North Korean “OICW” Combined Assault Rifle and Automatic Grenade Launcher Revealed During Day of the Sun Parade

North Korea recently celebrated its national holiday, the Day of the Sun, commemorating the birth of the founder of the communist hermit-nation, Kim Il-Sung. In true communist fashion, the holiday was marked by a large military parade where all the latest North Korean hardware was on display, including several new ballistic missiles, the latest North Korean tanks and artillery pieces, and of course small arms as well. Notably, the North Korean People’s Army brought a new combined assault rifle/grenade launcher to the parade, in the style of the cancelled US Objective Individual Combat Weapon.

Image source: Akula_941


You can see the new North Korean OICW at about the 41 minute mark in the parade video below:

The new combination weapon appears to be based on the North Korean Type 88 assault rifle, which is a modification of the Russian AK-74 pattern of assault rifle. It is mated to a bolt-action grenade launcher, similar to the South Korean K-11, and a large and presumably sophisticated sight.

This makes North Korea the third Asian nation to introduce an OICW-type weapon, after South Korea, and China with its ZH-05/QTS-11.

Image source: Historical Firearms via Facebook


A clearer view of the new weapon. This shows that the rifle is clearly based on the Type 88, with a bolt-action grenade launcher portion and a sophisticated site. The rifles also appear to be equipped with the new North Korean quad stack magazine. Image source: Akula_941


H/TĀ Akula_941 and Historical Firearms

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