Bore Cleaner Like a Boss: Real Avid Bore Boss

Cleaning the barrel of a rifle is perhaps the most tedious of operations, at least if trying to completely clean out the entirely of fouling carbon and copper. Fortunately, most shooters recognize that this level of cleaning is typically only needed by bench rest shooters (and annoying for me early in life – military armorers) which has led to a plethora of easy-clean solutions.

While the multi-part rods will get the job done, they are far from an ideal solution. Recognizing that, companies have introduced a plethora of self-contained pull-style bore cleaners which have been a boon to time savings and cleaning efficiencies. However, I have not been pleased with all of them. Most are flacid material requiring dexterous movement to position the bore and drop the weight through and then wrap the string around the hand and pull, cutting all blood flow to the wrapped appendage.

(I know, I am complaining about real first world problems).

Real Avid, known for their awesome multitools, has seen the light and offers the Bore Boss, a self-contained bore cleaner solution. Instead of flacid wire, Real Avid goes with metal wire and when combined with their nifty storage device, allows the shooter to grab and pull the wire.

These bore-bosses are available in most common bore diameters and clock in at only $9.99, well below other less ergonomic offerings.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Julio

    Interesting. And the video is better at making you want one than at showing you how it works! Now, that is genius!

    • Julio

      I just checked out their website. Only one model for 6mm & 6.5mm? Nothing for .20/.17!

  • Tom – UK

    Epic video, with ad’s like that you could convince me to buy one to clean out my digestive system, copper brush and all.

    • Russ Kell

      I thought it might work to unclog my nose. In one nostril out the other. Copper brush good.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    this will cause more barrel wear than shooting does.

    • mosinman

      bore snakes cause extra wear?

      • Henry Reed

        Martin failed to provide evidence, so he has the burden of proof. Bore snakes work fine.

        • Martin Grønsdal

          Sure they do (work fine)

        • mosinman

          yeah i was wondering where he got that

    • roguetechie

      You obviously do not have a firm understanding of the way copper is vastly softer than steel much less modern bbl linings like chrome and melonite

      • Martin Grønsdal

        You obviously do not have a firm understanding of the way people exaggerate statements to make a point, or joke.

        • roguetechie

          You didn’t use the sarcasm tags in your post and I just woke up…

          Please feel free to carry on carrying on… My apologies for ruining the joke!

          • Martin Grønsdal

            Haha. Well, I joked back right at you, so no problem, mate

          • roguetechie

            The scary thing is that more than a few people actually believe stuff like that.

            A good example being the people who think steel case ammunition will destroy your AR15 and is really a secret strategy to leave the American public unable to fight back when the invasion comes…

            Somehow mentally concocting a scenario where millions of gun owners stare hopelessly at their piles of broken AR15’s as Warsaw pact paratroops and AFV’s are floating gently to Earth under the canopies of blood red parachutes with a massive yellow hammer and sickle from horizon to horizon!!!

          • Martin Grønsdal

            didn’t that already happend, but we just don’t know about it?

          • Cymond

            Admittedly, it is a bit harder on barrels and extractors, but the low price more than covers the cost of replacement parts in the long run.

          • roguetechie

            Yup that’s what I have found too… I actually save a crap ton of money running my BUMPSAW on steel case.

            This summer I’m hoping to do an experiment with my BUMPSAW and steel case ammo actually.

            What I’m wanting to do is use my semi clone of a very retro adjustable gas block to try and squeeze more life out of burner barrels by reducing the issues caused by gas port erosion.

            That and I’m hoping I can finally come up with a working striker firing system that works in conjunction with a full length bcg and less than 4.5 inch buffer tube length.

            I love summer time for all the testing I get to do of my mad scientist bad, crazy, scary, and or heretical bastardizations of the AR AK & etc!

  • Very slick presentation and packaging of the product. I bet the gunsmiths will love all the new work of removing more bore snakes (wood dowels and other user failed attempts at removal) from bores.

  • AndyHasky

    I thought the video was a little overproduced with all the effects. Like a junior high school students powerpoint presentation after he learns about animations…

  • iksnilol

    Only 10 bucks for a wire?

    • DanGoodShot

      What a steel!!! (Don’t forget the cool little tackle box bro)

  • Patriot Gunner

    The era of dirty ropes is over? When did it begin?

  • QuadGMoto

    I have to say that the storage method, caliber labelling, ergonomics, and price is better than the bore snakes I’ve been using. But if that cable is steel, then it’s a product that should not be used. What is the metal they use for that wire?

  • USMC03Vet

    This is awesome. Real Avid prices are also as awesome.

  • roguetechie

    Snake storage device…


    Boxer shorts?

    Really high speed low drag boxer shorts?

    Now the real question is, have they made them with a true ambidextrous tuck solution! Or are we going to be locked into a left or right side only tuck situation?

  • Bierstadt54

    Nathan clearly is on a campaign against flacidity. I have never seen it mentioned so frequently in a gun (firearm) review. It must have been hard to write. But now we know that when it comes to your snake, firmness really is everything.

  • DanGoodShot

    I HATE cleaning my barrel. If this might make it a smidge less sh@tty I’ll through 10 bucks at it.

  • SlowJoeCrow

    The combined case and handle is clever, as is the 10/22 as demo gun since the only ways to clean a 10/22 breech to muzzle are to use a pull through, or drill a hole in the receiver. I’m still going to stick with my Otis cable system. While pricier, it is more versatile and less likely to leave dirt behind.

  • Edeco

    Reminds me of Conan O’Brien’s fake Ron Paul 2012 ad. No politico.