The FN 509: A Peek At FN’s MHS Pistol … Sorta

The FN 509 is about as close as you can currently get to the Modular Handgun Submission that Fn America sent into the DOD trials, but isn’t exactly the same gun. In this episode of TFB TV, Patrick takes the brand new FN 509 out to the range to get acquainted with the new to the market polymer framed wonder nine.

Drawing inspiration from the tried and true FNS line of handguns, the new 509 has been described as the best possible version of the action. As a primarily Glock shooter, could the new 509 tempt Patrick into seriously considering the new pistol? Watch the video and find out.

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Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    Looks like a flat shooting gun. Do you know if holsters are compatible with the FNS?

  • Kjk

    Looks exactly the same as all their other guns. Which isn’t necessarily bad

    • PersonCommenting

      Idk why they needed a striker gun. Yeah the army contract but their hammer fired guns are pretty great. Just dont get that squared or prism shaped grip…

      • Andrew

        Every FN pistol after the Hi-Power has been a flop. In just the past ten years they have come out with the FNP, the FNX, the FNS, and now the 509.

        • SP mclaughlin

          I wouldn’t call the Five-seveN a flop, although a lot of people consider it niche.

        • PersonCommenting

          FNX was decently popular.

        • tiger

          That is not true at all.

        • Sean

          The Five-Seven is in no way a flop. Given its price tag, it sells very well on a global scale. The FNX-45 Tactical is pretty much the best tactical good to go out of the box .45 on the market.

          The FNS and most of the FNX line are pretty unpopular compared to Glock, SIG, HK though because they offer nothing new to the table and have nothing to set them apart from the 9+ polymer framed, striker fired guns on the market today.

      • Kjk

        They already had a striker fired gun in the fns already too. I just don’t see it.

        • PersonCommenting

          yeah they did. Still silly…

          • Anonymoose

            They needed a thumb safety option, and the ability to swap calibers quickly and easily. The FNS series has to have the whole slide assembly replaced to change from 9 to .40 (but at least they sell whole slide assemblies, including longslides).

  • Hoplopfheil


    Another tactical toblerone hits the market. Last time the army wanted a new pistol we got the SIG 226, Beretta 92, and Ruger P series! This time we got a bunch of hideous polymer bricks.

    • Phillip Cooper

      It’s called progress.
      Plastic does the job just fine. It is more forgiving of abuse and will not rust.
      It’s ok, Grandpa.. I’ll see what I can do about those kids on your lawn, too.

      (one old f^&*er to another, no offense intended)

      • Hoplopfheil

        … I’m 27 years old. God help me.

        But I do love GLOCKs. My complaint is that they’re adding hideous slide serrations and weird shapes cut into every surface. Gross.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Yes, god help you. I’m old enough to be your father.

          Jaysus mary and joseph. Who let this happen?

          • Hoplopfheil

            I have no idea, but they should get FIRED!

  • BBMW

    This may be a nice gun, but it has nothing particularly to recommend it over the now vast competition.

    What I would like to see, and something a lot of gun makers (S&W, Ruger, FN, CZ, etc.) seem to be doing is studiously avoiding the Glock 19 form factor. Specifically, a 4″ barrel, and a 15 round magazine in 9mm (or 13 in .40), in a gun with a height of 5″ or less. It should also be slimmed down to less then 1.2″ wide. This seems to be a very good form factor for a carry gun. It’s made the G19 what seems to be the best selling 9mm poly-striker gun, or just any gun, out there. It would stand to reason that someone would try and go toe to toe with it. The closest seems to be the SIG P320 Compact (which is just a tad bigger in a couple of key dimensions.) That seems to be doing really well. FN would do well to go there also.

    And while we’re at it, can they get rid of the need to strike out the gun to disassemble it? Is it really that hard?

  • Holdfast_II

    Anyone who thinks Glocks are too blocky needs to take a close look at that grip. There’s like no curve to it at all.

    • Giolli Joker

      The grip of the FN looks kinda 1911ish in overall shape and angle, to my eye.

  • Gary Kirk

    Looks like the bastard child of a glock and deagle.. Fugly

    • Anonymoose

      I see an XD slide on a Glock 17 frame with a grip-texturing job done in some guy’s garage.

  • FOC Ewe

    Skinny polymer frame with the lines of a P226. Did I miss something?

    At least FN tried to do sonething unlike Glock and their recent “Developments” 😂

  • Gun Fu Guru

    If you look when you reholster, you might not point the pistol at your pelvis.

  • Slab Rankle

    No doubt a very decent pistol, even if it’s not modular or in any way innovative.

    Basically an FNS Mod 2, although FNS magazines won’t fit without modification.

    I like the chunky, no nonsense look of FN pistols. I’d buy one for that reason alone.

  • Edeco

    Overall not a fan of the styling, but the markings are in good taste. That subtle off-black coloring, the tasteful font… my god it even has a watermark.

    • Phillip Cooper

      I don’t get why people give a damn about styling.
      Ergonomics and lead on target. How does it feel to shoot, does it point well, can I hit what I’m shooting at. These are the ONLY things that matter.

      Save aesthetics for the woman on my arm, and the dresses, heels and lingerie I buy for her.

      • Edeco

        Philistine Cooper 😛 Kidding, but seriousely I can explain. You must care about other things like durability, servicability, price? I assume when you say lead on target you mean more than just any amount of lead, like a single 40 grain 22 every ten seconds. Or maybe not, those olympic free pistols must have sublime ergonomics.

        The aesthetic is a function of a bunch of factors. Think it’s superficial? Don’t believe it’s useful? It depends on you, like your taste or lack thereof.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Philistine Cooper. Hey, I kinda like that. 🙂

  • tiger

    Just when you thought the Market was full, bang!

  • Sean

    FN makes great stuff. I had a change to check out the 509 and it is ergonomic with a really nice trigger. The serrations are aggressive and provide easy slide manipulation. Unfortunately, this pistol really has nothing to differentiate it from its competitors, especially from the HK VP and Sig P320. Those are full of many features and are closely priced.

    Things I don’t like about the 509: You still need to pull the trigger for disassembly, the backstrap roll pin is really, really small so I haven’t been able to locate a punch small enough to replace the backstrap, the magazine release is very recessed and stiff so people with small/medium sized hands really have to turn their wrist to locate the button, and it doesn’t come in a case, it comes in a cardboard box with a nylon pouch.

    I would still take a 509 any day over an M&P 1.0 or 2.0.