During the “Day Of The Sun” celebration North Korean soldiers were shown wearing night vision goggles and “grenade launchers”

Jay Akbar of Mailonline a division of Daily Mail News wrongly identified the AK helical magazines as grenade launchers. We should not be surprised by the media getting things wrong.

I am more curious to know if those magazines actually have any ammo in them and what night vision goggles are they using? are they real night vision or are they just faking it ’til they make it?

The pistols on their chests are also a mystery. Hrachya H. thinks they might be CZ-75 clones. Sadly information on firearms used in North Korea is slim to none. We can at least discuss based on these photos.

Here are some other photos from the Daily Mail article.


  • Mrninjatoes

    We should have carpet bombed the whole thing. Knock out key staff, Generals and Kimmy himself.

    • mosinman

      and get Seoul wiped off the map in the process

      • Mrninjatoes

        Hit their artillery at the same time.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          As soon as the evac of Seoul began theyd start firing.

          • Mrninjatoes

            True. As soon as you start evacuating Seoul the game is up.

          • valorius

            How do you even evacuate a city of 30,000,000- about triple the population of New York City.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Seoul has the most modern shelter system on Earth outfitted with NBC protection for first responders. A lot of people will go underground. But yeah, most reports agree that about 80,000 will die in an all out barrage.

          • Major Tom

            The same way you’d evacuate Tokyo or the San Francisco Bay Area in the event of a major trans-Pacific tsunami. Get as many people out as fast as you can in the window you have. It likely won’t be orderly but you can get at least some folks out of harms way.

            Then again I’ve read and heard stuff that the Norks’ capabilities to attack Seoul cross-border with rockets and artillery is actually quite low. Few weapon systems they possess can even reach outskirts or farther and of those few, very few of them are stationed or positioned in an area where they can fire on Seoul. For example most of the Koksan 175mm guns are stationed in Pyongyang not the border. That’s one those few weapons that can reach far enough.

            Even worse, I’ve heard the training and readiness of those units with such systems is appallingly low and bad.

          • Klaus Von Schmitto

            You are absolutely correct. Rocket assisted projectiles for the Koksan extends its range from 40 KM to 60. That’s still not enough to hit center city Seoul. With the slower rate of fire (much slower) of the RAP’s they probably wouldn’t get that many rounds off before either counter battery fire (which we are the best by far in the world at) or air strikes would take them out. There would certainly be casualties in the Seoul suburbs but not as many as one might think. I’ve seen some estimates that the NK’s could get off a half a million rounds of artillery in the first hour but that seems wildly exaggerated, at least to me. If it ever comes down to shooting again I think people will see a level of violence by U.S. airpower that will make the Kuwait “highway of death” look like bad morning on the freeway.

          • Major Tom

            I could see a half million rounds of cannon fire in the first hour of fighting, just not directed at Seoul. It would be a veritable hurricane of incoming fire for the various border stations and bases on the South’s side though.

        • valorius

          All 4000 dug in pieces?

          • Mrninjatoes

            20 or 30 MOABS would work wonders, granted you can knock out their Air Defense.

          • clampdown

            We could theoretically neutralize their air defenses and use the bunker-busters to take out NBC facilities in one fell swoop if we sent most of the active B-2s from Missouri at once. Thing is, we don’t know just how effective second-gen stealth (I consider F-117 1st Gen, weakness not exposed until Bosnia) would be against the latest and greatest SAMS, and even a single
            B-2 lost would be a huge loss.

            It’s a shame the F-35 isn’t ready to go in and do a silent Wild Weasel mission from South Korean bases, opening up the airspace for planes that can carry more munitions. The Marine F-35Bs that are in theater don’t have the range for that job, aside from the immature software suite’s inability to use most A2G weapons.

            If anything is going to happen, we need to test that airspace. I wouldn’t count out a limited B-2 strike on nuclear facilities.

          • valorius

            The DMZ is 150 miles long, and the defenses and gun positions on the North Korean side are probably another 15 miles deep. What’s more, SCUD type missiles can be many dozens of miles farther to the rear than the guns and MLRS type systems can be.

            It would take dozens of tactical nuclear weapons to get all those guns before they could inflict insufferable damages on Seoul.

            Unless we are willing to accept tens of thousands of civilian casualties in the first hour of the war, there is no viable military option with the exception of shooting down all future test missiles they fire- which i would fully support.

            Bill Clinton claims in his memoirs that he had launched a massive strike on North Korea but had to turn the planes around because the South refused basing rights when they were informed.

          • Chris

            Does NK have anything like our old W48 nuclear 155 mm artillery rounds ? They weighed 58 kg and had a yield of around 100 tons of TNT (0.1Kiloton ) mid 1960 era . Then we had 200mm (w33 )nuclear mortar rounds that weighed 240 kg and yielded up to 40killoton blasts
            If either side had these types of weapons it could change everything !

          • valorius

            I think, and obviously i have nothing but public info to go by, that DPRK is closer to the enromous bombs of Fat Boy size than the miniaturized warheads that would fit in an artillery shell.

            If they can make a physics package that small then successive US gubmints have really, really screwed the pooch.

          • Mrninjatoes

            One massive coordinated attack with Chinese cooperation. The Chinese are getting sick of the North and Chinese Analysts are starting to call for strategic/economic/military relations to increase with SK.

          • valorius

            I don’t think you have a realistic view of the situation my friend. In the first salvo alone those guns, even firing HE, could kill tens of thousands of people- and the North does have chem and bio weapons.

          • FOC Ewe

            Where are them blanket’s we gave the Injun’s back in the day?

          • valorius

            Could you imagine the howls from the left if we actually did that.

        • roguetechie



          We’d have never thought up that innovative and totally not unworkable solution without you!

