TBRCi Micro Comp V3 Now Available in Titanium

Remember the Texas Black Rifle Company Micro Comp we posted about a while back? TBRCi just released a version of their Micro Comp V3 made out of Titanium. It’s going to be available in three different finishes. Raw Titanium, Flame Anodized and Electro-Anodized with the later two having unique finishes. Their Micro Comp V3 differs from their original Micro Comp in that it will fit a larger variety of holsters, even those with very tight tolerances. I guess holster fit was an issue customers were having with the V1.

Their new Titanium Micro Comp V3 will have all the same features as their 7075-T6 Aluminum comps. It’s available in the standard 1/2×28 thread pitch and should work with most threaded Glock barrels on the market. It’s also available in the 13.5×1 thread pitch.

The new Titanium Micro Comp V3 weights in at 1.3 oz, while their original 7075-T6 Aluminum version weights in at just .8oz. If you’re trying to save weight the aluminum Micro Comp V3 is still the way to go, but if you want a little more weight hanging off the barrel to help reduce muzzle rise the Titanium version it is. The new Titanium Micro Comp V3 retails for $129 at tbrci.com.

Ray I.

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  • Christian

    Cuz that 9mm is really difficult to keep under wraps. You can really molon your labe with this.

    • Guy

      If you don’t have a comp on your glock you’re not a real sheep hitting 3% molon laber. Get with the program.

      • BravoSeven

        Wouldn’t that titanium reflect sunlight and give away your tactically superior operating position? You would get sniped in a heartbeat!

        • EdgyTrumpet

          Once you operate at the levels we do, you have to give yourself some handicap to keep it interesting.

        • DIR911911 .

          that’s why it’s on the FRONT to blind your enemies

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      But muh rolands!

  • Cactus Air Force

    Still waiting for them to release a comp in a caliber that needs it…cough 10mm cough