SCCY is Moving to Maryville, Tennessee

Various news organizations are reporting Daytona Beach, Florida-based SCCY Industries, LLC, makers of the CPX pistol line, are moving to Maryville, Tennessee in Blount County. Local Maryville and Daytona papers are reporting that the handgun manufacturer is moving its headquarters and manufacturing to a new 75,000 square foot plant on a 68 acre campus in the Big Spring Industrial Park as soon as 2018.

SCCY is going to create at least 350 new jobs over the next three years in the county that has a population of 128,000 according to the news stories. This will represent significant growth in the forearm company’s workforce compared to the current 200 employees. SCCY Industries LLC’s founder and CEO, Joe Roebuck and the president, Wayne Holt joined up with county and state officials for an announcement on Wednesday.

Roebuck says that SCCY has plans for at least six buildings and an outdoor shooting range in the industrial park, to include a “SCCY Lodge” for “visiting industry leaders and gun writers.” This writer is curious as to what a “SCCY Lodge” might entail. The new facility will cost $22.5 million and will house the $10 million in equipment that SCCY will move from the Daytona facility.

Mayors, Senators, and business leaders that were at the announcement all expressed satisfaction in the gun-makers move from Florida to Tennessee.

SCCY Industries, LLC, was founded in 2003 and has built a half a million handguns. They can be found here at

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  • Daniel

    Isn’t Florida a very pro business state with pro 2nd Amendment views? Wonder why the move?

    • Havok

      A few other articles covered that. SCCY made the statement that they could not find good skilled labor in Florida…..even though they are 10 minutes from a machinists school….

      • Daniel

        Given what I perceive as the nationwide opinion of Florida this makes sense.

      • GaryOlson

        There are many types of machinists. I’ve tried to educate plastic and aluminum machinists to cut hard and stainless steel. Takes a kind of patience and skill the digital age does not build.

        • LGonDISQUS

          Read a story of cnc machinists at some company being required to show proficiency on mill, lathe, etc before operating half a dozen Mazak machines. The skills led to less work and post-cnc refining of product due to them knowing when the machines were doing a good enough job, etc..

          • GaryOlson

            Yep, I applied to a company with that type of testing. I scored quite well on the tests — both lathe and mill even though I was applying only for a mill position. I am aware of the requirements and limitations.

        • Havok

          Not saying that all are created equal. Amazing that Kel-Tec doesn’t have the same issue when they make the same gun.

    • Risky

      I would guess they are planning on expanding production and didn’t have enough room where they were. Land is a lot cheaper in TN than in FL.

    • Patriot Gunner

      It’s a swing state, that currently is pro business and somewhat pro 2A. All of that can change in one election.

      • john huscio

        it only gives the illusion of being a swing state in national elections. FL is solidly republican controlled.

        • Patriot Gunner

          Yeah I’ve heard that before though, how “it’s only the big cities that are democrat controlled”, but if we use that same logic then Michigan and Wisconsin should be solidly republican as well, which they are obviously not. Michigan currently has only 8 blue counties out of 83, but the state has been completely destroyed by leftists policies. Wisconsin is similar with 13 out of the 72 counties being blue. I would concede to you that FL tends to lean more right than left, but to say that it is solidly republican controlled would be a stretch.

        • ragnar_d

          FL may be have a GOP majority, but it’s solidly controlled by the Mouse and the FRF. If they say jump (while dangling the checkbook overhead), the GOP starts barking and jumping for their good boy treat.

    • Homer F. Carter, Jr

      I was wondering the same thing. It must be either the tax rate in Tennessee is more favorable than Florida, or the state and county offered them a deal they could not pass up. This is great news for Tennessee but bad news for Florida.

      • Patriot Gunner

        TN has a corp. income tax rate of 6.5%, FL has none.

  • Patriot Gunner

    “This will represent significant growth in the FOREARM company’s workforce…” lol. Fun fact: Blount County is where HPR was planning their new expansion as well before they went bankrupt.

