New B&T GHM9 Redesign Mockup Leaked By French Website?

I know what you are thinking – when did this become the B&T Firearm Blog? It seems like every week we have some snippet of news from the Swiss manufacturer. Can I help it if I am a little infatuated with B&T polymer and steel? This week, we bring you a possible second generation of the GHM9 – a pistol caliber “pistol” with a few refined features.

The new GHM9 now sports a side mounted charging handle and a full length top rail. Although I think I might prefer the first version, the changes will be a welcome relief for those looking for better optics placement.

Of course, due to import restrictions, the GHM9 will enter the US as a pistol with the option to add a side folding stock after completion of the ATF’s Form 1 “making process”.

The price listed here shows €1790, however conversations with company officials have indicated that the GHM9 is intended to be the entry level B&T model with a US price estimated around $1200 USD.

New GHM9 Specifications (with humorous French translation):

  • Semi automatic rifle
  • Caliber: 9×19
  • 175mm (approx. 7 “) hammered hammer with 3 locking lugs for sound moderator (MP5-APC9 standard) (three lug barrel)
  • Canon with QPQ treatment (double nitriding for exceptional corrosion and wear resistance) (barrel coating)
  • Anodized aeronautical alloy machined cylinder head box.
  • Hand guard picatinny floating integrated into the cylinder head box. (Top rail)
  • Relaxation system of the AR15 which opens the door to the realization of custom with very light departures. (Rails to put stuff on)
  • Hydraulic cylinder head damper from aeronautics: it allows to reduce the bearing dramatically. (Recoil dampening piston)
  • Eyecup and folding handlebar. (Flip up sights)
  • Polycarbonate chargers (compatible with TP9 / MP9) (Magazines)
  • Weight 2,270 kg
  • Length folded back: 430mm
  • Unfolded stock length: 660mm
  • Made in Switzerland.

As a reminder, here’s a picture we took of the first generation GHM9 at the 2017 SHOT Show (bottom left):


I know the side charger is more practical and useable, but I do love the look of the original top charger.

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  • Major Tom

    Ya know, I can never remember what B&T stands for even when the article says exactly! Why is “Brugger & Thomet” so forgettable a name?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Luger and Thomas

    • Alexandru Ianu

      Doesn’t seem forgettable to me. Anyway it’s officially just the initials now: B&T, as Thomet left.

      • GrumpyCat

        Why did Thomet leave?

        • El Dude

          His participation in defrauding the United States government.

    • Paul Rain

      I think it’s just you.

      It sounds like something discovered by the Ahnenerbe.

  • RSG

    If the street price comes in at under $1000, I’d consider picking this up and adding a shockwave. Would make a wonderful car gun. B&T make some high quality stuff by all accounts. Side charger is much more practical.

    • DIR911911 .

      swiss perfection for under hahahaha can’t even finish hahaha make it stop haha

      • RSG

        Considering the article says it’s entry level and the expected US price is $1200, it’s safe to assume that’s the MSRP. Street price will certainly be less. $999 isn’t impossible, although unlikely, I’ll admit.

        • B&T Rules

          Msrp is pretty much what they sell for.

    • Wow!

      This gun would not be worth over $600 IMO. Quality is very much subjective. B&T makes nice looking firearms but you have to realize it is the same as a dressed up Colt 9mm AR. If you are buying as a collector though, I can understand paying the price tag.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I really like the B&T stuff but most of what I have seen has a relatively high price or very limited importation numbers that never seems to coincide with available funds. I’m sure a lot of others are in the same boat and if this is $1200 with decent availability then I imagine it’ll do quite well. Priced lower than an HK clone but not a crazy amount over a CZ in carbine format.

    • Pete – TFB Writer


    • PersonCommenting

      B&T thinks a lot of themselves but if they sell then it is earned…. Wish a US company would make stuff like this.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I completely agree. And considering the numbers that come into this country I’m shocked that are able to make any money unless they have a lot of LE/military sales outside of the US market.

      • Wow!

        US companies do make a lot of stuff like this, the problem is that most people can’t buy them since they are SBRs so they are often limited or custom runs. So far B&T hasn’t produced anything worth their price tag as everything they made is a copy of existing designs but I assume they are getting started for bigger production once they find a market.

        • PersonCommenting

          I dont see them though. I see the few models that are civilian legal that B&T makes but not the US manufactures. If someone is going go through all the trouble and expense of a B&T then why not more US companies? They would be cheaper cause they wouldnt deal with import costs built into price. If they do exist I dont see them and they do crappy marketing.

          • Wow!

