The Philippine X9 MAC-11 Clone

Check out this beauty that a Redditor recently posted on r/guns. It’s a pretty rough looking clone of a MAC-11 (M11) submachine gun called the X9 that’s chambered in 9mm. At first I thought it was just another Philippine made backyard special, but apparently they were actually manufactured and were available in the US at one time according to this out of stock listing and old Armslist ad. Anyone own one or know anything else about these guns? From what I can gather these things suck.

According to the poster on Reddit:

I just wanted to show you one of the gun made here in the philippines. Its the X9 and it has a pistol variant and a machine pistol one. It pretty unreliable because it picky when it comes to ammunition and the firing rate of the machine pistol is very fast and uncontrollable but its nothing a heavier bolt wouldn’t fix.

There’s actually a few videos on YouTube of the X9 (check them out below) and they confirm what the poster stated, it’s not that reliable. In the first video the user has an X9 that looks pretty cool with a retractable stock and a foregrip but they had issues with the retractable stock collapsing while shooting, wait till the end and watch it in full-auto. Scary.

Here’s another video of the X9 in action, that shooter also had issues with the gun.

There are some pretty decent guns made in the Philippines, IMO Rock Island 1911s are a solid choice. The X9 is not. While we’re on the subject of guns in the Philippines check out the coolest firearm to come out of the Pilipinas, a suppressed M3 Grease Gun.

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  • Get Gudder
  • Evil13RT

    I always felt that the mac still had applicable roles and I do like the modernized looks of this.
    …But it operates like terrifyingly unreliable garbage. I wonder how a manufacturer could stray so far when the original’s blueprints are out there on the internet.

    • Rico Balagbag

      Our countrymen are not keen to using the internet as sources for blueprints, it’s a third world country where people are uneducated.

      • Graham2

        Really? There are smart phone available everywhere and even poor people have access to them, so anything is available to anyone these days, educated or uneducated!

        • Evil13RT

          To be fair, advanced education is a premium commodity that many countries don’t dish out willingly.
          I’d imagine that the difference between being able to download plans and being able to effectively translate them into a properly machined product may be the difference between a good mac and a bad one.
          Still… going to mass production with a bad design leaves all sorts of questions. Someone had to notice the thing just didn’t work.

          • John

            >To be fair, advanced education is a premium commodity that many countries don’t dish out willingly.

            And that’s why the United States is as big on education as it is. Among other uses, knowledge is a weapon.

        • Rico Balagbag

          Do they look like they know how to access firearm blueprints? lmao

  • Ben Loong

    Shooter’s Arms Manufacturing makes these. Before they restricted select fire a couple years ago, you could get them in proper full auto for the same price as a budget 1911 ($220).

    Now they’re just unnecessarily big semi-auto pistols.

  • Some Rabbit

    The original MAC-11 was .380 ACP, the MAC-10 was 9mm and .45 ACP. SWD later produced the M-11 with a slightly extended frame in 9mm (and a closed bolt version semi-auto, sans stock). Having fired all 3 versions they had a ridiculous rate of fire. If you tried really hard you could get 3 bursts out of 30 rd. mag. 2 rounds hit the target and rest when into the sky. A grave threat to birds and low flying aircraft.

    • Ben Loong

      One thing I found interesting about the MAC-10 was that it was designed to use M3 magazines.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Still waiting on the WHAC-10.

  • Rico Balagbag

    Still glad you can own full auto pistol caliber firearms here in the Philippines, but I wouldn’t buy that piece of crap.

    • Ben Loong

      Except you can’t. Not anymore.

      R.A. 10591 specifically restricts civilian ownership of full auto firearms. Only legally registered select fire guns bought prior to the new law passing were grandfathered in. That’s why the X9 models offered by S.A.M. after 2013 are semi-auto only.

      • HKmaster

        Is the system similar to the USA where grandfathered machine guns can be transferred from person to person, while prohibiting the sale of newly made machine guns?

        • Ben Loong

          Nah, the new law prohibits both transfer and sale of select fire firearms to and between civilians. So only existing owners get to keep their guns.

          To elaborate a bit more: Republic Act No. 10591 classifies firearms into “small arms” and “light weapons” categories. The former covers all the (non-select fire) firearms that can be legally owned by private individuals (handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc.). The latter covers all select fire guns (class A) and crew served weapons (class B) that can only be obtained by military and law enforcement.

          • HKmaster

            So would it be possible to convert a full auto “machine gun” to semi auto to be able to be transferred to civilians? If yes, what kind of processes does the government require to remove the full auto capability?

          • Ben Loong

            Yes. According to the implementing rules once you get the necessary paperwork approved you can have it done by a “licensed gunsmith or authorized manufacturer supervised by authorized representative”. The parts that were taken out are then turned over to the police for final disposition.

            One specific example I know of is UDMC, one of the local AR-15 manufacturers over here, which offers to convert select-fire lower receivers to semi-auto only.

          • Rico Balagbag

            You mean the ads that I saw selling Norinco MP5s and Old M16s are illegal?

            Plus there are a number of individuals selling such weapons without any proper papers (a direct payment method).