Das-Mag CA and NY Compliant Side Loaded Fixed Mags

Living in a state like California and New York as a gun owner really sucks. Leaders in those states are doing everything they can to take away their resident’s Second Amendment rights, but it seems whenever a new idiotic law is passed the market finds a way to create new accessories that allows shooters to still enjoy their rifles. Those in free states would scoff at parts like the Patriot Pin or a side feed stripper clip loader for the AR-15, but I’m just glad companies are making compliant parts for the people behind enemy lines.

I recently stumbled upon a new accessory from Directactionsolutions.net called the Das-Mag. It’s a patent pending California and New York compliant fixed mag that’s side fed for AK variant rifles. The Das-Mag is locked into place via their own “LOK” mechanism, you can then load 10 rounds of ammo into the mag by pulling down on the charging handle on the right hand side, you open the loading door on the left hand side and drop in the ammo then release the side charging handle.

While this won’t look operator-like and tactical it is a pretty ingenious design to help those in CA and NY still enjoy their AKs. Direct Action Solutions is currently taking pre-orders on their Das-Mag at $124.99, the first 1,000 customers will also get 50% off a reloader that they’re also working on. Check them out at Directactionsolutions.net.

Ray I.

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  • Patriot Gunner

    Das lame

  • Southpaw

    As much genius as it takes to get around the laws or be compliant why cant we just get rid of the laws restricting said parts and focus on advancing current firearms research?

    • Rick O’Shay

      Easier said than done. Or we’d have done it already.

      • Southpaw

        I understand that its just sad that we have to dance the devils dance

  • Tim


    Is that a thing?

  • USMC03Vet

    California needs to be liberated.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Or take off the pistol grip and don’t worry about it. Replace it with a fin-grip or don’t replace it at all if your hands are big enough and just use it like a hunting rifle.

    • Marcus D.

      There’s an app for that. It is called the Thorsden stock. Much more ergonomic than trying to wrap your hand around the buffer tube.

      • iksnilol

        AKs don’t have a buffer tube. And they work just fine without the pistol grip. Becomes sorta like a PPSH.

      • Disarmed in CA

        I’m speaking of the AK pattern. I have only seen in ‘traditional’ stock form with the Ares ACR on the AR but that has a modified receiver I think. Those Thorsdens look like I don’t know… No buffer tube on an AK

        • Marcus D.

          Brain fart. My mistake.

  • David J

    I hate to say this but manufacturers should stop making work arounds for these anti 2nd amendment infringements. As long as they appease the process of violations, the violations against liberty will not stop. Liberty lovers in the stares need to step it up and push hard against these progressives.

    The reason we are in the state we are in over the 2nd amendment is because we allow the progressives to define the debate. We allow them to misrepresent weapons even down to nitpicky things like the way it looks. This has gone on for many decades and it will not be corrected quickly.

    While I understand the need for innovations, I think it’s a shame so many peddle to these laws which infringe our rights instead of using the time and resources to fight back.

    • Vitsaus

      CA is a one party state, which all its elective power concentrated in 3 left wing ruled major cities. Unfortunately if the strategy you suggest were feasible, it would have been done, as virtually every challenge to unlawful infringement of our rights that makes it to our supreme courts is blocked in some extra judicial way.

      • David J

        Like I said it will take a while to fix.

    • Holdfast_II

      Disagree. Only way to solve the problem in deep-blue states is at the US Supreme Court level. Add one more conservative to the Court, and then take down all the AW bans and similar.

      Until then, let us try to have some fun with these goofy work-arounds.

      • thank goodness justice kennedy is retiring soon. ginsberg soon maybe too. Never a more important time to hold the white house.

      • David J

        I truly hope so.

    • Marcus D.

      With a supermajority and control of all committee appointments, the democrats control the debate. We can talk, but they don’t have to listen. All votes are strictly along party lines, which means that everything that restricts firearms rights passes easily. And they will continue to pass greater and greater infringements until (if ever) the Ninth Circuit says enough–which it seems disinclined to do–or the Supreme court finally steps in.

      • valorius

        Move to America.

    • Cymond

      “As long as they appease the process of violations, the violations against liberty will not stop.”

      That makes as much sense as saying that if police stopped carrying guns, then criminals would too. (An actual quote I heard once.)

      These workarounds do not “appease” the law. Do you seriously think CA politicians want people to have side loading AKs and top loading ARs?
      NO! They want to get rid of modern rifles completely by making them undesirable (banning all ARs and AKs already failed). Devices like these that comply with the letter of the law but allow maximum utility defy the law makers, not appease them!

      • David J

        All these workarounds do is allow these politicians to continue their violations of our rights. In the end, they will stop all these workarounds and they will continue to infringe on the Bill of Rights. You see my friend, you win a few battles and celebrate because we worked within the letter of the law, but in the end you are losing the war because nothing is done about the infringement of our rights.

        Look at the ruling and laws since the early 1900’s. They keep pecking away as we comply with each infringement. In the end we will lose not due to what they are passing, but because we are content with accepting the workarounds.

