This Video is Trending on Mainstream Reddit: The Most Dangerous Pistol Ever Made

The mainstream internet is going crazy over our Nambu Type 94 video, published over a year ago on our TFBTV Youtube channel, presented by the much missed Alex C. Yesterday it hit the /r/videos subreddit.

The Type 94 was a horrendous gun. At first glance I assumed it was a late war gun made out of desperation rather than forthrought. In fact, it went through many iterations over a six year period before entering production in 1935. The design is attribute to General Kijirō Nambu, a prolific weapons designer.

In the video above, Alex demonstrates how the gun can be fired without touching the trigger.

Steve Johnson

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  • tsubaka

    well the police taurus pistol made in peace time needs only a gigling to go off

    • Autocorrect works wonders

      Jiggling!!! Not sure if a pistol that laughs is possible?

      • pun&gun

        I guess pistol laughter would be a squib load?


    Ah, good ol’ Alex C. Miss that guy.

  • tiger

    Strange. The Japanese Mastered making Making a great torpedo, Some Decent Airplanes, And great Ships. Yet in firearms….. They came up small.

    • Major Tom

      A number of their firearms were competitive for the era. The problem was the better more useful ones like the Type 100 submachine gun never had enough made to change the war.

      Some stuff was all but outright superior. For example Type 38 sniper rifles in 6.5 Arisaka were much more of a pain to fight than any Kar98k. They made almost no flash from the shot and the report was weaker too. Meaning a stealthier rifle. If you were in a jungle surrounded by valley or canyon you pretty much had to find Type 38 snipers the hard way.

      • Zack mars

        They could’ve had a billion type 100’s and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

        Japan’s performance in the war really wasn’t affected by their small arms

        • Major Tom

          Yes and no. Yes it wouldn’t have made much difference at sea or in the air but it would have made a fair difference on land. During the battle of Okinawa, Japanese paratroopers equipped with Type 100s raided a US held airfield and did relatively disproportionate damage than if they had done the same action with regular rifles. It was one of their more effective moments in the waning days of the war.

          Imagine how badly Guadalcanal would have gone had all the IJA troops or at least a major quantity of them been equipped with the Type 100 instead. Against US Marines armed primarily with Springfield bolt action rifles, the Marines might’ve been kicked right back into the sea. Such is the effectiveness of any man-portable automatic weapon in tight jungle environs.

          • Zebra Dun

            They may have had a major quantity of Type 100’s but the Marines had Manila John Basilone.
            Seriously though the end would have been the same, the Navy would have eventually swept the seas and the air and would have landed so many Marines and Army troops to simply walk over the island.

    • Great_Baldung

      The Arisakas weren’t bad.

    • Roguewriter

      Decent airplanes? The Shinden was amazing.

  • RSG

    No doubt that the filthy anti gun fascists will use this and say that inadvertent firing is indicative of most semi auto handguns.

  • Swarf

    What happened to Alex and his fancy money ?

    Can I submit a TFBFOIA request?

  • Joshua

    not a whole lot of “forthrought” went into this post

  • DanGoodShot

    I’m starting a “Please, Alex C. Come Back to TFB!” Petition now. Simply click the like button and that will act as your signature.

  • Zebra Dun

    I believe the Japanese arms makers were trying to cram too many concepts into their small arms. The vaunted Type 100 came with a bi-pod and a bayonet mount and a rate of fire selector.
    Both hardly suited to a submachine gun in 8 x 22 mm in a 107 gr bullet with less power than a .380 acp.
    Like placing anti-aircraft sights on their rifles.
    Forward thinking did allow for a rifle dust/mud cover though.