Canik TP9SFx: A Race Gun For The Everyman

The Canik TP9SFx offers some of the features that you might find on a much more expensive competition focused pistol at a price point that most people can afford. In this episode of TFB TV, Patrick takes the Turkish pistol out to the range to see if it is good enough to be considered a serious contender. With a street price of just under $500, there is undoubtedly a ton of interest in the pistol should it prove to be a winner.

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Hoppe’s No. 9 – A worldwide favorite since 1903


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  • JumpIf NotZero

    To be fair to Walther – Pushing products out the door like this “racegun” is pretty easy when they steal and knockoff the gun design you created.

    To be fair Canik – Well, no one can say you aren’t listening to customers. If Walther clearly isn’t going to do it, and you do, I can’t fault you for that.

    I don’t support clones/knockoffs. But Walther blew every chance they’ve ever had. No parts, no service, don’t listen to customers, release garbage guns like the CCP, leave successful guns to rot (PPQ), etc.

    So in this case, while I wouldn’t own a Canik, I certainly wouldn’t think less of anyone that did. I know the P99/PPQ is a good design, I have 20k or so down that platform, and if Canik supports the gun like Walther refuses to do, well, reap/sow.

    (also Pat, you’re still bowling all of your draws, but not on reloads, would be really easy for you to fix)

    • Bucho4Prez

      Couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I have two P99s, and a PPQ M1, and luckily(i’m told) I have not had to have any dealings with Walther beyond purchasing a few mags from their website. I don’t understand their market strategy at all(creeed, ccp, etc…). It’s Not likely that they are going to win a race to the bottom price point with guns made in Turkey. How about a compact/single stack PPQ? Seems like they left a full beer on the bar.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      One of these days I will go out and spend the time needed to work on it. Gotta get caught up with TFB stuff first.

      • Shankbone

        Take a class. Blog it. Two birds, one stone.

        • Bucho4Prez

          That would be a great subject for a video. I took a nine hour action pistol class on Saturday, and it really lays bare all the bad habits we pick up at static ranges.

      • BillyOblivion

        Dry fire work *right* before bed.2 to 5 minutes of a *good* drawstroke, presentation and trigger press then brush the pearly whites and sleep.

        That’ll fix your draw in a week or two.

    • iksnilol

      20k? As in 20 thousand US dollars? DOWN ONE PLATFORM!?

      Are… are you more equal than comrade Alexei?

      • noob

        Or 20 thousand rounds down the pipe?

        • iksnilol

          That does sound logical.

    • valorius

      I don’t think the CCP is a garbage gun at all…it’s 1/2 a 21st century HK P7.

  • Bob

    I would like to do a poll. How many of you out there have had good experiences with Century products?

    • Dougscamo

      With the TP9….yep…wish my Glock had such a trigger! But I’m afraid that is the depth of my experience with Century….

      • Bob

        I heard all the negative stuff on-line. Didn’t believe it. Then I bought a Yugo N-PAP AK. What a piece of crap. No wonder Century dealers at QC ‘ing guns before they ship them. Can’t trust the supplier.

    • terminalbrd

      My experience is limited solely to my late 2004 WASR-10 (after the ban sunset). Yeah, the gun was a bit rough, but it ran well.

      Some of their stuff is hit and miss, but I don’t think they really have anything at all to do with the manufacture or assembly of the Canik guns.

      • Edward Franklin

        I believe Century is simply the importer for the Canik pistols. Beyond bringing them into the country they don’t do anything with the actual firearm.

        • terminalbrd

          That was my understanding as well.

    • Rule10b5

      I couldn’t be happier with my O-PAP and SKS.

    • 22winmag

      “Century products” could mean just about anything. Complete rifles they manufacture in-house from the ground up. Rifles made in-house with American receivers and foreign and/or American surplus parts. Rifles made by subcontractors with American receivers and foreign parts. Foreign made rifles with 922 parts added by Century. The list of possible parts configurations and machining and manufacturing variables is endless. Sure, you can say Century is responsible for all finished products, but no company has come close to doing what Century has done- and that is offering the American public a chance to own foreign and domestic military type rifles (mostly rebuild, replicas, and hybrids) they would never get a chance to acquire or even build on their own.

      That being said, my Golani which is a mix of American receiver, foreign surplus parts, American made barrel and 922 parts- and which may have been final assembled by Century or by a subcontracting company- has been outstanding.

      My M76 Yugo was assembled by Wiselite and I believe it to be completely subcontracted- has been outstanding.

      My Zastava M90NP is a complete rifle assembled in Serbia, but with 922 parts added by Century- has not been tested yet, but appears outstanding.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        I agree. Century may not be the company you go to for a go to hell and back fighting weaponn (though Im sure at least some of their products are certainly sufficient for that purpose), but they offer some pretty sweet stuff at a very nice price that you cant get anywhere else.

    • Bradley

      The tp9 series is well proven for how long theyve been available. Canik is just a brand imported by century. They don’t do anything to them except stamp their name on it. I’ve heard for years how bad their service was, but the single experience I had was pretty good. I might have gotten lucky.

    • iksnilol

      Well… I think some drunken monkeys had positive experiences with Century made weapons… But Canik isn’t made Century, this is easily proven by the simple fact that you can use a Canik without it malfunctioning.

  • Clarence Bodiker

    I own a canik tp9 sf elite I love it , it’s fantastic to shoot. My only issue is some models don’t do so hot with 115 grain initially due to super strong recoil spring. However either through breaking in with 124 grain or leaving the slide locked for couple days it fixed it. I love all my pistols but right now it’s my current favorite the trigger sets it apart. Best factory trigger I have felt in that price range ever.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Lets just keep adding more letters to the end every time we make a change. By next year Canik will be selling the TP9SFxR+2.0L!kComp Elite Tactical Edition.

    • noob

      Traditionally weapons adopted by the united states military would have had a MIL-STD-1661 navy ordinance group revision naming convention: Type.Mark.Mod

      It would be presumptuous to just name your own invention which has not yet been adopted by the government in such a way.

      Time to go to the Major.Minor.Build.Revision naming system. Every software person can understand those numbers.

    • John

      You forgot..M O U S E!

  • 22winmag

    Another striker-fired racegun.


    • Flounder

      Price out of the box and relative quality is something to note here. And are we really gonna complain about more flavors of ice cream!?

    • Swarf

      For $500. Get woke.

  • Bradley

    Who has these for under $500. I’ve seen $550 pretty consistently.

    • Clarence Bodiker

      I payed 450 at greentop in Richmond Virginia

  • Omerli

    Nicely done. Thanks

  • valorius

    How much muzzle velocity does that octo-porting cost?

  • Blake

    I bet it’s a great gun, but I’m not buying anything Turkish if there’s even the remotest chance of part of my dollar going to Erdogan’s pocket…

  • Seth Hill

    From what I understand there are a few people competing with the TP9SA and doing well. I am thinking about starting to compete 3 gun and using guns that most people don’t use (no ARs, no Glock, etc). Thought about using that as a platform to review various guns.

  • supergun

    Nice gun, but why buy this one, when you can get a H&K VP 9 or 40 with night sights and 3 mags?