LWRC IC-A5s Now in Use by Swedish LE

In what appears to be LWRC cornering the Swedish special operations and SWAT issue rifle market, we have yet more evidence of LWRC’s piston operated IC-A5 rifles in usage by the Särskilda operationsgruppen (SOG, Military SOF), the Förstärkt Regional Insatsstyrka (Reinforced Regional Task Force), and though unconfirmed the Nationella insatsstyrkan (National Task Force). Earlier on TFB, we covered the use of LWRC rifles by SOG, a component of the military, in addition to H&K MP7s.

When the recent attacks against civilians in Stockholm, the Reinforced Regional Task Force responded promptly and abruptly to cordon off the area and establish security. Seen amongst these LEOs were what appear to be LWRC IC-A5s chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO in addition to what appears to be a designated marksman rifle with an unidentified scope and what looks like a reflex sight mounted on it for close quarters shooting. The IC-A5s had Aimpoint optics mounted for primary scopes and magnifiers. All rifles had L3 Technologies ATPIAL AN/PEQ-15 LAMs mounted at the 12 o’clock position on their rifles with what appears to be a Surefire SR07 Remote Dual Pressure Switch clipped to the rail as well. Suppressors at first glance could be a Surefire variant, but from a distance, it is quite hard to tell. Rifle furniture, iron sights, magazines, and forward grips are all Magpul products. At this point it is hard to tell whether or not the barrels have that classic LWRC spiral flute, but I would assume they do as most LWRC rifles come like that.

LWRC is usually seen as a high-end AR manufacturer within the U.S. civilian market, and I don’t expect their prices to have dropped for the overseas market too much for a Mil/LE pricing. We knew about the SOG use of the LWRC rifles previously but this is the first time the public has learned of the LE usage of the weapons. What prompted the new operational requirement for the LWRC is unknown, but it might have had to do with the general replacement of the G36 across Europe after H&Ks recent troubles with the German government. In addition, it appears that many of the Swedish LE units were still primarily using submachine guns until recent years and so this adoption of the LWRC is a part of a rethinking of tactics across Europe as the bad guys wear more body armor, bring more effective small arms and use more widespread methods of mass murder.

Much thanks to Abraxas Spa for the tip off!


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  • Friend

    The DMR is a Spuhr-upgraded HK417, with an S&B optic and Aimpoint in a Spuhr ideal mount.

    It’s got some kinda reeeeeaaaaallllly long FH on it.

    I totally figured this out using a previous TFB article. 😉

  • T

    What projectile are they using?

  • snmp

    For supressor could be ASE UTRA (finland) or B&T (swiss)

  • xebat

    I need your help guys, it’s kinda off topic but i really need the input from you folks.

    I’d love to get an answer especially from people who actually went into combat or shoot practically at various distances.

    What do you think is more effective for fighting both close 50-100M and far 100-300M engagements ?

    – Eotech sight with a 3x magnifier,
    – ACOG with a small RMR on top
    – Scope 1.5-4x with RMR on top

    • Max Müller

      Depends on your goal really. Do you need pinpoint accuracy or is speed a bigger concern? Does weight matter? Does it need to be robust? What are you trained with or how much training can you get before the competition or deployment you are having?
      Aimpoint or EOTech with magnifier allows for fast shots at 50m without and 200m with magnifier, pinpoint accuracy won’t be that easy. So if you just need to hit a bigger steel target or return fire and possibly injure someone: great.
      The ACOG is robust and once you are comfortable with how close your eye needs to be in that one exact spot it works great. Super accurate on 100m and still decent on 400m given the right circumstances. Red dot is more of a gimmick and you really need to know where your bullet goes at which range with your zero because your scope is miles away from the barrel. And would you use it with the same eye as the acog or cant the rifle to use the other eye as Trijicon intended?
      And if you go for a scope anyway, might as well go big. 1-6 or even 1-8 if you are ok with a little more weight. Works great for competition or if you want to be more of a squad dmr guy. RMR definetly on the side so that you cant the rifle and not on top, the zeroes and different holdovers would make your shots go 3″ high or low everytime.
      Then again, will you be using it with a dbal laser, flashlight and nvg? Or 3gun and weight doesn’t matter because you only need to hold it for 3 minutes tops?

    • Henry Reed

      Plenty of people shoot plenty well with a Aimpoint 1x out to 300. Marines qualify at 500 yards with iron sights if that tells you anything. Red dots are the fastest optics with infinite eye relief, both eyes open shooting and zero parallax.

    • No one

      Honestly, on my LMT SLK8 with a 16″ barrel, I simply put a Trijicon x1-42 reflex sight on it because I just wanted something without magnification (Green Dot, 4.5 MOA to be exact), It works fine from 0-300m, if I shoot farther then that I’d probably buy an ACOG x4-32 or something similar.

      • BravoSeven

        I can’t give an opinion on anything AK related. I don’t own one. I run the Eotech with G33 on my AR and I love it.

  • USMC03Vet

    When their law enforcement does something useful make an article about it instead. Parading around like this after the fact while their police get beat by Muslims almost on a daily basis is hilarious.

    • Owen

      We didn’t use to need “special forces commandos” patrolling the streets of the cities in Europe.
      Maybe the citizens of these nations need to grow a pair, and demand that their governments recognize their fundamental human right of armed self defense.

      • joe tusgadaro

        There have been specialised armed police units on European streets since the 60’s…terrorism didn’t just spring into existence with a bunch of brown folks with funny names.