          PS: You’re stupid and obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last 60+ years of dealing with the norks

      • Joe

        Maybe ROK should have moved the capital South after the armistice was signed.
        We’re way too far gone to take out the North without getting South Korean civilians murdered en masse in the process.
        I do like the (alleged) helical mags though
        China uses them with a 9mm sub gun (Chang Feng), Russia has the Bizon, now this in (assumed) 7.62×39.
        Nobody but Calico ever tried it in the US, and they couldn’t quite pull it off.

        • LCON

          The North Koreans Followed the Russians to 5.45x39mm These are heavily modified AK74

          • roguetechie

            Because 5.45×39 is awesome!

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        If we had actually done it the first time we realized the Kims were completely nuts, Seoul would have recovered already, and we wouldn’t be worrying about it now.

        • mosinman

          yes, but that was then and this is now

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            You’re right. We could just keep putting it off and putting it off and then we’ll have a technologically more advance N Korea and wondering how to evac a city of 30,000,000 instead of the current 10,000,000.

            No matter where N.Korea is today, their ability to threaten S. Korea will only go up, and no matter the population of S.Korea today, it will also only go up.

          • mosinman

            Yes, but there will be a high price in blood and treasure. it’s a extra thick crap sandwich no matter how it’s sliced

          • HemingwaysBeard

            There are still a bunch of diplomatic avenues/tactics we could exploit to pressure an internal coup.

            Every day more and more North Koreans are being exposed to the western world through smuggled tv shows, movies, and music. Plus there are actually quite a few countries who continue to trade with NK. Russia even lets them run labor camps in their country.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            Yeah, it is a cap sandwich. The longer we wait, the bigger it will get, and we’re going to have to deal either it eventually. If we had dealt with it a long time ago, the taste would be out of our mouths by now.

      • roguetechie

        THANK YOU!!

        god damnit I was starting to think I’d have to spend my entire Friday night responding to all the morons in this ONE comment section!

    • Graham2

      What’s Jimmy Kimmel done to deserve that?

    • Phillip Cooper

      Do try to recall, while you’re verbally dickbeating on the keyboard, that there are something like 20,000 artillery pieces ALREADY prepositioned and dialed in on Seoul… and our own military bases.

      • Bjørn Vermo

        The best solution is probably to send the Kim clan a huge gift shipment of fine liquor, goose liver and sugary treats. That should keep them busy while we wait to (rather soon) start afresh with the next generation.

      • Mrninjatoes

        Can you imagine 20 or 30 MOAB’s or GBU-57’s?

  • Graham2

    The NV goggles look fake to me, but who knows, and I’m not so sure about those ‘grenade launchers’ in the second photo down.

    The guys in the second to bottom photo need some new soles on their boots! I doubt they’ll be getting them anytime soon though.

    • UWOTM8

      I was thinking the NVGs just looked a little generic and obsolete. Rumor has it lil Kim wants to modernize, so he may have acquired some surplus from China or elsewhere.

      • Rick O’Shay

        They remind me a bit of an older Russian prototype I remember seeing somewhere. Maybe my memory is wrong, it’s been a while.

    • Big Kat

      Those are helical drum magazines not “grenade launchers”

      • Graham2

        I know they are helical drum magazines not ‘grenade launchers!

        I’m talking about the things that are meant to be ‘grenade launchers’, in, like I said, the second photo down.

        • Michael Rice

          I would guess they’re some kind of bipod since those look like RPKs or whatever NK is using as a SAW.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            You’re describing the third picture down, not the second one.

            OP was talking about the big, stupid, red & white RPG looking things that could only be *grenades.


          • int19h

            They actually look like muzzle grenade launchers.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            You are right, probably grenades. Rockets wouldn’t bepunted on the fronts of shoulder-fired weapons, would they? Lol.

          • demophilus

            What are the launchers? I don’t recognize them.

          • Michael Rice

            Rifle Grenades more than likely.
            *Edit* also misread, what he typed. Kept saying ‘Second photo’ and something about the boots needing retreading and only the 3rd photo had more than one boot in it.

          • Graham2

            Bloody hell Michael, some people’s level of comprehension is remarkably low!

            I didn’t keep saying anything, I only typed 2 sentences!

            Read the bit about the boots again; I was referring to the second to bottom photo where they needed new soles on their boots, it’s another way of saying third down.

          • Michael Rice

            Which is why I said I misread what you typed, didn’t catch ‘from the bottom’ and ‘from the top’, just read ‘Second photo’ both times and thought you meant the same one.

          • Graham2

            In the name of God, go back to school, please!

            Learn to read, please; or at last learn to think!

    • Tom

      Well the body armour certainly looks ‘costume’ grade so I do not exactly think its a leap to assume the NV googles are fakes.

      • UWOTM8

        Looks like a bunch of Vietnam-era flak jackets with fake Molle straps

      • Gary Kirk

        North Korean body armor = The poor bastard in front of you during the wave attack..

  • Bill Jordan

    The NK Army uses Baek Du San pistols (named after a famous mountain range in NK) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69d6e381120fd0e1b647293cc607548634f898d662f65a8852cfe214715b0eaa.jpg

    • clampdown

      9mm?? Or do they still use the Tok or Mak rounds?

      • Bill Jordan

        This is 9×19.
        I think prior to this gun the used a mix of Type 68 {NK copy of the Tok TT} for regular troops and Type 70 (kind of looks like a Makarov but smaller and in 32 ACP) and Type 64 (copy of the Browning 1900) for officers.

        • Deanimator

          Actually the Type 68 (“Ponghwa”) isn’t a copy, more like a derivative. It’s basically the “Commander” version of the Tokarev.

          There are also suppressed versions of the Type 64. My guess would be that the Type 64 is based on the crap ton of Chinese Browning 1900 copies the Chinese issued.

