Alex Pro Firearms (APF) Test Fires their 1st Prototype Silencer


Alex Pro Firearms (APF) is a small AR-15 manufacturer from Alexandria, MN. Recently in 2013, they decided to dive into the firearms market. APF may not be a household brand name when it comes to black guns, but they have a strong hometown backing throughout MN and much of the Midwest.

Primarily focusing on sporting rifles and all their related components, it came as a surprise to many when they dropped a “teaser” video of a prototype silencer they are developing. What is surprising is not the fact that they are making a silencer (they are surely more than capable), but rather, the timing. When we have recently heard many industry giants laying off employees due to a weak silencer market APF is looking once again to dive in.

In the video below from APF‘s Facebook page you can see them test-firing their prototype silencer.

They do not have a specifications sheet or pricing at this time, but this is what can be discerned from the video.

  • Caliber: .22
  • Serial Number: TEST1 (Thus, prototype)
  • Weight: 19 Ounces
  • Peak noise measured: 135.4 dB

I understand it is not much to go off of. The decibel rating alone lets us know APF is on the right path with their “TEST1” prototype silencer.

Hopefully soon they will give it a name… throw a price tag on it… and give us a tacti-cool poster to drool over.

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  • thedonn007

    19 oz?

  • RSG

    For those interested in Musky fishing, put Alexandria MN on your must do bucket list. I’ve spent lots of time up there and didn’t know these guys were making AR’s.

  • Dan

    I have one of their AR-10s and thing has been flawless for the last 2000 rounds. I wish these guys luck with their new endeavors.