        The merchants are happy to appease with gadgets to workaround, 922r, or any other way to make a buck in the name of the 2nd amendment. Ponder that for a moment.

        • David J

          I’m just expressing my concerns that all. I truly want the people of these states to be liberated and it frustrates me to know the hell they go through just to own an AK or AR

        • Cymond

          “All these workarounds do is allow these politicians to continue their violations of our rights. ”

          The politicians will continue violating our rights, regardless of whether or not we develop workarounds.

          “we are content with accepting the workarounds.”

          Who said we’re content?
          It’s just the only strategy that’s having any effect at all so far. Resisting the legislation through traditional means is not working. The best we can hope for is that they overstep so badly they get smacked down by a federal court.

          ” in the end you are losing the war because nothing is done about the infringement of our rights.”

          What strategy do you suggest? From what I’ve seen, CA gun owners are doing as much as they can, short of starting a civil war. I think a large part of the problem are people who say “F California, move to America”. It’s a tacit admission that CA is a lost cause. In fact, I’d like to see more national support for pro-gun efforts in CA & NY because we need to stop this before it spreads.

          Until a federal court puts a stop to the insanity in Sacramento, I applaud the companies that are doing their best to keep Californians legally armed, keeping the politicians on their toes, and making their anti-gun legislation as meaningless as possible.

          • David J

            I understand your points and I now understand your perspective.

            I am not a F California person, so please understand my frustration is with the current political environment for allowing this to happen.

  • Tassiebush

    It would have been good to see the device being loaded fully in the video rather than all the other stuff.

    • Nick

      Hey tassiebush,
      My Name is nick grougan I am the designer. I have posted a much more descriptive video on our Instagram. @directactionsolutions if you visit you can see the magazine in action. Sorry for the confusion, if you have any questions please feel free to email at nick@directactionsolutions.net

      • Holdfast_II

        How about one for STANAG mags to use in a Tavor or other non-AR15 5.56 platforms?

        • Direct Action Solutions

          Holdfast_ll Bullpup rifles are a little bit more complicated, but we are working a whole bunch of other calibers to make the DAS-MAG versatile to all platforms. Please follow us on IG @directactionsolutions and on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/directactionsolutions/ for all the updates.

      • Tassiebush

        Thanks Nick, I look forward to checking it out.

      • Your ad makes your company look pretty pathetic. If you want to be taken seriously, take your customers seriously. This wannabe Dan Balzerian stuff is weak.

        • Direct Action Solutions

          I am very sorry to that you think that. This is only a trailer and on our Facebook and Instagram we have much more informative videos. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns. https://www.facebook.com/directactionsolutions/ and on ig @directactionsolutions

      • Tassiebush
      • MarkVShaney

        “Patented” huh?…. I doubt it.

        • Direct Action Solutions

          It is patent pending most defiantly sir!

  • jerry brown is an enemy of citizens’ constitutional rights

  • iksnilol

    Just… just start using bolt action AKs or move over to SKS’.

    • Cymond

      You’re not wrong. Loading an SKS with a stripper clip has to be faster & easier than side loading this thing.

      OTOH, Californians near the NV or TX border may wish to have a removable solution so they can shoot normal mags out of state.

      Personally, I went “featureless” when I was in CA. I had a Bullet Button on my AR-15, but it drove me crazy because I like to clear the rifle and dry fire. I would have bought a Thordsen stock if I had planned to stay.

      • iksnilol

        Going featureless with an AR is a bit harder than with an AK. With an AK you can just remove the pistol grip and use the rifle as is. A VZ 58 with the mag pinned to the rifle should also work, they were made to work with stripper clips.

    • Sam Damiano

      Buy more Garands and get proficient.

  • valorius

    $125? Wow.

    • the_duck

      Wut? That’s insane. I’ll just make my own with my dremel, my left over 10/22 bolt handle tapped in the follower and a set screw above the receiver floor to fix the magazine to the gun.

      BAM. Saved me money.

  • WyattVerp

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


    FML, dumbest video all week. 😖

  • Ken

    Add a clip bridge to the loading gate so you can speed load it. A hopper that dumps in the rounds could work too, like those old Krag loaders.

  • survivor50

    ” The People’s Democratic Republic of California “… and ” Nuevo Jork “… Say no more…

    • FoxHunter

      Yep, the rural parts of California should secede from the big cities and make their own states, gun loving states. That should strip all the libs of all their power

  • Thinker-1

    Mark Twain was right, California looks nice… from a distance.

  • Great_Baldung

    Das Mag? What’s next up in their product line, Das Gun?

  • Fox Hunter

    Wow, cool!

  • Nunya Bidniz

    They’ll need to get the price down below a “featureless” stock in order to get any traction. When a single mag costs more than a stock, the sunk costs of the existing magazines make a potential buyer lean toward the option of changing the stock & continuing to have easy mag changes…

  • Bruce Rogers

    I’d rather just fight the law via SCOTUS. Stop the voluntary compliance, we are just encouraging the other side to continue with the illegal restrictions and corporations are profiting from selling these modifications at 10x mark ups.