    • iksnilol

      That looks like a CZ 75 clone.

      • Michael Rice

        So…an NK-75?

      • Bill Jordan

        Yes, it is very close. Not been able to handle one beyond a quick look. So couldn’t get into specifics. But closer than the Chinese NZ75 is to the CZ.

    • Hrachya H

      That’s what I was suspecting by saying the CZ-75 clones, just couldn’t confirm by the photos … I mean the guns are holstered and with that orange/red (maybe bakelite) grip color, so I thought they might have adopted a new one.

      • Twilight sparkle

        This picture is a little more clear, it looks like they just changed the grips in an attempt to have something more ergonomic than the old blocky ones that probably don’t work well for smaller Korean hands. You can almost see through one set of the goggles which I feel means something but I don’t know what, I suspect this particular group is NKSOF judging by the gear but I find it especially interesting that they don’t appear to have plates in the plate carriers though that could be argued as a good thing since they’d be more mobile. There’s definitely an attempt to modernize here and the type of equipment being issued while not the best shouldn’t be underestimated

        • Tom Currie

          One question: How the hell does anyone draw the pistol from that holster location? Maybe the guy in the next row back is supposed to reach over the shoulder of the guy in front of him to get a pistol?

          • Twilight sparkle

            I suspect that they aren’t normally located on that part of the plate carrier but they probably put them there to show them off better for the parade

      • f35hunter

        The helical magazine and the rifle itself first spotted in 2013
        Apparently they are in use with North Korean elite special forces

    • Anon1

      All of their gear and weaponry look extremely heavy compared to what we have. I wouldn’t want to carry outdated junk like that and I’m over 6′. I can’t imagine what it is like for a short Korean.

  • valorius

    Those are some highly motivated soldiers. Brainwashed…but highly motivated.

    • Swarf

      Food rewards will do that.

    • UWOTM8

      Knowing that your entire family will be jailed for three generations if you —– up is a pretty potent incentive.

    • JT303

      One mis-step and their families get shot, most likely.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Motivated not to have their families shipped off to the camps.

      • Warren Ellis

        Maybe. Maybe not.

        North Koreans are extremely ethnic conscious. The entire point of the NK regime is that only they can preserve the pure Korean people. They consider the South corrupt but hope to unify the country under their (NK’s) rule so that they can bring their brethern back into the racial fold you could say.

        NK’s ideology boils down to: “Koreans are ultra pure and childlike so the Dear Leader must protect them from the evil outsiders who will kill and rape them and their culture.” And one can say both Koreas sort of lap it up.

        You can’t really negotiate with them because they’ll always have an enemy to point their ideology at.

        TLDR: North Koreans are super racists. And honestly, South Koreans can be as well with their ethnic purity stuff. But then, much of East Asia is like that.

      • Friend of Tibet

        That is not how NK works. Poeple were brainwashed enough that be part of the military is ultimate pride.

    • Juggernaut

      Because US soldiers are not brainwashed to go fight for who knows what in some desolate hellhole?

      • Sunshine_Shooter
      • gunsandrockets

        The last time the US drafted soldiers was 44 years ago. Yet you believe our volunteers are ‘brainwashed’?

      • valorius

        Every time you post i like you less.

        I was a volunteer who lives in a free country with a free press. That is in no way analogous to the situation in the DPRK.

      • demophilus

        Muricans are indoctrinated, not brainwashed. It’s different, like a tomato and a tomatillo.

        • roguetechie

          Yeah because not murricans are totally not indoctrinated or brainwashed at all…

          That’s why not murricans for the most part are universally certain that doing anything any way but the way they do them in their country is so self evidently wrong and inherently evil that us murricans must be Constantly lectured and preached at ….

          Yup. … Only Murricans are brainwashed and indoctrinated…

      • Nicks87

        I joined the military because it was a better alternative to a life of poverty. I got on the job training, work experience, decent pay and money for college and additional training in exchange for six years of service. Call it brainwashing if you want, I call it a good deal.

      • Bal256

        No one who has ever met an actual US soldier would ever make that claim. 50% of what comes out of US soldiers mouths are bitching about their command, government, lives, politicians and the like. The rest of what they talk involves porn, booze, and the typical things that interest early twenty-somethings.

      • roguetechie

        Nope, they are highly motivated by things like the Montgomery GI bill, TriCare, and a bunch of other incentives…

        Yeah, the VA sucks, but that’s why you recruit 17-18 year olds who already genuinely believe that bad stuff only happens to someone else…

        In other words, no you’re completely wrong and you should feel bad for being this dumb!

        LOL, kidding of course.. .

        Or am I?

    • Tma

      I think you are wrong on that one. I belive that the biggest motivation for them is the fear of punishment if they dont do what they are told. Soldiers led trough fear are not higly motivated. I bet that if and when it comes down to war we will see mass surrendering allmost everywhere.

      • valorius

        Fear is a tremendous motivator my friend. Did we see mass surrender of DPRK forces during the Korean war?

        • Anon1

          Fear also didn’t cause the Red Army to surrender to Nazi forces.

  • SPQR9

    Night vision _and_ cool sunglasses. Bwahahaha

    • GhostTrain81

      They are “day-vision” googles to compensate for the darkening produced by the sunglasses.

    • Rick O’Shay

      Cool sunglasses? All I see are grandpa’s cataract/dilation sunglasses.

  • datimes

    Nothing like a young woman in a dress with an AK underfolder goose stepping down the main street on a sunny day.

    • Anonymoose
      • gunsandrockets

        More commies on parade! Here’s the PLA during CPC 60th anniversary celebration…

        • datimes

          I love a parade.

        • Warren Ellis

          They’re barely communist. China is so capitalist they stick Mao on advertising boards. And they really show why communism is as a philosophy. It’s only useful to keep poor people poor or even poorer.

