TorkMag’s New 20 Round 9mm Glock Mags Coming Soon

At SHOT Show 2017 TorkMag showed off their new G-Block Mag Well Conversion for the AR-15 to accept Glock mags, they also showed off their new 20 Round 9mm Glock mags. Back during the SHOT Show the MSRP and a release date wasn’t determined but TorkMag has since announced their new 20 rounders are coming this summer and should retail for $19.95.

If you don’t remember TorkMag our very own Patrick R did a review of their 50 round AR-15 mags. The review didn’t go too well but after TorkMag made some revisions the updated mags functioned flawlessly during the follow up review.

Like with their other mags TorkMag’s new Glock mag is made in the USA out of injection molded polymer. It holds 20 rounds of 9mm but it’s a tad longer than a factory 17-round Glock mag, however it’s shorter than a 17-round Glock mag with a factory +2 extension baseplate. Their mag works with standard Glock baseplates and extensions as well.

TorkMag’s new G17 20-round mag has ambidextrous mag catches for use with 4th Gen Glocks. It also has an AR-15 mag catch molded into the left side of the mag for use with their G-Block conversion kits. Check them out over at

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  • Tim

    There’s actually a market for this?

    • john huscio

      ETS, Jaggeman and Magpul have all proven that there is and its thriving……of course Mecgar could’ve had this market to themselves but for whatever reason, never took the plunge…,

      • BillyOblivion

        Does Mecgar make any magazines that have a polymer body?

        I thought all of theirs were bent sheet metal (that is not a criticism, they’re *good* bent sheet metal).

        • Hoplopfheil

          Does anybody make a full steel GLOCK magazine? I’d try one.

          Unless it was ProMag.

          • The Mystic Seer

            Surprised mec gar hasn’t made one with increased cap, like their beautiful 20rd flush-fit 92f mag.

  • Major Tom

    Articles like this make me wonder one thing. Why is the handgun industry so obsessed with the number 17 in its magazines? What is so magical about a 17 round mag vs say a 20 or a 15?

    Glock fanboyism? Follow the leader?

    • Sam Damiano

      With three 17 round magazines you can empty a box of ammo. Three 15 round magazines leaves 4 loose rounds and no place to put the one in the chamber when you clear it. Three 17’s gives you 51 rounds of space because an engineer couldn’t divide 50 by 3 magazines.

      • Major Tom

        But all the ammo stores my way sell pistol calibers in boxes of 20 or in bricks/cans of 100+.

    • Edeco

      I think it’s just natural with a double stack the length of a full grip and the angle glockazines have where the stacks merge. I’m surprised there aren’t more 14’s and 16’s.

      • Major Tom

        I’m not certain of that. Look at the FN-509 article a couple spots down. It says 17 rounds and does not take Glock mags so what the F? Did they just copycat Glock’s grip dimensions and angles and whatnot?

        • Edeco

          Hmmm, dunno. I might not say they copied the grip dimensions. I mean look at either grip in a vacuum and we’d know it’s a fullsize contemporary pistol not a compact or a Luger or something.

          Maybe they have a relatively short area where the two stacks merge like in a Glock. Or maybe it’s different along with the follower and a couple mm of tube, and the net effect, rounded down to the nearest whole cartridge of capacity comes out the same…

          I’m rambling here; I used to like packaging problems in a 300 level math course I had.

          • roguetechie

            No, you’re actually 100% right LOL.

            You have restored my faith in western STEM education.

          • Edeco


        • JoshCalle

          Well the dimensions of a 9mm cartridge are fixed, and a pistol grip can only be so big. 17 seems to be almost max number of rounds that can be crammed into a realistic grip space. There are outliers like the CZ P09 that have 20 round flush fitting mags, but that grip is unusually long.

          • roguetechie

            You can do a flush fit 18 fine as the Steyr GB and the GSH-18 and maybe a handful of others show.

            Glocks and most other pistols are not actually true double stack all the way up, more like 1.66-1.8 feed at the top.

            This is why most pistol mags are not as wide at the top.

            I’m a little surprised that so many are so confused by this.

      • int19h

        CZ-75 has 16-round, 17-round, 18-round and 19-round mags for it. The “standard” 16-rounders have the mag base plate flush with the grip, and then it goes from there.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Unlike most rifles where someone just chooses a nice round number that balances capacity with bulk, with handguns the general philosophy is “lets see how much ammo we can fit inside the grip we designed.”

    • Hoplopfheil

      I always thought 15 was the original “high cap.” GLOCK and Steyr were the outliers, cranking their amps to 11 (or 17/18 as the case may be).

      • gunsandrockets
        • Hoplopfheil

          I see your Hi-Power and raise you a Mauser C96 with a box magazine!

        • Mike

          Try the MecGar 20 round mags for the High Power

      • roguetechie

        The Russians and caracal also make pistols with 18 round magazines…

        You pretty much have to go to double stack double feed to do it though.

        I don’t know for sure about caracals but the Russians and Steyr pistols that hold 18 both run true double stack.

    • Ryfyle

      It’s a real dank prime number.

    • roguetechie

      Because you pretty much have to go to true double stack dual feed to fit more than 17 9mm rounds in a standard full size pistol if you want a flush fit

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Several years ago I bought some of these for 9, 40 and 10mm; I’ve had zero problems. My only complaint is for the 10mm, 20 rounds makes the gun seem really heavy. A bit more expensive than the TorkMag units, but they’re just toys and part of the “hobby”. Nothing like the cost of my buddy’s bass boat, motor and trailer.

  • Glocksucker

    But does it takes Glock Mags..?

  • Ryfyle

    Get back to me when it 20 Rounds of 10mm Auto.