New Ruger AR-556 Elite Complete Lower Now Available

Now buying a Ruger AR-556 Elite complete lower is a factory option thanks to the new addition to their product catalog. When Ruger started shipping the stripped lowers, consumers were scooping them up quickly. Given Ruger’s reputation, it comes as no surprise that there haven’t been any reported issues with the stripped lowers.

Now Ruger is taking things to the next level with complete AR-15 lowers that are nicely outfitted from the factory. When I saw the press release in my inbox I expected to see a lower fitted with a standard AR lower parts kit, an A2 grip, and an M4 style stock. Much to my surprise, they fitted the 7075-T6 lower with their upgraded Ruger Elite 452 trigger, a Magpul MOE SL stock, and a Magpul MOE grip.

Specs from their site:

  • Made from 7075 forged aluminum
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Magpul MOE SL Stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip
  • Ruger Elite 452 AR-trigger
  • MSRP $299

The inclusion of their AR trigger is a nice touch, the two stage trigger is reported to have a 4.5-pound two stage trigger pull. The trigger, upgraded stock and grip alone make up a large part of the $299 MSRP.

The new complete lowers should be shipping to retailers already but if you would like to learn more about the new complete AR-556 lowers visit the Ruger website.

AR-556 Elite Complete Lower


  • Drew Coleman

    Uh wasn’t this posted on already? On the 4th?

    • 22winmag

      Last weeks news, today.

      Not terribly uncommon for TFB.

      • DIR911911 .

        last week said it was coming , todays says it’s here , tomorrows will tell us it’s sold out

  • Get Gudder
  • olivehead

    “When Ruger started shipping the stripped lowers, consumers were scooping them up quickly.”
    What is the source of this info? I see this from time to time with regard to all sorts of firearms and firearm-related products, but where does one go to find out this sales data?

  • 22winmag

    What’s another drop of water in a horribly flooded market?

    • Swarf

      Hey, more is better. When they are like, $150 for a decent quality full build, I’ll buy.

      I don’t really want or need an AR, so the price needs to be right. Like super right. At manufacturing cost right. We are losing money paying to store these ugly hunks of bricks of pieces of plastic please for the love of God take six right.

      • 22winmag

        You just described Palmetto State Armory complete lowers to a T. Especially the ones in .308. They singlehandedly turned the complete AR lower business upside down, again especially .308AR completed lowers.

        • Swarf

          The lowest price I saw on their site for a full rifle was $599.

          I appreciate the thought, but… not even close.

          If something as ugly as an AR is going to walk in to my house, it’s going to have to be dressed real cheap.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I like it. This just might end up as the lower for my upcoming 6.5 build. I cant say I would configure it any differently if I built it myself.

  • USMC03Vet

    Do they come in other colors? It’s 2017 and magpul offers a variety of colors. Black is so 1990’s.

  • Joe

    Ruger is a great company and all, but that $299 price is just average. I checked my recent (non budget) build, and it came in at $272. It’s mostly mid level parts with a good trigger (IMO)
    Aero Lower – $65
    MFT stock – $33
    Anderson buffer kit – $35
    RISE Armament RA 140 Trigger & Magpul MOE LPK – $140

    Not a terrible deal from Ruger, but nothing to entice me to go that route.

    • LGonDISQUS

      We know that only foolish retailers sell things at the ruger msrp. Expect ¿15%? Lower or less on gunbroker, etc.

      • Joe

        Good point.

    • Kevin Craig

      1) MSRP
      2) Time and labor

      I just checked Davidson’s, and the best local deal has the complete lower available for $240. That’s less than your build, and it’s already assembled.