My buddy Andrew Ha aka @FiftyshadesofFDE posted a pic of his Surefire addiction.  There are some rather rare unicorns in this photo. The bronzed Milspec Kroma is extremely rare that I have never seen one before. The Tan Vampire Mini Scoutlight is also rather rare as well. As a fan of Surefire weaponlights I applaud Andrew’s collection. I am just a bit green with envy since his grass is tanner than mine.


  • Friend of Tibet

    Sexy, 50 shades of FED

  • Phillip Cooper

    I have never gotten the fascination with $500 flashlights. Or for that matter $200 flashlights.

    There is bright enough, and then there is just fetishism. Yes,. they are better than a $20 knockoff, but at some point the $60 6P is just fine.

    This is right up there with women buying shoes to match a purse.