New Uronen Precision 16.5″ barrel with rifle gas system

Uronen Precision from Finland are known for their competition AR-15 rifles. The ones I’ve tried shoot really accurately.

In fact, their rifles are almost too accurate for what’s needed in practical competition. But if accuracy’s included in the price and overall package who’s to complain?

The photo above shows two barrels. The longer one is the Uronen Precision 18″ with medium profile and the shorter is their new 16.5″ barrel.

This is what Uronen Precision wrote and what got my attention:

According to feedback from our customer’s and the Uronen Precision shooting team members, we have designed a new model of the Uronen Precision .223/5.56 Match barrel.

The new barrel is 16.5″ long and has rifle gas system and is only available with polygonal rifling.

The first batch of barrels have medium a profile and weight of the barrel is 1 070 grams. This means, that the new 16.5″ barrel weighs 20 grams more than our 18″ barrel with light profile.

As a reference, 1 070 grams equals 2.36 pounds.

This new development means that the previous 16″ barrel project with an intermediate gas system is buried.

According to UP’s testing, the 16.5″ barrel with rifle gas system gives superior shooting abilities when compared to the intermediate 16″.

When I started buying and specifying competition AR-15s I was taught that you need an 18″ barrel to use a rifle length gas system. Apparently, that is not (no longer) true or never was.

I’m told the reason is because they are using polygonal rifling:

This barrel is designed for all regular factory ammunition. According to UP, they can even get an 14.5″ barrel to work, but then it requires hand loaded ammunition. And the system would really be on its limits, with a short barrel (gas hole) life as a result.
The basis of this barrel is from Lothar Walther and the price is 595 Euro.


Here’s an interesting read on the subject. (Gas System Length Facts and Fiction)


To show you what the UP rifles are capable of, below is a picture supplied by a happy customer, showing no less than FIVE 52 gr Nosler CC bullets in what I would call one hole.

The test was done by a customer in Estonia, fired from a sandbag support at 100 meters.

The ammunition is hand loaded, 25.0 grains of H335, IMI brass and primer, overall length 56.50 millimeters.

The barrel on this rifle is the 18″ version.

That has got to be one of the best 5 shot groupings I’ve ever seen from an AR15.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • GrumpyCat

    @Eric B
    Completely off-topic but…

    What magnifier mount is being issued/used on Piketen’s LWRCs?
    Do the NI and SOG also use magnifiers?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Eric B

      I don’t know.

  • Graham2

    That’s a pretty amazing group for sure, AR15 or not, but I would never say that a rifle was too accurate, no matter what is going to be used for!

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I wonder how they got the rifles gas system to work on a 16″. Did they just hog out the gas port extra wide? I mean if it works and the barrel is still accurate, then I guess it works.

    • Risky

      People have done it for awhile going back to the original cut down dissipators. Now with adjustable gas blocks it’s pretty simple to overgas the gun and adjust it down to where it’s just right.

    • JSmath

      It being a 16.5″ barrel is significant. When you’re talking dwell time on such gas port/barrel length combinations, that half inch is actually going to a matter a lot. Gas port distance on rifle length system is 12″ – so that’s 4.5″ over 4.0″ means an 11% increase in “dwell length”, which is I’m using because dwell time varies significantly with bullet weight differences. The difference between a 16″ and 18″ barrel, for comparison, would be a roughly 34% increase.

      Pairing with a lighter bolt carrier probably makes it particularly easy to get the system to cycle, but I’d still have an adjustable gas block just in case. A suppressor would probably help out too.

  • Edeco

    I’ve been wondering about a trans-rifle-length gas tube, longer than even the catalog XL ones on a 24 or 26″ barrel. Also wondering if XL+ lengths will be good for the 22 Nosler.

    Just a dream in my case, my homebrew AR project was headed in a different direction (retro, minimalist) and even that is 100% mothballed.

    I’m basically a horse’s butt who sees conventions like X-length gas for Y-length barrel and thinks “Pfft, hang on, I didn’t sign off on this.”

  • George Smythson

    Ok… so, how does one buy one of their barrels?

    • neckbone

      Have you ever shot a Lothar barrel? It sounds like these guys just use Lothar blanks. You can get them in the USA easy enough. They are always highly regarded I would say.

      • George Smythson

        no, have heard of them, but the details in finishing the blanks that matter–sounds like these folks have it worked out… but, it seems my question still remains…

  • R.M.R

    Speaking as a Finn, i got to be honest the UP rifles are really a matter of conversation here. There are people who think they are awesome (awesomely accurate is true enough), though many others, myself included, think they are disastrously unreliable with anything except the most high quality ammo. My own experience with these rifles is that they are universally unserviceable.

    If you shoot IPSC, fire away, but if you are looking for a service grade rifle these things can do little else for you except blow up with wrong ammo or just jam up nice and tight.

  • Bradley

    There have been several 16″ barrels with rifle gas on the market. Apparently they work, but I’ve never seen any proof of an advantage. If there is a perfect location for a given length then technically each barrel length should have a different gas tube. Rifle on a 16 does look like it would be a little extreme as far as dwell time.

  • Anonymoose

    >can’t shoot anything but handloads
    >lower barrel life
    >595 euros
    No thanks.

  • Hellbilly

    Dpms Tac2 is a carbine with 16″ barrel and rifle length gas system. Works well even without polygonal rifling.