Craft Brew Kershaws: the Malt and Hops

Kershaw knife

Apparently taking inspiration from beer, KAI USA Ltd is offering a new pair of folding knives called Malt and Hops. Both of these knives are being sold under the Kershaw name.

According to the company, the knives were designed by Gustavo Cecchini. Cecchini has been designing blades for more than a decade. In addition to his own knives, and those sold by Kershaw, he has designed knives sold under the Boker and Zero Tolerance brands.

Kershaw knife

Although the Hops and Malt knives are different, they do share a common feature: the flip opening mechanism doubles as a bottle opener.

The Malt knife has a 3″ blade that is made of 8Cr13MoV steel. It has a PVD coating with satin finished flat sections. The steel handle has a matching look. Overall, the knife is more than 7″ long when the blade is locked open. The pocket clip is not reversible and is designed to be carried tip up on the right side of the body.

Kershaw knife

The Hops knife is a smaller folder with a blade that is only 1.4″ long. The blade uses the same steel and finish as the Malt. When opened, the knife is only 4.75″ long. It weighs 3,1 ounces.

Hops has the same finish as the Malt: gray PVD on the blade and handle with flat spots receiving a satin finish.

The retail price of Malt is $54.99. For hops, the MSRP is $39.99.

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  • Scott Tuttle

    there’s 2 I wont be getting. uggggly.

  • ShootingFromTheHip

    Yeah, I feel like this “knife design” shares the same inspiration as Space Mountain at Disneyland. Hideous, and not a mm of elegance to be found throughout the whole damned thing.

    • Henry Reed

      I disagree

      • adverse4

        And you are welcome to.

  • chase

    “the flip opening mechanism doubles as a bottle opener.”
    ….no picture of said feature

    • Henry Reed

      It’s pretty dope, my Hops has opened many a beverage

  • Renegade

    Made in?

    • Jared Vynn

      China, according to Kershawguy product page for the malt.

    • larry

      It bugs me they never say where a product is made.Being China it’s a no go for me.

  • Rob in Katy

    I have enough of a time sharpening simple blades these multi-angle things would give me fits…or I would just spend the money on ammo or beer.

    • Goody

      Make yourself a jig, mine is a right angle bit of timber, clamp your knife to the bottom lip, clamp the top bit, wrap some 1000grit around an old cleaning rod and go to work resting the rod on the top clamp to set your angle. A rip off of the Lansky system.

  • Henry Reed

    Love my little Hops. It does a great job opening bottles, it fits nicely in my front pocket even with a phone, and can even fit in the tiny jean pocket above the main front one. Plus I personally think it looks super cool. For the price, I definitely recommend just for the cool factor.

    • it’s just Boris

      Thank you for posting the pic.

      That hook looks like it would snag on everything in my pocket.

  • Raptor Fred
    • Longhaired Redneck

      Weird how?

  • adverse4

    A knife with bottle opener? Opening bottles is what teeth are for.

  • Evan

    As a home brewer and craft beer enthusiast, I wonder what these knives have to do with beer apart from the names. And where’s yeast? It’s the yeast that makes the beer after all.

  • NeoBlackdog

    I’ve been a bit disappointed with Kershaw since Pete sold it and they discontinued the DWO. They now seem to be more interested in boutique knives than working knives.