  • roo

    Aluminum industry…Alcoa ….leaving the Tenna. valley….plenty of cheap electricity ….Tenna is targeting the gun industry to move in to replace Alcoa.

  • Phillip Cooper

    “This will represent significant growth in the forearm company’s workforce compared to the current 200 employees.”

    What’s a “forearm company”? I would like to buy a bigger set of forearms. I didn’t know they were manufacturing forearms.
    Seriously, guys.. editing is a thing.

  • ArkhamInmate

    Good for them, but are there really? that many SCCY’s out there?? Seriously…good for them and that area, but I’ve always seen them as sort of a Kel Tec rip off. (previous employees accounted for)

    $22,000,000! Hope they have some cool things in the pipe for that. Idk, just rambling.

  • finally

    Living one one county over from Blount County, I was excited when I seen this in the Knoxville News Sent. I sent the the links about this story to this website in an email a few days ago. I was wondering if anyone was ever going to do a post about it! So Tn has Beretta and SCCY now. Can we get S&W or Savage next? Another thing to consider, we have the TACT state ran trade schools that teach machinist, welders, etc. Every highschool senior can go to for free under the “Tennessee Promise”, and virtually every adult who isn’t wealthy can go to nearly free on pellgrants alone. That makes a skilled workforce much easier to recruit and maintain in my opinion. Throw in the tax advantages, cheap property, cheap utilities, and pretty mountain views, and this area is pretty attractive I would think.

    • Patriot Gunner

      Nothing is “free”. In order for a government program to exist the government has to forcibly take from a group of individuals to redistribute to another. TN is actually not that great of a place to do business. It has a 6.5% corp. income tax rate, franchise tax, excise tax, business personal property tax and above average occupational permit requirements. Infrastructure is poor at below the national average (according to CATO Institute) and personally speaking the weather is terrible. Logistically, it is better than Florida, but I can’t imagine shipping costs were all that high to begin with.

      • iksnilol

        You’re looking at it as the govt stealing from you to give you something. But isn’t it more like a transaction? You pay tax to be a part of the country and thus enjoy its benefits.

        • Patriot Gunner

          A transaction is a between consenting parties so no it isn’t like that at all, especially since I don’t use 99.99% of the government programs. They are literally forcibly taking money from me (and millions of others) to redistribute to another group, so just because college or whatever program is not paid by a certain group doesn’t mean it is “free.” I don’t have the choice of not paying taxes because I don’t like the fact that my money goes to fund abortions, welfare, marxist indoctrinating schools, the gigantic regulatory regime which stifles business, etc…

          • iksnilol

            Well then, buddy, you sound like an insurectionist commie to me.


          • Patriot Gunner

            LOL Yeahhh karl marx wasn’t so big on that whole liberty and limited government thing.

          • iksnilol

            Well, you obviously are against the govt, which is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! If I have to remind you.

            So yeah, gather a millitia and carve out a chunk for your little commie paradise.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Obviously you are not an American, because you believe that adhering to the Constitution of the United States of America means your against the government. LOL what a leftist straw man argument. This is your argument in a nutshell: “If your against paying for abortions your anti-American! If you believe that it is not the responsibility of the state to take care of you from cradle to grave you are anti-American! If you believe that the free market enterprise system is the greatest wealth generating force then you are anti-American!” What are you even doing on a gun blog? You probably think that semi auto AR 15’s are “assault rifles.”

          • iksnilol

            You do know that taxes aren’t used for abortions? PP is explictly forbidden from that.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Wrong. Besides that not even the point as you clearly still don’t understand the concept of liberty and the non-aggression principle. What about the thousands of other government programs? Do you believe that they are all great and a wonderful expenditure of tax payer money? What country do you even live in?

          • iksnilol

            Hyde Amendment is a thing, specifically made to appease your ilk who want unwanted babies to be born (yet I never see your kind wanting to adopt any of them). I just find it funny how one of the progun arguments we use is “if you don’t want one, then don’t get one”, but if it’s abortions then we suddenly forget that one.

