Fire Spax: The New Axe Developed by Ontario Knife Co

Fire Spax

Ok, it’s not a gun. But on the “up side” it could cleave a zombie’s skull in half should you ever find yourself in such a position.

The new Fire Spax is a an axe with built in fire fighting tools to please the inner hose dragger in all of us. While this is has obvious benefit to the actual, working smoke eater, it does have some usefulness for the rest of us mere mortals (especially those in the “first responder who is not a fire fighter” category.)

Made by the Ontario Knife Co, the Fire Spax uses a 1075 high carbon steel blade with a hardness of 48-52 HRC. The blade is powder coated to help protect against corrosion. Overall, the Fire Spax is a little more than 22″ in length and has a hardwood handle that has been water and heat stabilized. The Spax also has a built in Halligan tool and hydrant wrench.

The average Joe might be better served by a standard camp axe for many activities. However, for those that live in more rural settings where rescue response times are extended, such a tool might be useful to keep in the truck. A lot of folks in these communities either serve, or have served, as a volunteer firefighter and have the training to make use of this tool. Being able to make entry into a home to rescue a neighbor or tap into a hydrant during a disaster could save lives.

The suggested retail price of the Fire Spax is $275. However, the Ontario Knife Co does offer a discount on these to employed first responders through the company’s Fire, Law Enforcement, EMTs and Training (FLEET) Program. The company also offers other Spax products.

*Special Note: The use of the term “first responder” refers to those folks employed by (or who volunteer)  an organized response unit recognized by local government to provide emergency services. This includes fire rescue, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel. Yes, I recognize a lot of people in social media suggest that the concealed carry holder who has been attacked by a mugger is the true “first responder.” But, I don’t think that will get you a discount from Ontario Knife Co.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • FD

    Pulaski $85, hydrant tool $20. Showing up to an incident with this POS and getting laughed at because you’re cherry AF, priceless.

  • Phillip Cooper

    The “firearm” blog….


    • noob

      the fireman blog. cleavage, not politics

      • Phillip Cooper

        I can get behind that…

        We need much more cleavage here.

    • mechamaster

      I read the article that short variant of SPAX is utilized by Sniper as multipurpose tool.
      So why not ?

      • Phillip Cooper

        Shh. Don’t interfere with my boredom… ;P

  • Blackhawk

    Wonder if Ontario Knife Company recognizes members of Community
    Emergency Response Teams – or those with CERT training. THOSE are the folks who might benefit from having such a tool.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Can’t they build something without hole in the blade?

    • vwVwwVwv
    • mechamaster

      That hole has the function to open/close something like the gas-valve or hydrant.
      But I prefer the butt / pommel part to be shaped like a crowbar rather than U-shaped fork. ( it should have the function but I don’t know what it is )

      • vwVwwVwv

        yes, it’s not good as a crowbar, not as a fork and the
        as an axe it loses strength and can break.
        they can build the instruments into
        the sheet and give one a strong
        and decent firemans axe.

  • Matthew Groom

    What I want to know is why nobody considers licensed security guards as first responders? We stopped a suicide attempt at my workplace last week when a young woman cut her wrists with a surgical scalpel. What does that make us? First bystanders? Tell my coworker who kicked the scalpel out of her hand and got blood all over his trousers.