New Honor Defense Law Enforcement – Long Slide Models

Honor Guard Pistols

Honor Defense announced the company was now offering two new “Honor Guard versions specifically designed for backup and off duty use by police personnel.” The company was careful to note that while these guns were built based on requests from law enforcement officers, the guns will be available for commercial sales.

The new guns are called the HG9CLE and the HG9CLEMS. The difference between the two is the addition of a manual safety on the HG9CLEMS version.

Both guns appear to be the same as the long slide guns already listed on the company’s website. Other than the model numbers (HG9SCLS vs. HG9CLE and HG9SCLSMS vs. HG9CLEMS), I could not find any differences in the guns.

Both of the new guns have a 3.8″ barrel which compares to the original Honor Guard pistol with a length of 3.2″. The new guns use a polymer grip module with a stainless steel modular chassis. They are striker fired and designed for use with 9mm +P ammunition. The guns ship with two 8-round magazines and a pair of backstrap inserts to adjust the size of the grip.

The guns are made in the United States with parts and materials sourced from inside the country. Honor Defense did not announced a suggested retail price on these guns.

Richard Johnson

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  • DIR911911 .

    on the website they have the HG9SCLS and HG9SCLSMS for long slide and long slide manual safety

  • Just Say’n

    Hey, it’s my Sheild^TM with a longer barrel and slide!

  • Aono

    They go to the trouble of making a longer slide version but leave that fugly billboard. Pass

  • Rick O’Shay

    I really want to handle one of these in person, just to see if the rollmark is as hideous as it seems IRL. But I am tempted. I’d be even more tempted if it had an ambi mag release, which is my chief complaint about the Shield.

    • ePoch 270

      I’ve shot one. Very nice gun. Bit long on seer reset. The roll mark isn’t really noticeable and it looks much worse in photos that IRL.

      Also it DOES have an ambitious mag release.

  • Don Ward

    I want Honor Defense to team up with the Oglaf webcomic series for an advertising campaign with the punchline, “Show me your Honor! No. Your OTHER Honor.”

    (And sadly I better not link to that particular web comic). 😉

    • TJbrena

      There’s some SFW strips, like the fountain of doubt.

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    Wow, this changes everything. For the rest or lives we’ll all remember where we were when we heard that Honor Defense had introduced the HG9CLE series;-)

  • Oregon213

    It seems to me that their normal pistol with the built in standoff is a better backup gun than this one they’re releasing to apparently meet the need for a better backup gun.

    I doubt anyone has stats on this, but I expect your likelihood of a contact shot goes up when you’re down to a backup gun…. just saying.

  • MikeJ

    The difference is the dust cover. The original long slide models have a rail on the dust cover that extends almost to the front of the slide. These do not appear to have the rail and the dust cover is shorter. At least that’s what it looks like based on the picture posted above vs the Honor Defense website.

  • Jacob

    I just came here to see people whine about the logo on the slide.

  • Allan

    just what the world needs another Glock copy

    • FLdeepdiver

      S&W M&P Shield copy. To be more exact.

      • FightFireJay

        As a Shield owner/carrier, I think the Honor Defense has a fantastic texture and ergos, easily better. The trigger is a bit lack luster though.


    I’ve been tempted by many of their models but will never really consider one because of the awful billboard. It would have been better had the name been incorporated into a tasteful logo, a stylized ‘HG’ in a shield or something.



    Hideous and trashy: