Stealth Cam 4K Series


Stealth Cam has a new series of trail cameras called the 4K Series. As the name suggests, these new cameras will record 4K resolution video. At launch, there is one camera in the series, though I expect we will see follow on products shortly. After all, 4K is the next big “thing” in the consumer video world.

The STC-DS4K has some impressive specs:

  • 4K UHD-1 video recording of 5 – 180 seconds
  • trigger time of less than 0.4 seconds
  • various still and time lapse modes
  • maximum daytime resolution of 30 megapixels
  • maximum nighttime resolution of 14 megapixels
  • adjustable infrared range (up to 100 feet)
  • time/date stamping, geotagging options
  • SD card slot (up to 64 GB useable)
  • various outputs and other options
  • runs on eight AA batteries

If you are unfamiliar with 4K video, it is the next consumer standard that the industry is pushing. Current “full HD” televisions have images that are 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall. The new 4K standard, also called Ultra High Definition or UHD-1, has a resolution that is 3840×2160 pixels. The resolution jump to 4K from current 1080p video is similar to the improvement of standard definition video to high definition 1080p video.

The new Stealth Cam STC-DS4K has a suggested retail price of $299.99. While this is significantly more than the $100-150 game cams that you frequently see in Cabelas, for the 4K video the price may be worth it.

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  • Blake

    INB4 the 4k debate starts. I will say that I purchased a 4k TV for two main reasons. The main reason was I got incredibly lucky and found a 4k smart TV from a reputable brand that was on super sale for less than $200 more than the standard 1080p version. Secondary to that was my desire to future-proof my TV. I can’t stand when tech I buy is outdated so fast.

    Anyways, I am *so* freaking glad I did. First, I was unaware that Netflix offers a true 4k service for like $2 more per month so I actually get to use it to it’s full potential. And any time I find any web content like Planet Earth extras in true 4k I am just blown away watching it on that TV. It’s hard to explain just how much better it looks in words. And this is coming from someone with a full-powered PC that still games (when I have time to game) on a Playstation because I really don’t care about graphics. I can’t recommend 4k enough. Just be careful when shopping as some companies will call a product 4k when it’s actually not 4096 × 2160.