          • Deanimator

            The Chinese “Communist” Party is “communist” in the same sense that the Cosa Nostra are “Sicilian patriots”. In both cases, they’re just quaint and tattered moral fig leaves for wholesale theft through physical intimidation.

            The difference between Xi and Kim is the difference between Al Capone and “Little Nicky” Scarfo, one’s a rational, well organized thug. The other’s an unstable, deranged thug.

          • JoelC

            They are capitalist as long as you are a member of the party. Big companies aren’t necessarily nationalized, but they are all run by boards of party members. They have more freedoms and are moving in the right direction, but their economy is regulated and controlled on a scale that most western bureaucrats could only dream of.

            That said, trying to suddenly open up a country with no history of free market/western principles and the world’s largest population would be impossible to do instantly.

          • Sho Rembo

            In fact, in Chinese schools pictures of firearms doesn’t bring out the SWAT team and hysterical people. Try that in the US.

          • gunsandrockets

            Commie, Fascist, Authoritarian, whatever. We’re still talking about a corrupt dictatorship by a single political party, The Chinese Communist Party, which clings to power by ruthless violence, pervasive censorship, and calculated favoritism.

          • gunsandrockets

            We’re talking about a corrupt dictatorship by a single political party, The Chinese Communist Party, which clings to power by ruthless violence, pervasive censorship, and calculated favoritism.

          • gunsandrockets

            this is a test of the TFB filtering system, this is only a test; what pray tell will this test reveal?

            Chinese Communist Party

          • gunsandrockets

            Commie, Fascist, Authoritarian, whatever. We’re still talking about a corrupt dictatorship by a single political party, The [three banned words], which clings to power by ruthless violence, pervasive censorship, and calculated favoritism.

            By the way, can you guess which three words the TFB filter blocks? Boy was I surprised! This is my fourth attempt at posting this reply.

      • Gary Kirk

        Reading your posts, a lot of things are buddy.. 😉

      • LGonDISQUS

        Any femme with AKs and stockings, I doubt I could resist.

    • gunsandrockets

      Pshaw. Nork commies got nothing on Chicom. Watch the PLA do it right, with white berets, mid-thigh skirts and high boots.

      What James Bond super-villain wouldn’t be proud of these Go-Go-Girl commandos?


      • LGonDISQUS

        Those go-go boots 😘

      • Tom Currie

        I don’t know if they can fight, but they sure can march.

    • SP mclaughlin

      North Korean Rockettes!

      • oldman

        Kick…kick… turn kick..turn kick…kick…kick..FIRE!…Kick kick…turn kick…..

      • Gary Kirk

        Better than North Korean rockets I guess..

    • Tom Currie

      One of them isn’t half bad looking

  • The_Champ

    The insane level of nightmarish Orwellian dictatorship that country has reached is pretty terrifying. One hopes that China continues to shy away from supporting them, and it all comes crumbling down.

    Sadly those types of dictatorships seldom end without great bloodshed.

    • Tyekanik

      Sad thing is that China should actually put some effort into stop supporting them in order to stop Chinese smugglers selling Koreans electronics etc.

      • KestrelBike

        I have nothing but scorn for China after how long they’ve perpetuated that regime, all in the name of keeping a nominal buffer zone between them and the USA.

        NK’s had concentration camps basically for forever with reportedly with entire generations having been born into, living, then dying, in them, and it’s a huge travesty that the world has let that garbage continue, let alone exist.

        • Nicks87

          Too bad they’re not sitting on top of a bunch of crude oil, we would’ve invaded a long time ago. Ya know, cuz of weapons of mass destruction and what not.

          • Warren Ellis

            More like tried to democrify them. We get oil from Canada mostly anyways.

            Bush had this notion you could just add Western democracy to any nation because every culture was capable of being democratic and all like we are.

            Well he was wrong. The majority of cultures don’t have the capacity to be democracies.

          • iksnilol

            I thought the US was a republic and not a democracy?

          • Warren Ellis

            We use democratic means to vote for representatives who then claim to represent our views, despite often mocking us and having little in common with any of us. I guess we’re republican democrats. 😛

          • David B

            I think the proper term is democratic republic, but you nailed the idea. We vote for reps who then vote “on our behalf” (read, in their best interest).

          • nuartyboy

            No, the proper term is Constitutional Republic.

          • David B

            Whoops, thanks for the correction. In total, does a constitutional republic run by representative (or indirect) democracy sum it up? Seems a bit wordy.

          • Redundancy Man

            Republic = run by representative (or indirect) democracy. But if you want an ATM machine or a PIN number, be my guest.

          • M40

            Correct, and the term “democracy” doesn’t appear in the constitution… not once. The founding fathers debated the idea ever so briefly, and it was soundly rejected. They went to great pains to avoid any real semblance, even instituting the electoral college in order to avoid having people directly voting for a candidate (you vote for electors who then vote for a candidate).

            A few of my favorites quotes on the subject by founding fathers and others.:

            “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide”. – John Adams

            “Democracies have been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.” – James Madison

            “It has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.” – Alexander Hamilton

            “It is one of the evils of democratical governments, that the people, not always seeing and frequently misled, must often feel before they can act.” – George Washington

            “If we incline too much to democracy, we shall soon shoot into a monarchy.” – Alexander Hamilton

            “Real liberty is neither found in despotism, nor in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.” – Alexander Hamilton

            “The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.” – John Quincy Adams

            “Where a majority are united by a common sentiment, and have an opportunity, the rights of the minor party become insecure.” – James Madison

            “A democracy is a volcano, which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption, and carry desolation in their way.” – Fisher Ames

            “Pure democracy, like pure rum, easily produces intoxication, and with it a thousand mad pranks and fooleries.” – John Jay

          • Fabian

            I’m from Switzerland, a pure democracy, and everything is fine. They even give us an assault rifle to take home after military service and we vote for our taxes. I give it to you that to apply this to a 330 million people country would be another ball game altogether. My point is that it’s not the system that matters, it’s the people.

