My buddy Andrew Ha aka @FiftyshadesofFDE posted a pic of his Surefire addiction.ย  There are some rather rare unicorns in this photo. The bronzed Milspec Kroma is extremely rare that I have never seen one before. The Tan Vampire Mini Scoutlight is also rather rare as well. As a fan of Surefire weaponlights I applaud Andrew’s collection. I am just a bit green with envy since his grass is tanner than mine.


  • Friend of Tibet

    Sexy, 50 shades of FED

  • Phillip Cooper

    I have never gotten the fascination with $500 flashlights. Or for that matter $200 flashlights.

    There is bright enough, and then there is just fetishism. Yes,. they are better than a $20 knockoff, but at some point the $60 6P is just fine.

    This is right up there with women buying shoes to match a purse.

    • Bill

      For normal humans, sure, but in searching a dark building for a bandit or a night search for a lost kid in the woods and that higher tech can be really handy.

      • Wow!

        Usually weaponlights are 90-120 lumens because any higher and you are blinding yourself, and any other range is pointless since rarely do we have the authority to shoot at targets that far away as well as it being a large target indicator. If you are looking for someone, you carry a secondary light which has that super bright beam, or if you are looking for someone dangerous, you use some kind of IR.

        A few decades ago, Surefire had the monopoly on working flashlights. Now days, there are plenty of other US based flashlights that are just as good if not better. I have even found some $10 walmart lights from china that are just as good as surefires.

        • James Bowens

          No you haven’t. I have used both but the output and the perfect beam of the Surefire is vastly superior to your $20.00 Chinese stuff.

          • Wow!

            Not all Chinese lights are the same. Some are crappy with the LEDs and the painted reflective surfaces. The one I am referring to is nearly an identical build to the G2X I’ve used for a while. I believe it is made by ozark trail. Identical at less than $20. In the 90s sure, surefire basically had the monopoly on the best components, but now days other competing US mfg are making the same stuff (and of course china) at identical performance. I was a surefire fan but my faith is wavering because I ultimately stick with what is most pragmatic over all else.

          • James Bowens

            Sir; Thank you for your reply as I may check into the mentioned light. I know a lot of companies use a lot of the same components in there lights and they are descent lights. I own a lot of lights and have used different brands while serving my Southwest Asian Tours. My Surifire light never failed me and it paid for itself. Surefire does a lot of testing with every component in their lights and really use technology in some great innovative designs. I think all of the R&D pays big dividends, but makes the Surefire stuff cost more. I will look into your light and will be happy with my 15 sure lights, weapons lights etc. thanks again

    • Orion Quach

      USA made paying USA workers. Average EEs I know make 80K-100K range so you need sales that can match saleries. At some point, a $60 6P is not enough.

    • Nicholas C

      To each their own. The same can be applied to any other item that one collects. Look at cars. Why are Ferrari and Porsche so much more than domestic cars? Build quality for one. Watches, same thing. Why get a Rolex vs a Timex?

      • Phillip Cooper

        Calling a Ferrari built better than a production car tells me you’re not much of a gearhead.

        • LGonDISQUS

          Eh, better and more reliable are two diff things. Their HP per cc was unheard of for ages (sans dino and california), ’til NSX blew the price bubble out the window.

          • Phillip Cooper

            I’m more referring to maintenance. Ferraris and Porsches are more penile extensions or “investments” (for people that don’t understand the horrible investment most cars- even Ferraris- are) than cars that get used as cars should every day… it’s kind of like owning a helicopter. For every hour in use, there’s lots of maintenance.

          • Ringolevio

            “Better vs. More Reliable” is a critical distinction. E.g., I love my Colt 1911s, but for reliability my Glocks are miles ahead.

    • nate

      here is why I love buying expensive surefire stuff, 1. their stuff is cool 2. their stuff works 3. made and designed in U.S.A (USA!, USA!, USA!)

      • Phillip Cooper

        When I can buy a nearly identical flashlight for less than $20, this tells me they are overcharging. Think how many more they’d sell if they sold for $30 instead of $100. At some point it comes down to a hunk of aluminum on a CNC machine.