        • Steve Hall

          Sure, the states that have CCWs, open carry and constitutional carry have the least incidents of terrorism, which is usually directed at unarmed victims in non controlled public places. As long as you are not a statist liberal in your thinking you can see that. The subtle jihadists and liberals have the same motus operandi of passive aggressive and flourish in an environment where self reliance and self defense are discouraged. As for an actual number I will take a page from the commies….”if it just saves one life…”

    • A Fascist Corgi

      Western nations are constrained by their dogmatic commitment to liberal values and their violent hostility to far-right nativists. As long as Western nations like Sweden support open borders, mass immigration, diversity, hate speech laws, and suicidal tolerance of The Other, they’re never going to be able to regain the sense of security that they enjoyed when they were “boring” and “hideously White” homogeneous societies.

      Countries like Japan and South Korea don’t have to worry about Islamic terrorism because they don’t support mass immigration and diversity, and because their foreign policy is relatively isolationist. Our entanglements in the Middle East and other Muslim countries have made us primary targets of the jihadist scumbags. We now have to deal with these massive Islamist 5th columns in the West who hate us with a genocidal passion.

      Western nations have decided to deal with this threat be erecting massive surveillance states that spy on everyone equally in order to avoid accusations of profiling and bigotry, by creating and gearing up counterterrorism units like this Swedish unit, by launching community outreach programs that try to better integrate Muslim immigrants, by cracking down on so-called Islamophobes who are supposedly to blame for the alienation and radicalization of Muslims, and by launching insanely inexpensive nation building military campaigns in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq which were supposed to be long-term solutions to Islamic radicalism.

      It’s freaking insane, and a direct consequence of our refusal to acknowledge ugly truths about the Islamic religion and mass immigration.

      • John

        So, what, Fascist Corgi, you want to bring back the Third Reich? Right-wing ultra conservatism and all?

        Trust me. There’s a whole crapload of Israelis that’ll be responsible for a MASSIVE uptick in “terorrism” if that happens. Among others.

        • No one

          He’s literally a Nazi Furry, did you except him to make a non fascist supporting post?

          the fact he hasn’t been banned yet is actually incredible between this and him stalking Nathanial F. for basically his entire posting career here.

    • Man it’s not hilarious people lost their lives in that incident.

      • USMC03Vet

        The trend is because it happens almost daily and they keep trying to cover up the cause of it.

    • MeaCulpa

      I do think that LE did something useful that day, in about an hour the city was on lockdown and the cops where doing sweeps of suspected terrorist targets, the suspected culprit has also been arrested. Should the guy have been deported prior to that and ideally never been allowed to enter the country? sure, but that is not due to the officers being useless. Should Sweden expand it’s police force so that the gangs can be faced by more police officers so the cops isn’t outnumbered ? Sure, but that isn’t to say that they are useless. Should the police be allowed to work in a more offensive manner? You bett! But it still doesn’t make the officers useless.

      Having said that one has to remember that Sweden has far lower crime rate than the US on average (sadly this is being eroded by useless politicians) so the cops must be doing something right.

      • UpChuck.Liberals

        I would like to recommend that the deportation method be similar to that of the Mexican cartels…..chucked out of a plane. Allah FUBAR

  • Lt M

    Definitely SureFire suppressors. Looks like Law Tactical folding stock adapters too.

  • BravoSeven

    Do you own one? I was looking at Sig optics for my MPX but I don’t know much about them. I have a Sig Whiskey on a .308 that works well but haven’t used or seen any of their other products.

    • DennisBechtel

      using a sig whisky that came on a sig rifle, a dmr in 308 shoots better than I can about 2 inches at 250 this is a lrt rifle ,I enjoy shooting them out back ,I don’t really have any neighbors except some coyotes and prairie dogs.having owned and used some leupold mark 4 and 6 lrt scopes id say that the sig scopes are comparable with better glass and more modern controls,but a bit heavier .

  • ? ?

    Thanks. I noticed they had AR’s which I thought was unusual for Europe but didn’t know what brand. It seems kinda funny to me that they are lugging magnifiers and AN/Peq’s around for police duty too.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Nice gear. Now if they can work on their target identification they’d be all set.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      Just stand outside any Mosque and wait. It’s really quite easy. Allah FUBAR

  • Peter Nissen

    The re-thinking of tactics across Europe has nothing to do with body Armour but everything to do with the fact that terrorists bad guys are using vehicles (trucks and cars) to kill and maim innocent people.

  • Dmitry

    What shoes are they wearing?

  • Maximillian Powers

    Those rifles actually appear to be the LWRC IC-Enhanced based on the exposed adjustable gas block. Most visible in the third picture down, right most officer’s weapon.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      The IC-A5 also has the adjustable block, but I think you’re right. It looks like the shorter handguard of the enhanced.

      I love my A5.

    • DennisBechtel

      have a few lwrc rifles ,they are not that special ,a good colt m-4 can shoot just as well ,even a sig m400 can shoot as well ,probably gonna sell three or four of the lwrc rifles after I modify them with some very good optics from leupold #54660 comes to mind.

  • Kiran Buenafe

    Not like this is going to help Sweden at all. Law enforcement is completely outnumbered due to their open border policy and neutered by laws. A few guns isn’t going to save the rape capital of the west.

  • Wow!

    Having well armed LE is great, but it is supposed to be a supplementary aspect of domestic security, not the primary. Mass killings will never stop until the public is armed and has a mindset for safety since they are truly the first responders

  • DennisBechtel

    looks like an rpg manufactored by the usa is needed by some police and paramil units ,id say the rpg 21 fits the bill

  • Richard Lutz

    Surely 7.62x51mm rifles would be better for taking down vehicles with AP rounds that will penetrate their engine blocks and improvised armor in a truck or car cabin.