          • M40

            Don’t get yourself too excited there pal. While Switzerland may be one of the few places to have elements of direct democracy, it is quite far from a “pure democracy”. You are a federal republic with representatives who make decisions on your behalf.

          • Fabian

            Oh yeah I get all exited because for instance when “they” wanted us to join the EU, ‘we’ said no way. And “we” are not in the EU. Any law voted by our “representatives” can be challenged with a referendum. O’care for instance would have gone to the people 5 years ago and we wouldn’t talk about it anymore (accepted or not). Here things like that are looming for eons and nothing happens.

          • Hyok Kim

            Well, to be fair, so were Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, PRC, Fascist Italy (during the Republic of Salo) , Iraq under Saddam and North Korea.

            On the other hand, our ‘good friends’ Saudis, Jordan, Britain, Kuwaitis, etc. are not republics!

          • JoshuaK27

            constitutional republic*

          • Bill

            It is true that other cultures are not able to accept democracy and it seems that OUR own democracy is beginning to fail due to the lack of pride and respect. There are too many people that are thinking that it is the job of the government to support everyone. I truly believe that it is responsibility of the of the individual to learn to take pride in their life and well being. I do understand that there is circumstances that occur, but get your feet back underneath yourself and move forward and use your head for more than a hat rack. GOD bless America.

          • Rattlerjake

            When will you fools understand that the United States is NOT A DEMOCRACY.

          • Hyok Kim

            “We get oil from Canada mostly anyways.”

            More sources of oil mean more leverage in negotiation, meaning lower price for the oil for the consumer/importer.

            “Bush had this notion you could just add Western democracy to any nation because every culture was capable of being democratic and all like we are.
            Well he was wrong. The majority of cultures don’t have the capacity to be democracies.”

            Actually, the form of government we practice was not considered democracy by the very founders of democracy in Greece.


          • Hyok Kim

            Now, you’re talking!

          • Wow!

            Maybe you aren’t aware, but Iraq did have nerve agents. Bush said that he would not compromise our intel just for his own political gain and true to his word, he let liberals make up propaganda about he was there for oil when many vets know the true story.

          • Verna Stupski


          • jp2336

            Remind me what oil we have received from where? Didn’t think so.

        • Warren Ellis

          To be honest what can China do? They’ve allowed NK to get away with lots of stuff because NK can always threaten to send refugees through their border.

          No one likes illegal immigrants or refugees swarming their borders. Not the US, not European, not China, and so on.

          Hell NK has been pretty much China’s Pakistan in being a completely awful ally. You’d think they’d be more grateful for China saving their butts back in the Korean War.

        • Friend of Tibet

          What you think China can do?

          North Korean already call China a “traitor of communism” many times after 1980 China open up policy.

          China can’t go to war with NK because there is no excuse, too much cost and many unwanted burden for starting a war no wants.

          China already sanctioned NK.

          What else China can do? China has no control of NK but limited influences.

          • Deanimator

            Marxists, even faux Marxists like the CCP, are if nothing else masters of excuse making. Famines, genocides, purges, wars, they’ve all been excused with the facile ease of a three year old who broke a lamp.

            The ideal solution is for North Koreans to wake up Monday morning and learn that the entire Kim family died in a tragic bouncy castle accident, with Kim Jong Un being replaced by an ethnic Korean PLA officer.

            It wouldn’t be the first time that North Korea was led by an ethnic Korean in the service of another power. Kim Il Sung was an officer in the Red Army when Stalin tapped him to lead the DPRK.

          • Friend of Tibet

            So easy, take out the head dictator by foreign force and the entire country will live happily after. People in Iraq, afghan, ISIS controlled sectors will strongly disagree.

          • Corey

            I believe the people of DPRK must decide and choose their own fate. Kim is a mouthy prick but then again we in the US use threatening verbage towards them also. Let them be, and prepare for the worst that’s all we should do. We need to stop thinking we are the world’s police and deal with our domestic issues and focus on strengthening our military.

          • Friend of Tibet


            “I believe the people of DPRK must decide and choose their own fate”

            And what happen when the entire population decides to fight for Kim? A foreign invasion will instantly turn NK into insurgency warfare nightmare.

          • Corey

            They do need to keep nuclear testing within their borders, because polluting the oceans with radiation is not acceptable.

        • Hyok Kim

          “I have nothing but scorn for China after how long they’ve perpetuated that regime, all in the name of keeping a nominal buffer zone between them and the USA.”

          ….then why did U.S. try to mediate a peace between KMT and Mao when KMT was winning the Civil war and giving breathing space to CCP and enabling them to win the war?

          “NK’s had concentration camps basically for forever with reportedly with entire generations having been born into, living, then dying, in them, and it’s a huge travesty that the world has let that garbage continue, let alone exist.”

          Yes, it is a travesty, but how long had the World let U.S. practice slavery and how long had U.S. allowed the West to practice colonialism?

      • Hyok Kim

        “Sad thing is that China should actually put some effort into stop supporting them in order to stop Chinese smugglers selling Koreans electronics etc.”

        How does stopping Chinese smugglers selling Korean electronics have anything to do with putting some effort into stop supporting NK?

    • Juggernaut

      What do you care- they’re on the other side of the planet.

      • Alex Agius

        ‘Cause they have nukes? A collapsing nation with nukes means nukes on the black market or the use of nukes, nukes are bad m’kay.

        • John

          Also whatever happens to them affects South Korea, Japan, China, etc, which eventually affects us as our economy and politics are so tied up with them

          • ProLiberty82

            Yeah, even if we could just take out the top brass and liberate NK relatively cleanly we would have a HUGE humanitarian crisis on our hand just on account of how outdated and poor their economic and social infrastructure is.