        • nate

          yeah they would sell more if there were cheaper, but making things in the USA is expensive. Plus you are paying a lot for Surefire R&D, and their name. For every product that they make, there are a lot prototypes and then they also price things to maintain prestige (E.Q. a rolex watch or Rolls Royce car)

          • Phillip Cooper

            “their name”

            You said it, right there.

            When it comes down to it, these are flashlights, and it’s not like they are inventing new chips. Guess where their chips come from, BTW….

          • nate

            of course you pay more for their name. I freely admit that, but you are missing the biggest point of the whole argument, if you don’t want to buy their stuff, you don’t have to. no one is saying, Phillip Cooper go buy a surefire right now, you need it and nothing else will do! me on the other hand, I like their stuff because…. I like it. I don’t mind paying the price for it, because I like the flashlight, I like the company and that works for me. if that bothers you don’t buy it.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Please show me where I said I was being made to purchase them? Pretty sure you missed the point.

          • Ringolevio

            ‘Funny you should mention Rolex. I used to wear one. Now I wear an Ollech & Wajs that’ll go just as deep (deeper than I’ll ever go!) and do everything else a Rolex Submariner will do for around $350 (and neither one will be as accurate as a $10 quartz watch), but without the cachet of the Rolex name. The key to a good self-winding watch is the ETA Caliber 2824-2 movement.

        • LGonDISQUS

          I don’t own one or have any skin in the game, but any military guy I’ve talked gear with has said their Surefire has gotten them out of a hanky situation, or has continued to work when others have failed.

          When you hear these things are bombproof, it’s true. They’re tested in every which way possible for reliability. Is it easily copyable? Probably, but the chinese companies didn’t spend 18 months of industry testing to confirm.

          I don’t need one, not sure about you, but I wouldn’t give a door kicker during GWOT something I found on Amazon for $50.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Solarforce lights have a reputation for being every bit as durable, and yes you can go nuts with the driver you install.. or you can realize “hey,. I don’t need to illuminate the house 2 miles away across the lake, 200 lumens (arbitrary number) is more than enough light to scorch the retinas of the guy I’m rolling in on in a hovel 20 feet away” and get the job done for about $50… and continue to do so.”

            I am no longer a doorkicker, but I’ve literally beat the snot out of a light built to the above specs with a hammer, and it’s presently mounted to my rifle. I would not hesitate to use it in a combat situation…. right after I figure out how to roll the clock back on me 20 years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • LGonDISQUS

            I can only upvote you once. ๐Ÿ˜งโœ”โœ”โœ”โœ”โœ”

        • Ringolevio

          I’ve owned $20 ones that looked and worked great, but then up and failed for no apparent reason.
          [Edit:] But I wasn’t using them as weaponlights, and anyway I’m a civilian. However, whether in clothing, equipment, firearms or whatever, I usually try to avoid stuff that is cheaply-made.

    • Justy

      $10 Aliexpress specials are mostly fine for handheld use. You’re free to employ one of them as a weapon light, but personally, I’m not going to take the chance after I’ve seen what happens to a good portion of Chinese “weapon accessories” under recoil.

      • Phillip Cooper

        I’m with you on that. I go upscale just a bit with the solarforce I described above. It works completely fine.

        BTW, I’ve a few Surefire lights that have shit the bed as well, being used for nothing more taxing than a truck light.

  • Mergatroid

    Once again, this “article” reads like it was written by a 6 year old.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      6 year old mall ninja with highlights

  • Gary Kirk

    “Fifty shades of FDE”.. You mean like a SCAR??

    • Nicholas C

      I like to call it “The Cornucopia of Tan”

  • The_Champ

    I didn’t know rare tactical flashlight collecting was a thing.

  • pun&gun

    Given how much performance you can get from any other respectable brand for a fraction of what Surefire costs, I really don’t understand how they’re still in business.

    • Jon Hammett

      Because they create the lights that the other companies rip off. If Surefire died, a lot of innovation in the flashlight realm would die with it.