DBFoam – One Weird Trick To Suppress A Suppressor

Using an ablative media has been a popular method to further reduce the sound signature of a suppressed rimfire or pistol caliber gun for decades. And while the technique works, it is short lived, inconvenient and messy. Well, MKS Supply out of Dayton, Ohio is now selling DBFoam – a new media that promises further reduction, extended lifespan, cleaning and lubrication and less mess.

In theory, the foam is supposed to act almost like wipes by closing off the area behind the fired round as it exists the muzzle and enters the silencer. DBFoam also says that the foam is more effective than other liquid-based ablatives because it is already in bubble form.

If I am being completely honest, I was all set up to write a sarcastic parody piece about late night infomercials, dual use as a shampoo and cost. However, I decided to do a complete 180 – MKS Supply has been nice enough to offer a couple cans of DBFoam for some honest testing.

I’m actually looking forward to giving it a shot.

DBFoam Press Release From MKS Supply:

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, April 2017 – Inland Firearms, makers of the incredibly popular Inland series of M1 Carbines, offers up a suppressor foam that really works! Decibel Technologies, LLC is a subsidiary of Inland Manufacturing and dB Foam is marketed exclusively by MKS supply, LLC.

Now for the good stuff! Over the years, suppressors have been additionally muffled with the use of some “liquids.” The effect upon firing the gun is that the liquid became aerosolized and the particulates helped some to interfere with the gases and sometimes lowered the sound, but not reliably. But until now, an efficient and safe wet solution suppressor foam (already pre-aerosolized in the form of tough tiny bubbles) has not been commercially offered.

Many suppressors are pretty costly, so squirting water (little or no effect) or other liquids (some dangerous) into them is not a good idea.

dB Foam is a proprietary, low viscosity (thin), expanding water-soluble foam specifically formulated to do several things for all suppressors:

Enhance suppressor efficiency
Make the suppressor easier to clean
Help reduce internal heat
Lubricate metallic innards to help prevent corrosion
Help protect the muzzle, bore and action from particulates that may be blown back into a firearm with a suppressor attached.

A small (½ second or so) shot of dB Foam will expand to fill the dead space in most suppressors with tough, sound-absorbing bubbles that testing shows will last for more than a week.

Tests of dB Foam used Mil-spec equipment in 5.56 and .308 calibers, and subsonic .22LRs and 147-grain 9mm rounds were fired from several handguns and suppressor systems. Results showed that, on average, dB Foam lowered the sound over ten-shot strings by 3-5 decibels – and, more importantly, up to 10 decibels for the first shot.

Follow user directions (basically, a quick squirt into the front of your suppressor), and the stuff works. It is that simple!



16 oz. aerosol can: $29.95
4 oz. aerosol can: $19.95

MKS Supply, LLC


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  • Major Tom

    Hopefully it’s not made of the same stuff FireClean is.

    • Anonymoose

      I use Wesson to clean my Smiths. :^)

  • PK

    So you were going to trash it without basis, but they sent you free products so now you’re praising it before even testing it.

    That’s very odd behavior on both sides of the equation!

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That’s what you got from from “sarcastic parody piece”? At first glance the label made me laugh – there’s a dog barking for crying out loud. So I went 180 and wrote it for a serious look.

      And where did I praise it? I said I look forward to some honest testing.

      Don’t twist my words to make me look like I’m in it for the free stuff. I told the bosses that if the company wasn’t willing to provide a sample, I’d be buying my own for testing.

      • Bierstadt54

        You praised that they were providing samples, and that it altered the type of article you wrote. I know you are not “in it for the free stuff,” but your phrasing opened things up… No big deal, just pointing out PK wasn’t twisting your words on purpose. I heard the same thing. I look forward to some barking dog humor when you write the actual testing article.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          That wasn’t my intent. If it came off that way, I misspoke. Thanks for not being a jerk about it.

          • Pete send me a address I can send you a bottle of my silencer juice to try out. I offered before and my offer still stands contact me at jim@silencerjuice.com

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Thanks. Phil handles all our review approvals and scheduling. Send him an email. Phil@thefirearmblog.com

      • The_Automator

        You straight said that you were going to make fun of it until they offered you a sample. Good to know the old gun magazine tradition is alive and well.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I guess you could take it that way. You know, if you want to be negative.

          That was not the intent. If it came across that way, My apologies.

          • The_Automator

            How should I take it? Your words directly said that you were prepared to write a sarcastic article about it, however you changed your mind when they offered a couple cans.