            But now they are developing intercontinental nuclear weapons and threatening to fire them off left and right, I don’t think we have much choice than to intervene soon and just deal with the aftermath the best we can via UN and humanitarian efforts.

          • LGonDISQUS

            The research that could be done with social/cultural/nutritional/technological reintegration…. Give it 50-70r, and they’d be the next 1980s Japan in terms of growth and innovation. It no longer takes ages to acclimate those who want more.

      • The_Champ

        Just because you may not have the ability to feel empathy, don’t assume everyone else is the same as you.

        Beyond that, as Alex and John have already pointed out, a war in Korea would have serious repercussions around the globe.

      • ProLiberty82

        Until a NK submarine loaded with nukes pops up in SF bay and fires off all it’s batteries. NK was a grave humanitarian tragedy but just now upgraded to a world wide nuclear threat.

        • KestrelBike

          For San Fran? Deal.

      • Tma

        I tend to care about other humans even if they dont live in my neighbourhood.

      • Where was your cell phone made? Any armed conflict with North Korea is going to mean literally tens of millions of artillery shells and rockets falling on South Korea’s industrial and population centers within the first hour, and dozens if not hundreds of theater ballistic missiles landing in Japan. China will immediately be subjected to a massive humanitarian crisis as millions of North Koreans pour across their southern border, and shortly subjected to massive international condemnation as their response is almost certainly going to be some form of genocide.

        If you honestly think all that won’t be felt in your personal American pocketbook, you are in for an ugly shock.

        • JoelC

          Agreed. This is where I disagree with all those “Every nation is sovereign and equally ethical” libertarians.

    • Joe Met

      “The insane level of nightmarish Orwellian dictatorship that country has reached is pretty terrifying.”

      Are you talking about the Obama administration?

      • [♫ sad trombone ♫]

      • Warren Ellis

        So were you thrown in a concentration camp at some point between 2008 & 2016?

        • Bob Pante

          We did have political prisoners under Obama. Dinesh D’Souza for one. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who made the video blamed for Benghazi for another. How about border agents who were put in jail for defending themselves.

    • Keknian Nationalist

      The way the left is quashing freedom of speech(mainly of conservative opinions and values) in public and on the internet from every direction with plenty of help from the CIA we’re not too far from it. It Clinton had won , we’d be extremely close.

      • joe tusgadaro

        That is an interesting alternative history idea…you should write a novel of it.

      • Dude, 4/20 is over now– you can put down the ~~medicinal use~~.

    • Hyok Kim

      “The insane level of nightmarish Orwellian dictatorship that country has reached is pretty terrifying.”

      …not a surprise considering the pedigree.


      “One hopes that China continues to shy away from supporting them, and it all comes crumbling down.”

      Is that why China still supports them? Without China’s support, NK could would collapse in a matter of a few months.

      “Sadly those types of dictatorships seldom end without great bloodshed.”

      Fire and Brimstone?

  • Vhyrus

    Hopefully we’ll know what kind of pistols they are after we pull a few from their dead bodies once we kill that murderous asshole and all his lackeys.

  • USA_11C

    Did anyone else notice the over-folder stocks on the AKs in the first pic? As if they based the rifle itself around that ridiculous magazine?

    • Anonymoose

      Saves space over a sidefolder, and they dgaf about cheekwelds anyway. I haven’t seen those carbine versions before. It looks like the muzzle threads might be on the barrel like a Tantal, not the front sight base like an AK74. It would think they would modify their RPKs to work with the helical mag as well (shorten the bipod or make it adjustable).

      • USA_11C

        I meant compared to the already existing under-folder, which wouldn’t work with that mag which weights almost as much as the rifle itself.

        • Anonymoose

          Yeah, but who ever heard of an underfolder AK74 outside of some American’s garage?

          • JoshuaK27

            Did you notice the quad stack magazine in RPK’s ? I haven’t seen anything like that come out of Russia, heck o don’t even think the Russians use the heli mag .

          • Tom

            Russian’s tend to stick to stuff that works.

          • Hrachya H

            Helical magazines are pretty nice and compact when used with pistol calibers. Take a look at Russian Bizon SMG or US Calico guns … they have reasonable dimensions. But man, look at those huge North Korean mags. Just imagine how awkward would be any manipulation with the guns. I’ll agree with Anonymoose … I think those mags could possible make sense for RPKs.

          • FWIW: Calico prototyped helical magazines for 5.56x45mm and even 40x46mm grenades. Needless to say, they didn’t take them to production.

          • Dave

            The ruskies have been using quad stack coffin mags for decades

          • Anonymoose

            For about 5 years as far as I know.

          • JoelC

            Yeah, I found that to be the most interesting part. The helicals look like an attempt to copy the Bizon. I wonder if they are in 9x19mm or 9×18 Mak?

            I agree with Hrachya, the pistols look like CZ clones, which genuinely surprises me.

          • roguetechie

            I’m thinking it’s a pp-19 copy too…

            Pp-19 has a top folder like theirs too, only the Russian one is good.

          • roguetechie

            Funny because the Russians have been issuing quad stack mags for quite awhile now, which we surprisingly only found out relatively recently… We being the “wider American gun world” aka all us monolingual culturally insensitive overfed American brutes…

          • JoshuaK27

            I just havent noticed it, even with paying attention the Invasion of Crimea, Russian involvement in the Donbass region of Ukraine, i just havent seen the wide use of quad stack mags. Lots of 5.45 RPK’s in the wild out there too. Im sure the mags are there, just havent noticed them before.

          • roguetechie

            I had not noticed them either, and when I ran across the confirmation that such magazines had been being issued since 2008(might be +-1 year on this number) it surprised the hell out of me!