            I live in Norway. I pay about 30% of my income in taxes. In exchange for that, I get to enjoy a health care system that hasn’t crippled me financially (in spite of me breaking some bones and staying at a hospital for a couple of weeks). I also get to enjoy paying less than 200 dollars for a whole year of college (that is, two semesters) and y’know, the regular stuff such as safety, roads and job opportunities straight outta college.

          • Patriot Gunner

            NORWAY?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dude your country is still in the medieval period with a monarchy! LOL oh that explains a lot. Norway is the Saudi Arabia of Scandinavia, all of your government is funded by oil and you still pay 30% in income tax, and you act as if that’s a good thing LOL!

            BTW the Hyde amendment doesn’t apply if the pregnancy endangers the mothers life and guess what? Shockingly all of the abortions they perform are ones where the mothers life is in danger. Loophole much?

            “If you don’t want one then don’t get one” doesn’t work when taxpayer money is used and everybody else has to fund your reckless promiscuous lifestyle.

            “Hyde Amendment is a thing, specifically made to appease your ilk who want unwanted babies to be born (yet I never see your kind wanting to adopt any of them).” Again, another one of your straw man fallacies. Just because I’m against abortion (murder) doesn’t mean I have to adopt every baby. So by your logic I have to give money, food and shelter to every homeless person I see? Dumb.

            You pay 200 bucks a year for college because there are groups of productive people and corporations paying 78% of their income to taxes! SEVENTY EIGHT!! You pay only 30% because you are probably considered low income.

            Safety? What safety does the government provide? Blonde women in Norway are dying their hair because of the massive rape epidemic brought about by letting hoards of aloha fudgebar terrorist enter the country.

            What has Norway accomplished as a country? Any medical breakthroughs? Did they discover the human genome? Do you even have your own car company? Norway is an utter joke, and its obvious why it’s so hard for you to grasp the concept of liberty because you were indoctrinated in government schools.

          • iksnilol

            Monarchy is only diplomats, the country is run by a democratically elected parliament. King has no power. No, max income tax in Norway is 50%, and that only applies to money that goes past half a million. Actually, Norway has medical breakthroughs, we’re the worlds best at treating leukemia. Y’know the disease where your creditors kill you for in the US.

            “rape epidemic” is in Sweden, and that’s only because they’ve got a very lax (and unisex) definiton of rape compared to the rest of the world. Many things that would be classed as abuse or assault are considered rape in Sweden.

            Also, if you know anything about medicine, abortion isn’t murder.

            But I doubt you’ll care for anything I say, because you are the literal negative stereotype of Americans. Y’know the loudmouth who knows nothing but his front porch and screams “USA” til his lungs are burning. A disgrace to good Americans everywhere.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Wrong again, Norway’s corporate tax rate for the highest earners (corporations not people) goes up to 78% plus you have a 25% VAT LOL! So the king has no power yet you let them tax you to death while they live in opulence? LOL that’s even worse!!

            Norway may be a good place to treat leukemia in Europe but that’s like saying your the tallest midget. You’re still short.

            Again with another straw man fallacy. People in America have health insurance and it used to be cheap until Obummer f*cked it all up. The main reason why your argument doesn’t hold water is I would still rather be up to my eyeballs in debt and get the best medical treatment in the world and live rather than die. You can’t even get cancer treatment in Norway if it’s stage 3.

            If YOU knew anything about medicine it is clear that abortion is murder. The fetus inside the womb has its own distinct DNA for one, but since you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that abortion is in the best interest of the state you won’t believe logic, facts or evidence.

            You know what? Americans are brash and I LOVE it! We defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. We defeated the USSR. We went to the moon. We drive the loudest cars, have the hottest women and make no apologies about bombing the living daylights out of crap countries who harbor our enemies. ‘MURICA!!!! F$CK YAHHH!!!!!