            Off the top of my head, the obvious model is the Colt AR 9mm “SMG” variants, followed by Kriss Vector, MAC Series, Tec 9 (lots of knock offs floating around for different magazines). These are just the totally American made ones, then we have a bunch of American parts builds such as MP5/UMP, AK 9, Uzi, VZ61, PPSH, Suomi etc. which can be assembled by a mfg or made at home. And even then these are the variants that are always in stock. Many small shops of true gunsmiths will make any firearm you want and sell it to you given you. A popular example among the niche of gunsmiths is Bill Holmes “MP-38/37” which was a fairly shortlived model of his due to it being open bolt designed before the laws were changed, but closed bolt subcalibers are very common and the mechanism well known to where any competent gunsmith should be able to make one up for you in a day or two of work, certainly if you are willing to pay him $1700 for his trouble.

            One of the reasons you don’t see as many military/police inspired models made in America is liability due to those illegal gun laws. A foreign company may make a mistake in exporting goods here and lose a shipment, but a citizen may make a mistake in paperwork and lose his licences and get a jail sentence. Plus the only people who will buy firearms at inflated prices are either government (who usually get a kickback in some way) or collectors, and these buyers generally only have interest in large time manufactures, the former because large mfg can satisfy their needs, and the latter because well known companies means more people will know about and appreciate your collected item even if the design is not inherently novel or historical.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Was hoping it had a PDW stock instead of side folding,

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That would rule.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I want one for my XM177E1 clone but am wary of the proprietary bolt.

        • Jared Vynn

          Have you looked at the maximum cqb stock? It only uses a different spring buffer, the JP captured spring buffer.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Damn, that looks tight. Pricey tho but still.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Looks like they used Pimp My Gun. They should have given it an 8 foot magazine and a bipod antenna while they were at it.

    • Wow!

      when I was first into firearms I did make a pair of magazine “stilts” for two colt ar 9mm for the keks. If I recall correctly it had about 170 round capacity each and would often missfed the last 20 rounds. I sold them to a collector (not really a gun collector) who really liked the novelty for about $700 which was a lot more money back then, but still quite a bit today.

  • TheUnspoken

    Too many similar options to decide…P26 or GHM9? Square or round, round or square. I would love to be able to see/hold/shoot to compare.

    • evi1joe

      I believe this is replacing the P26 as their affordable gun. My problem is that (a) there isn’t much support (think of trying to get parts for a P26 in 5-10 years), and (b) for less money I can mod the hell out of a CZ scorpion and have a very similar gun.

      • Wow!

        For the same money you can buy an AR-9 fully outfitted with attachments, mags, and ammo. There is little difference between subcalibers.


    The PDW market has grown up so much since the early 90s to now that the multitude of options really leave this *looking* squat and oversized for a 9mm.

    I sound trite saying it, but it looks big for a 9mm smg.

  • Elvis

    I’m excited about re-visiting the ’60s.

  • Big Daddy

    As a semi auto pistol this is somehow better than my QC10 9mm & 45ACP AR15s?

    Oh it has a folding stock…….

  • USMC03Vet


    I’ll stick with Swiss Miss.

    • Wow!

      Swiss miss was diluted swill until they changed the formulation or something the past couple years to make it more chocolaty.

      • USMC03Vet

        Them fightin’ words.

        • Wow!

          Nestle 🙂

  • Raptor Fred

    How much do magazines for this thing cost? I have a feeling its gonna be. HEY LOOK a $1000 B&T!! Awesome!! How much are mags? $90 WAAATT??? FML!!!

    • GrumpyCat

      They look like TP9 mags. Those are affordable…especially compared to APC45 mags!

    • Wow!

      Not to mention that it is a dressed up AR 9 (blowback subcaliber). I think $600 is a reasonable price but I think B&T is sticking with the high price for now because they want to test the market and see if they can sell on brand like H&K or Sig before committing.

  • Peter Nissen

    I’m hanging out for the first tests of B&T’s USW A1 pistol

  • Adam D.

    For the love of God guys, take that Google Translate abomination down!
    There must be at least one French speaking reader who can translate it properly.
    Usually I don’t get caught up on such a thing, but this is horrible.
    If the translation aid text doesn’t make any sense, only include the original.
    Thank you. 🙂

    The gun itself is really nice, I’d like to try one.

    Edit: according to B&T, the muzzle will be a tri lug&threaded combo,
    the charging handle is swappable.
    Here’s a picture of a proto:

    • tsubaka

      quick translation

      semi auto carbine
      caliber 9×19
      175mm barrel (aprox. 7″) cold hammer forged barrel with 3 lugs for sound suppresor
      (MP5-APC9 standard)
      receiver made of Anodized aeronautical alloy
      AR15-like trigger and sear which allow customization with very light trigger pull
      hydraulic (?) bolt buffer comming from the aeronautic industry
      rear and front flip up sights

      my tanslation may be more f*cked up than google

  • CavScout

    So is this a copy of some other cheap gun? Like that old Italian SMG, or what? Still waiting for them to make a sten, or M3 grease gun, etc. Lol