            Personally, I’m very interested in / wish there was some way to get my hands on the 5.45 drum and pan magazines as well!

            These magazines, the 60 round drum the Winchester SPIW used, and the original 100 round drum of the Ultimax LMG all make me wish that someone would get smart and update the m16/m4 etc TDP!

            They could even go to a setup which doesn’t completely make the STANAG magazine completely unusable on new guns produced using the new TDP by going to a shorter magazine well like the Daewoo k1/k2 guns use.

            Or maybe something which requires a simple modification to existing magazines which would also accept a new pattern constant curvature double or quadruple stack magazines. I envision a solution like this having the rear portion of the well sticking down 3-6 times further than the frontal wall of the magazine well. A solution like this could even utilize a “self adjusting” mechanism which is a simple spring loaded roller which ties across to your ambi magazine release buttons in such a way that as the magazine catch slides home to it’s corresponding slot in the magazine the tensioned roller mechanism up front locks up too! I find this to be an attractive option for several reasons, the most important of which is the ability to deal with slight variations in magazine dimensions. The fact that it would also make for a drop free solution with extra oomph behind it, and would lend itself well to automatic ejection on empty type functionality is cool too I guess. As would be the ability to have a single magazine well pattern that allows caliber optimized magazine designs to be used might also be useful.

          • Gary Kirk

            Why actually yes I have, in an American’s basement..

    • Rattlerjake

      AN they are wearing our old BDU’s. LOL

  • Weaver

    Who else noticed the quad stack mags?

  • Vhyrus

    Holy crap! Hundreds of Norks marching while holding their red rockets proudly out in front of them!

  • Raginzerker

    A top folding, helical mag, short barrel AK with a bird cage flash hider? Are they making those domestically?

  • 2wheels

    I can’t really hate on the media too much for calling them grenade launchers. Obviously we know right away what they are, but helical mags are relatively rare. It’s not the dumbest mistake I’ve ever seen the media make.

    I also highly doubt any of those weapons are loaded. That would make no sense for a parade. They don’t give us (US Army) ammo unless we’re actually going to shoot it, I doubt the North Koreans are any different. Plus, they probably want to limit the number of people anywhere near good ol’ Kim with a loaded gun.

  • vwVwwVwv

    you want to capture N-Korea, promise them food

    • GaryOlson

      Yep, carpet bomb the parade with granola bars, small boxes of dried fruits, small packages of nuts, beef jerky, and anything else which can easily be concealed. That parade would turn into a frenzy. Especially as they try to secure all the weapons which were dropped.

      • vwVwwVwv

        they don’t know this things, they know rice and may be kimchy.

  • DoctorH

    I guess the Night Vision Goggles + Sunglasses = Day Vision Goggles?

  • EC

    Honestly I don’t know why DPRK helical magazines are a surprise to TFB… you guys did run an article on those very magazines back in 2013.


    Not expecting you guys to know everything, but maybe knowing about the content of your own blog might be a reasonable expectation?

    • Four years ago he wasn’t working with TFB. I sure can’t remember all the articles we’ve done over the years and I doubt anyone could come close.

      • LOLwut

        You know, there’s this thing called search. And tags. It’s called knowing your own body of work…

    • Nicholas C

      While I was not aware of that previous post. That is irrelevant to this POTD. These are new photos recently released. Helical magazines are not a “surprise” to me. The article was simply pointing out another Journalist’s mistake in identifying them. But more importantly to focus our readers attention to these images. It is why we have POTD to begin with.

      The helical magazine is not new, but these photos are.

  • Slim934

    (Guy in middle image): ♫”GOTTA DAAAAANCE!”♪

  • Lance

    Think those aren’t Ak rifles but copy of the Bison SMG. Overall the DPRK yes a mix of AKs from ak-47s to 74s all domestic and Soviet and Chinese imports are used by its front line troops to civilian militias.

    • Lord Tourette

      They are shortened Type 88s in 5.45×39mm. You can find fotos of the mags if you look it up on google pics.

  • ProLiberty82

    Looking at the second picture, I guess ACME corporation won the NK military contract. Looks like something Elmer Fudd would use.

  • spooky skeleton

    According to this:


    The pistol is: ‘A Baek Du San pistol in his chest holster, which is a North Korean copy of the CZ 75 pistol, only issued to ranking officers and Spec-Ops personals.’

  • ryan

    Those look like Bizon smgs perhaps they make a copy. Anyone concur?

    • Lord Tourette

      They are shortened Type 88s in 5.45×39mm. You can find fotos of the mags if you look it up on google pics. I thin tfb even made an article about it.

    • The same magazines have also been seen attached to full size Type 88 rifles.

  • LCON
  • adverse4

    The marching Ko sisters.

  • b. griffin

    Its NORK; everything should be assumed to be fake but the brainwashing, leg stretches and empty stomachs.


    I’ve woohooed with a fine Korean babe during a FE trip during undergrad. She was not one of these Korean babes.

  • Joey JoJo Jr.

    Anyone notice that a few of the “helical magazines” appear to be held to the gun with string or cord? Their magazine catch technology must be a bit imprecise.

  • Peter Nissen

    I wonder what sort of junk metal is used for all the medals worn?

  • VanDiemensLand

    Those dudes goose-stepping have very worn shoes, not so on point.

  • mrsatyre

    Why is no one discussing the firearms mentioned in the article? Seems like everyone has gotten off topic.

  • Some Rabbit

    I suspect if we called Kim’s bluff & bluster and gave him and his “mighty” military a bloody nose, we’d discover that they’re a paper tiger. All show and no blow. I doubt if any of their little nukes can be delivered by missile and their missiles less reliable and accurate than supposed.

