Browning Adds New Black Label 1911-380 Pistols

Browning Black Label 1911-380

Browning announced the availability of five new 1911-380 pistols to its line. Two of the pistols fall into the company’s limited availability category, while the balance are part of its current production category.

Limited Availability

Two new 1911-380 pistols fall into this category: the 1911-380 Black Label Medallion Stainless Compact and the 1911-380 Black Label Medallion Stainless Full Size. Or, as I like to call them, the 1911-380 BLMSC and the 1911-380 BLMSFS respectively.

Both guns use the same 85% scale that the rest of the 1911-380 line uses. As such, the compact pistol has a 3.625″ barrel with an overall length of 6.875″ and unloaded weight of only 16 ounces. A magazine holds 8 rounds of .380 ACP ammo.

The full size gun (that is still only 85% of the size of a full 1911) has a 4.25″ barrel, 7.5″ overall length and 18 ounce unloaded weight. It uses 8 round magazines as well.

Both guns have a stainless steel slide, composite frame with 7075 rails, a target crowned barrel and rosewood grips. The thumb safety is ambidextrous. With steel three dot sights, both models have a retail price of $799.99. Night sights are optional on both guns and bump the price up to $879.99.

Current Production

Browning Black Label 1911-380

As previously mentioned, Browning is offering three new 1911-380 pistols in its “Current Production” section: the Black Label 1911-380 Compact, Black Label Pro and Black Label Pro with Rail.

The Compact shares the same size as the Medallion Stainless Compact above. However, it has a matte black finish slide, plain grips and standard sights only. The asking price is $669.99.

The other two guns are compact-sized 1911-380 pistols that have a matte finish, target crown barrel and grooved G-10 laminate grip panels. Steel three dot sights and night sights are both options that have a MSRP of $829.99 and $909.99 respectively.

These guns were announced last fall and are now available through your local dealers.

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  • Rimfire

    I really want to love this gun, in any configuration, but boy, that is a price!!! C’mon Browning, let’s bring the pricing and marketing back to the real world please.

    • USMC03Vet

      $800 for a 380 is steep.

    • Paul White

      The most basic model is like 590 locally. Not 800 bucks but still pretty pricey. Kind of torn on it vs a SP101 vs another 45 ACP 1911 for my next handgun

      • Shankbone

        I have a stupid amount of fun money to toss at guns right now and I really want to buy one of these unique pistols, but I really do want a standard gold Browning trigger.

    • Edeco

      Polymer frame too, can’t see paying luxury item price for it.

    • kipy

      The Rock Island Baby Rock has a MSRP of $460. I’ve considered picking one up for a plinking gun. Not as flashy, but pretty much the same idea.

  • TechnoTriticale

    By any chance did these frames end up with the same grip geometry as the Springfield EMP(3)? (hole placement and L/R grip thickness in particular)

    If so, that might allow these to use the Crimson Trace Lasergrip for the EMP3 (LG-912{G}, often out of stock).

    I’ll bet that didn’t happen, but at least there’s a rail option. Now Browning just needs to offer it in 9mm … if the frame can handle that.

    • QuadGMoto

      No they don’t. The 1911-380 is smaller in every way than the EMP. When my wife’s 1911-380 is put next to my EMP 4, it looks like mine shrank in the dryer.

      • TechnoTriticale

        Thanks. I figured the ’11-380 was smaller than the EMP4, but the EMP(3) is also smaller than the EMP4, and the “EMP” LGs only fit the EMP(3).

  • The Mystic Seer

    I like the Hormel Black Label Ham and Black Label beer but not the Black Label Browning.

  • ReadyOrNot

    Have one of the full size models.. picky with mags sometimes, trigger break in was painful, and the lack of holster options turned me off. Sig P238 is a better option in this category..

    • Marcus D.

      It is a mini-1911 and it has a crappy trigger? Tell me it ain’t so! That pretty much ruins the whole gun.

      • ReadyOrNot


  • Nashvone

    Being a 1911 nut, I really wanted to like this. I truly did. But I just can’t.

  • Ben Loong

    This reminds me, I don’t recall anyone ever doing comparison/review of the most recent couple of .380 mini-1911 pistols (RIA Baby Rock, Metro Arms Llama Micromax).

    • kipy

      I’m in the camp that wants to see that article/video.

  • valorius

    I giggle whenever i see the word/numbers “new” and “1911” used together.

  • valorius

    I’ll stick with my Ruger LCP.

  • jerry young

    I’d like to have one of these to add to my collection but really $669-$909 that’s a little on the high side for a ,380, add to that they still went with a single stack that only holds 8 rounds I have a subcompact that holds 7 rounds I got for just over $200, I could see them in the $400 range but that would be the top for a .380 even if it is a Browning nothing like paying for a name.