage and I believe Tikka too.

      • Sean

        You could always try living somewhere with a civilized climate 😉

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I’d have to figure that since the Ruger and Tikka are so close in almost everything, there are more Tikkas than Ruger Americans, and Magpul isn’t showing a Tikka version first – there is your answer.

      Sad to say I don’t think it’s coming.

      • Guest

        If Magpul knows what’s good for them, they’ll release the Tikka stock next.

    • Scott Connors

      Would like to see them offer a stock for the Mauser 98 as well. There are hundreds of thousands of these out there and it deserves something better than an Archangel stock.

  • USMC03Vet

    That pouch is so for displaying ones NFA paperwork tactically in a tactical environment where dynamic kinetic operators are operating.

    • JSmath

      You could have fit “high speed, low drag” in there easy.

      • roguetechie

        Hey man, there really is something to be said for being high drag low speed…

        The Nazis found this out to their detriment on the runways of some of their middle East aerodromes!!

        Notice that I said on the RUNWAYS!

        I said that because a bunch of maintenance and supply sergeants as well as a few old war horse veteran pilots from ww1 scrounged together enough machine guns, fuel, and et cetera to get several biplanes that could be charitably called vintage into the air and over Nazi fighter bases which were securing this segment of the air bridge supplying Nazi Forces in north Africa.

        These slow ass aircraft with NCO mechanics and techs etc would play chicken with the Nazis letting some of their aircraft get spotted on purpose. The Nazis would hop in their much better aircraft and start down the runway to take off and kill the idiots in biplanes buzzing their air bases…

        At which point they’d be promptly bounced and get shot out of them still on the runway.

        • Requiescat in pace

          please share links to this actions or more details of it

      • Ebby123

        He doesn’t even know how to operate operational operator jokes… definitely not high speed. 😛

    • Russ Kell

      I knew folding up my copies of my NFA paperwork in an old envelope was going to get me laughed at. damn you. 😉

    • CavScout

      If they are flexible and waterproof, then I’m not laughing. Sucks trying to do DIY laminating jobs on maps. Which get wet on the corners you cut to make it foldable. Just sayin.

  • Jared Vynn

    At the cost for that stock I would rather get an MDT lss chassis for an extra $100 (plus cost for stock and pistol grip), especially if the Magpul stock is going to be as heavy as the 700 stock (3lbs). You can achieve a lighter rifle with the MDT. A taccom ulw buttstock weighs 5oz and a most pistol grips are around 3 oz combined with the 6.8 lbs of the barreled action and chassis you would have a roughly 7.25 lb rifle saving 12 oz for a little over $200 (stock, grip, and chassis) compared to the Magpul.

    • Nicks87

      I want cheap magpul mags.and I like magpul rifle stock ergonomics.

      • Jared Vynn

        You could use the same mags either way as they are both AICS. I like the ergonomics but not how heavy the stock is.

  • Thomas S

    Still wanting a stock for the Savage 10 action (110 too for that matter).

    Like the Glock magwell. Don’t know if i’ll use it, but still think it a good product.

    I don’t personally feel a need for either of the others.

    • Jared Vynn

      If you don’t mind “tactical” there is the MDT lss chassis for $400 plus cost for a stock and pistol grip (ar15 style).

      • Thomas S

        The problem with the MDT chassis for me is that it when compared to a stock of this type it brings the bipod further back, making long range shots more difficult. It also doesn’t provide much real estate for shooting with the rifle resting on anything.

        Having more forend does help in a lot of situations if one is out and about with the rifle, not just sitting static at a bench or even proned out.

        This is why I didn’t buy a BA10 Stealth after handling one. I am considering the new GRS stocked rifle in 6.5 but I would like to do something with my older .308 too.

        • Jared Vynn

          Makes sense, I want a RAR ranch .450 Bushmaster in an MDT chassis for a “scout rifle”.

          Theoretically I could get it at about 6.8 lbs in the chassis with a taccom ulw buttstock and Leupold fx-ii 2.5x20mm ultra light scope. An expensive project for a much later date.

        • iksnilol

          Obrez the 308 maybe?

    • AndyHasky

      I don’t think it’s gonna happen…

    • Sledgecrowbar

      Savage is the only company that uses a barrel nut as far as I know, and that’s huge to me. The fact that companies offer Rem-Age conversions for the 700 because it’s the most popular bolt action receiver tells me that a lot of people want this feature. If Magpul made a stock and AICS mag bottom metal for the Savage receiver, you would see other companies start making more accessories for it.

  • bob li

    I love how there’s no mention of the UBR 2.0

    DMR esque in their bait and switch! What a joke.

  • Geoffrey Mitchell

    I’d like to see a Hunter stock for Ruger M77 pattern rifles. I think this stock would be perfect for my Gunsite Scout project.

    • Keiichi

      I was thinking something similar, but it really depends how heavy the stock is… if it doesn’t shave 8+ ounces it’s probably not worth the swap. Unless you see some significant ergonomic benefit over the stock stock.

      • Geoffrey Mitchell

        I do find the Magpul stocks more comfortable; it’s also easier to mount a light and sling where I want them on the Hunter stock than on the synthetic stock.

      • Jared Vynn

        The Remington 700 magpul stock is 3 lbs, assuming the Ruger magpul stock will be similar you would be adding almost 2 lbs over a factory stock.

    • AndyHasky

      Will a stock for a 77 fit the scout rifles?

      • Geoffrey Mitchell

        That’s a good question, I’m not sure…

      • FightFireJay

        Probably? But it’s not likely to happen anytime soon based on sales numbers for Ruger Americans vs Ruger 77/Scouts.

  • AndyHasky

    I hope this means a stock for the american rimfire is potentially possible?

  • Rangefinder

    Hasn’t California liberals banned tactical scarves over twelve inches in length?

  • R3

    …still no ak74 mag.
    C’mon magpul

  • tazman66gt

    Still no love for the lowly Savage. There are only a few 10’s and 110’s out in the wild.

  • ShooterMcGav1n

    UBR 2.0 coming to a retailer near you in Summer…. of 2022.

  • Treyh007

    Still no Savage Stocks…….. WTF. I’m digging the Ruger American option but I would think Savage would’ve been next.

  • retrocon

    Hmmm… i know they had to lay off some folks, but the least they could do is get their X-22 backpacker out the door before announcing a fancy way to present your paperwork.

    edit: just checked, is it shipping? yes?

  • whamprod

    It would be nice if Magpul would release a left-handed version of their Hunter stock for bolt guns. I sent them an email a few months ago asking if they had any intention of doing so, and was informed in an emailed reply that they have no such intention. 🙁

    Oh well…….

  • Dietrich

    Downer! I’ve been waiting for Magpul to put a 6.8 Remington AR mag into production.

  • Karl Vanhooten

    “Leaked” !? This NRA-Atlanta-oriented, low-brow and unsophisticated advertising news is just cheap click-bait. Wow, Magpul is showing off new products at the annual meeting? Really? Well, no duh! TFB is smarter this . . . I hope.

  • throwedoff

    Why do I need an enhanced magazine release? Just more grams or ounces added to an originally lightweight carbine and creating fixes for problems that weren’t a problem until someone had an idea for a new product.