    • InfidelCrusader

      It is difficult for me to take the army of a country that can’t produce enough food to feed itself very seriously. Remember the hype Saddam Hussein’s much vaunted 5 million man army received prior to the first Gulf war? Once the rubber met the road and that army was put to the test it literally evaporated with some Iraqi soldiers even surrendering to drones. I suspect that something similar is going to occur once the North Korean army is put to the test.

      • roguetechie

        You’re an idiot too

        • InfidelCrusader

          How so? Explain yourself.

          • roguetechie

            We hit the Norks Seoul and the DMZ and all the infrastructure and human lives in them are forfeit!

            There’s not a simple solution to Korea and people who advocate stuff that will cost tens of thousands of lives, cripple the western world’s access to goods that the modern world is built on, and likely kick the last leg out from under the economy at the same time can EASILY be rightfully described as idiots.

          • InfidelCrusader

            I never suggested or advocated that we “hit the Norks”. I never suggested that there is a simple solution to the problem that is North Korea. I said that I don’t believe the hype about how fearsome and intimidating the North Korean military is rumored to be. That you would come to the conclusion that I did makes you the one that can rightfully be described as the idiot in my opinion.

    • roguetechie

      It’s the several thousand artillery pieces each presighted on Seoul and dug in deep enough to need the absolutely best bunker busters we have to take out each individual artillery piece which is the real problem…


      Seriously you’re a moron and you make every other American who isn’t a moron look bad every single time you say stupid stufflike this!

      Stop saying stupid stuff like this, read a god damn book, maybe go to night school to finish your elementary school diploma even!

      P.S: anyone who wants to call me mean etc, save it, I’m done with participation medal everyone’s opinion is equally valid and deserves to be heard bullshit and you should be too! Unless you’re cool with the race to the intellectual bottom pander to the least common denominator stuff show that is western culture at this point

  • Friend of Tibet
  • Billca

    At least their glorious leader isn’t making the women march in heels. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did, though.
    Are those airsoft grenades on the end of those rifles?

  • whamprod

    They always place their best goose-steppers closest to the camera. LOLZ.

    The thing is, none of those troops have never faced a determined enemy. Not since 1952. And that generation starved to death years ago. They’ve only faced starving peasants who have been cowed into submission. Those NORK play actors who appear in front of tourists at the 38th Parallel consist of only the most politically reliable. Hell, if even China ever gets tired enough of Kimmy baby to send troops, they’ll stomp a mud hole in the NORK’s ass, but not until they’ve decapitated the gov’t…..which is what anyone the NORKS face in actual battle will do. Once leaderless, how many of them will fight then? The answer: From birth to grave, they’ve never been taught to do a single thing on their own initiative, and they’ve never been taught to value anything besides “dear leader”. Without a “dear leader” to fight for, or to tell them what to do, how long will they fight once they learn that they’ll eat better and sleep safer behind their enemies’ barbed wire, than they ever did when goose-stepping in Kimmy’s army.

  • OK. So discussing politics on TFB is all right, as long as it’s North Korea? What other countries get an exempt?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    The pistol is a copy of the CZ-75 called the Baek-Du-San. Those 5.45 drums are ridiculous to be honest as interesting as they may be. I have doubts they work. If the Russians couldn’t get the helical drums to work on the Bizon reliably, there’s no way in hell North Korea could get them working with an even bigger cartridge.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Looks like they got medals just for showing up.

  • John Ruhl

    Wonder if the grenade launchers work better than chubby’s missiles.

  • Fabian

    This parade was freaky and depressing. You could see that the whole city was empty and all these robots marching.

  • Cal S.

    I dunno, those grenades look pretty realistic…

  • Ubama’sTrueLegacy

    Lemme see your war face.

  • Sam Ruez

    All it takes is one nuke until somebody gets hurt.

  • James Madison

    By definition, we are indeed a Constitutional Republic. However, in practice, we are clearly a “Corporate Democracy” in which the representatives represent corporate interests for monetary and power reasons and not “the people” as per defined in the Constitution.

    It’s corrupt and rotten at its core and the longer it’s allowed to expand in both size and corruption, which by this point is exponential on both accounts, the less likely it will ever be fixed and the harder it will fall.

  • supergun

    President TRUMP is one of only a few men in this World that can slow these fanatics down. China will work with the President of stopping these mad men.

    • Blake

      No, no he absolutely is not. He does not posses a single iota of self control and if anything is the man who is going to say something stupid and piss the country off so bad that they do something stupid.

      Seriously when are you people going to finally understand that you fell for the exact same thing that Obama’s supporters did during that election? How in the hell did you people mock those who shouted “yes we can” and then years later shout “make America great again!”? He made this big deal about his 100 day plan, then accomplished almost none of it. Hasn’t accomplished a single big thing he said he would. Rants about every single stupid negative thing said about him. Do I need to go on?

      The only hope I have for the orange buffoon is that he might help get some pro-gun legislation through, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • supergun

        You are a pretty negative dude. The stock market is a record highs since President Trump has been elected. People are still buying record amounts of guns, but the prices have fallen and will continue to fall. Ammo prices have fallen record lows in the past 8 years. The President has undone much of the destructive executive laws proclaimed by obama. The night mare health care plan will be repealed and replaced with a much better plan. The tax plan will put more money in individuals and businesses which will cause people to spend more and invest more causing businesses to grow instead of going out of business. Illegals coming into this Nation was falling way way down. The media has constantly bitched, wailed, bitched again, lied, and slandered the President daily. We got people bitching, moaning and groining over everything and anything. They sit on the side lines bitching over everything, but they won’t lift a finger to help make this Nation great. They would rather FREE LOAD of the People of These United States of America. The PRESIDENT has taken on this impossible job without pay and has only been on the job for less than 100 days. Damn, if that was all I had to worry about what you wrote, I would have it made.