            I can see why you frequent this site often. To drool over all the fun toys your nanny government won’t allow you to have.

          • iksnilol

            I’ve seen prices of health insurance, it costs more than what people pay here in income tax.

            Why would the state indoctrinate people against population growth when population is declining in the west? If the state indoctrinated, it would indoctrinate people to procreate more. Again, it isn’t murder, a fetus doesn’t fit the definition of life. ” the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.” A fetus can’t do those. I should know, considering I am studying medicine.

            You defeated Nazi Germany with the help of the USSR, Britain, France and coincidentally Norway (amongst many others). You never fought the USSR, so you can’t call that a victory… and my personal favorite, Imperial Japan you commited a war crime against what with the nuking.

            Also, contrary to you, I do own fully automatic weapons, which your oh so free government doesn’t allow.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Health insurance can be expensive here, but not even close to what you have to pay in income taxes in Norway, especially considering how much VAT you pay, so I find that claim to be highly dubious. People here are forming buying groups to leverage insurance companies into making better deals and it is working.

            Read anything written by Margret Sanger (founder of PP). Abortion is a form of eugenics and has nothing to do with population growth. The fetus fits every definition of life. If NASA found a fossilized germ on Mars they would claim that they have found life, yet somehow a fetus in the womb of a woman is not life? Dumb. Oh yeah space exploration, one more thing Norway can’t do.

            In WW2 we did all the heavy lifting, provided all the funding, the logistics and provisions in the fight against Hitler. The remaining countries not conquered by Hitler couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag. Had we not intervened you would be speaking German right now, so you’re welcome. You think FRANCE helped?! France was a freaking liability!!

            A cold war is a war nonetheless, with many proxy battles taking place all over the world. So yeah we did fight and beat the ever loving snot out of those commie bastards.

            War crimes? WTF are you talking about. So dropping 10K conventional bombs and causing the same damage as 1 nuclear bomb is OK, but using 1 nuclear bomb? OH WELL THATS A WAR CRIME /sarc. More straw man arguments.

            We can still own fully auto guns, just have to be manufactured before ’86. And obtaining a 07 FFL to make your own post dealer samples is super easy. I (technically the firm I work for) was approached by a group of investors looking to start a firearm company in Norway and they needed some consulting. After speaking with them for several hours they informed me that they would receive their government permits any day now. When I asked how long ago had they applied, they said 5 years!!! LOL!!

            Plus I’m betting that the fully auto rifle in your house is govt issued because you are probably of military age, same as they do in Switzerland. So no you don’t actually own that gun, it is and always will be the property of your precious god, the state, just like you.

          • iksnilol

            “We can still have to own fully auto but has to be manufactured before ’86”. That isn’t truly freedom, now is it?

            I think the WW2 fire bombing, and dropping a nuke on a hospital fits the bill of war crime.

            And no, that fully auto rifle was the property of some poor commie bastard that’s dead now (and then I inherited it from the guy that made that guy dead). Again, I am free, not necessarily legal, but free. In contrast to you who grovel at the feet of your govt. I bet if you lived in california you wouldn’t have 30 round mags

            EDIT: also, thanks for proving you don’t understand biology or medicine by dismissing life on mars as just a “germ”. I feel this discussion is sstarting to be irrelevant, so good bye.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Considering that no other country allows its citizens to OWN fully automatic firearms, yes it is freedom even if it has to be a gun made before ’86. Is it perfect? No, but at least owning one is legal. Again, it takes 60 days for anyone to obtain the permit to manufacture all the full auto guns you want, not 5+ years like in the “free paradise” that is norway.

            “I think the WW2 fire bombing, and dropping a nuke on a hospital fits the bill of war crime.” It actually doesn’t according to international law under certain circumstances. Funny how no mention of all the MANY MANY MANY atrocities that Japan committed before, during and after the war. Ask the Korean and Indonesian people of what they think of Japan circa that era. Yet when America bombs Imperial Japan, we are considered evil. How twisted, sick and warped your mind must be.

