How To Build An AR-15 Lower Receiver

Wondering how to build an AR-15 Lower? In this episode of TFB TV, Patrick was doing some spring cleaning and came across enough spare parts to build a complete AR-15 lower receiver. Patrick walks you through how he builds his own AR-15 lowers.

Next week we will build an AR-15 upper receiver for future use as a channel test bed. All of the parts used in this build are take offs from past upgrades and other extra bits.

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  • Swarf

    I like the tape trick.

  • 22winmag

    How to “build” an AR-15 Lower… give Palmetto State Armory around $139 and never have any regrets. Maybe around $219 for their complete AR308 lowers too.

  • BravoSeven

    Shouldn’t it read “how to assemble an AR-15 lower”? Just asking.

    • 22winmag

      I am the usage and grammar police around here, but you can fill in once in a while if you want.

      • BravoSeven

        You should see the new F150 I built. I tinted the windows and called Sirius XM to activate the satellite radio. One of my best builds to date.

      • BravoSeven

        Joking aside, I do like the last couple of videos posted. Some of us might find them simple and not very useful but I’m sure there are plenty of new shooters that will gain useful firearms knowledge from them. I look forward to new, more in depth videos as time progresses.

      • Swarf

        As a guy who actually builds things for a living (from raw stock, using saws, grinders and welders), I will admit to a certain amount of low grade jimmie rustling when people refer to their assembling of parts from packages as “building”, but not enough to mention it in a thread.

        I mean, usually.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      SEO man. Building is more commonly searched than assembling.

    • The_Champ

      Haha thank you! It’s probably just me being semantic, and no fault to Patrick because he is right, it is the most common term used.

      It just really bugs me when people tell me they “build” rifles. What this almost always means is they assemble AR rifles in particular, turning parts into a complete rifle.

      I’ve stripped down many of my milsurps as far as they go, and replaced and added various parts, but I’d never say I built a Lee Enfield or Carcano.

      • The_Champ

        Now that I think about this a little more, another common place the term build is used is to refer to assembling computer components to “build a PC”.

        By definition I don’t think build is wrong, but assemble would be more accurate.

    • LightenUpFrancis

      In fairness, when you build a house, do you cut all your lumber from the tree in its raw form? Create the insulation from scratch? How about the Ducting, making it from scratch in a forge?

      Granted, “Assembled” is a bit more apropos, “building” doesn’t really miss the mark either.

      • Gary Hoffmann

        Dictionary definition

        verb: build; 3rd person present: builds; past tense: built; past participle: built; gerund or present participle: building
        construct (something, typically something large) by putting parts or material together over a period of time.

    • I’m sure they are referring to the 80% lowers.

  • Samantha J

    “Spring cleaning” is what you do when you are chasing detent springs across the room.

    • Don Ward

      *slow clap*

    • These springs are the one’s I always keep many in reserve. As for the lowers; use a good milling machine. My Sherline caused me to pop through the bottom many times.

  • Major Tom

    You forgot the part that adds a third pinhole and an Auto/Burst sear and appropriate selector switch.

  • jerry young

    All the worry about a word, build or assemble, what’s the big deal? have you done this? are you about too? did it help you? there seems to be too much worry about the wrong thing the title and how it’s worded compared to the post and whether it was informative and on point or not, I taught myself how to assemble, build, manufacture, make and otherwise put together an AR-15 and I still read these type of articles to see if there is something that furthers my knowledge not to pick apart the spelling or grammar, some of you need to get a life!

    • BravoSeven

      I believe most of us were joking quite a bit.

      • Swarf

        Wow, it got a lot less fun in here all of a sudden.