            You must be one of those people who think that all of the worlds evils are committed by the “white man”. You sir are the true fascist.
            “Again, I am free, not necessarily legal, but free. ” You just admitted to being a criminal and you think that is the definition of liberty. Sad.

            You have no right to criticize California when you live in norway.

          • iksnilol

            So if I criticize one side, I can’t criticize the other? You were both in the wrong regarding human rights.

            Not really a criminal, just well travelled. Haven’t hurt anybody.

            But as I said, good bye. You are a fascist and a scoundrel. No use talking to you, waste of keyboard.

          • Patriot Gunner

            “Not really a criminal, just well travelled. Haven’t hurt anybody.” Sounds like words taken out of ISIS propaganda.

            This is you in a nutshell: A statist, fascist, brainwashed useful idiot who believes in tyrannical government, covets those who have done better than you at life (99.99% of everyone on this earth), who is a criminal by his own admission, believes that the “white man” is the cause of all of his and the worlds problems and has drank so much of the govt kool-aid that he wouldn’t even know truth if it had him over a barrel.

            You are the saddest individual on the internet.

          • iksnilol

            Now that’s you projecting.

            You truly are an sad individual.

            Goodbye, this was my last transmission.

          • Patriot Gunner

            I see you’ve taken the advice of your master well:

            “Always accuse your adversary of what you yourself are doing” – Lenin

            Goodbye you commie fascist thug (I know I’m being redundant).

      • Fin

        Lottery pays for the education stuff, and tbe weather is fine if your not

      • Nashvone

        As a resident of Tennessee, I would rather have the state use our taxes so the otherwise unemployable can learn a trade than just give them money to sit at home and do nothing.

        • Patriot Gunner

          Unemployment is paid by the employer not the state, it is administered by the state and I’m definitely against that but I understand the point you are trying to make. However, you are trying to be a pragmatist, and in this context that is a bad thing because your dealing with civil liberties. Its this type of logic that breeds big government and gives ammunition to the left to grow government. This is the logic that leftists use: “See the state helped re-train a displaced worker and now he’s found a new job, we need to expand the size of government to deal with the inefficiencies of the free market system.” Just like us pro 2A guys know that every little law and regulation passed to “regulate” (aka disarm) guns is a slippery slope that eventually leads to an outright ban and confiscation. It is the same with the state, if we give them an inch they will take a mile. The solution always is more liberty, not more government.

  • derpmaster

    The Alcoa plant down there has been shut down for half a decade, with the loss of thousands of jobs. I’d bet that the local government gave them a sweet deal as part of a jobs program. Smart move for Sccy because I’m sure the skilled labor pool is sizeable. It’s kind of the middle of nowhere – there isn’t much else down there except for a medium-sized Toyota plant, some megachurches, and a whole lot of bass fishing.

    • Dougscamo

      Striper fishing there is nothing less than fantastic….just sayin’…

    • Phillip Cooper

      You had me at bass fishing…. and lost me at megachurches.

  • john huscio

    it was a coup when they got beretta, this, not so much….

  • iksnilol

    From now on, only the Sccys the limit!

  • Just Say’n

    SCCY: Great little gun with a lousy trigger.

    • PaulWVa

      I don’t know about “great”. I recently shot a SCCY pistol at my local range. A fellow said he was having trouble getting any level of accuracy and asked if I would try it. The trigger is way beyond lousy, more like suicidal. He asked what he should do about it….I told him that if got into a gun fight to throw it at the bad guys and maybe they would try to shoot him with it and he would be pretty safe. Hard to be “great” when your main function control is “lousy”. I wouldn’t trade my Sig 320 sub-compact for a whole box of SCCY pistols. Very pretty junk.

  • Has it been established if “SCCY” is pronounced “Sky” or “ess see see why” yet?

    • Nashvone

      Skyy like the vodka got pissy over the name usage.