            How should that be taken in a positive way?

          • Laserbait

            Like the rest of did, as the truth. He looked at the can and it made him laugh, as if it were a joke. But since they’re sending a few cans for testing, he’ll write about his experience with the product. I don’t see what’s so difficult to understand about that.

          • alex archuleta

            Hey Pete I got a quick question.
            Will a product like this work on say the
            AAC M4-2000?
            Or any solid can that cannot be taken apart for cleaning? Could you please test that?

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Most centerfire rifle cans aren’t designed to be run “wet” so make sure to check with AAC. That being said, I’ve got one I’ll try it on no problem.

  • TC

    What a worthless non-article. Doesn’t TFB have an editor?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      How is it worthless. Did you know this stuff existed before it was posted here? That was the point. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • MarkT

      What a worthless comment. Doesn’t TC have a brain?

    • Major Tom

      For the first last and only time, TFB is NOT a fake news tabloid!

  • M C

    I am slightly disappointed that the press release didn’t start with the words “Yo Dawg”.

  • Sua Sponte

    Interesting……Nice to know there are developments out there, looking forward to seeing what the end result is in testing….Should it work to specifications or not is besides the point, like the idea that there are those to make us aware of these items and give honest feedback….

  • Eric Kennard

    I wonder if it is like Wipe out made by SharpshootR SUPPLY?

  • EdgyTrumpet

    “expanding water-soluble foam”
    Am I the only one thinking shaving cream?

    • jamezb

      hmmm that IS a shaving cream nozzle on the can..

    • GaryOlson

      I was thinking Scrubbing bubbles. Shiny gun every time

  • jamezb

    An old “letter agency” spook told me they packed their suppressors with peanut butter for extra quiet time. I’ve always been curious about that tale, I’d love to see and hear it tested.

    • jamezb

      Always wondered about packing them with grease gun grease myself..

      • oldman

        Lithium grease

      • iksnilol

        Preferably grease your grease gun suppressor on your grease gun with a grease gun.

        • jamezb

          sounds like a hell of a plan bro.

          • jamezb

            lets do this thing.

    • ExMachina1

      Creamy or chunky?

      • jamezb

        Reeses perhaps…

  • jamezb

    And the ATF defines bubble spray as a wipe subject to taxation in 3…..2….

    • Justin Roney

      Beat me to it!

    • plumber576

      They won’t tax it, but you’ll have to send it back to the manufacturer or an SOT to be re-foamed.

  • derpmaster

    $10 bux says it’s shaving cream.

    • FlaBoy

      Anti-rust, so it’s actually slightly acidified shaving cream. Shaving creams are alkaline, which helps them soften the beard, but also encourages rusting.

      But, on the other hand, if you were to give your suppressor an acid bath after every use, ie, rinse it in diluted vinegar, why wouldn’t shaving cream work?

      Has anyone tried shaving cream in their suppressor?

      • derpmaster

        Somebody please test this. TFB – solid article/video material right here.

      • JoelC

        The review needs to run some pool test strips to see if this is the case.

      • noob

        if it is alkali you have just invented a better product

  • Andrew

    Ok so to be “That Guy” the product is serious in one regard: since it occupies the space within the suppressor that is normally occupied by air, this really should eliminate the first round pop (which is due to the combustion of oxygen in the can). However, the propellant in the can is a hydrocarbon (likely propane); not sure how the extra fuel alters the outcome.

    I’m also incredulous that a water-soluble foam is stable enough to last a week (assuming we’re not talking about a frozen environment). Perhaps it’s protein or starch based, but if so I wouldn’t want that lining my can. It also seems to be full of snake oil claims on how this helpful this is in other regards.

    • FlaBoy

      I would bet protein … works for beer.

      • FlaBoy

        Another thought…if protein, your concern is valid. The protein in beer is what leads to “beer stone”, the brewing industry term for the dried layer of crud that forms on the inside of storage tanks that is “hard as stone”, similar to “milk stone” in the dairy business…very difficult to remove.

  • gunsandrockets
    • jamezb

      Dee liscious.

  • TheNotoriousIUD


    It probably does as claimed on the first shot with greatly diminishing returns on every shot after.
    Personally I dont think its worth the trouble or the $30.
    Im interested to know what this crap actually is.

    • Bierstadt54

      I’m pretty ‘meh’ on the quieting, but I would like to know if it actually makes the gun and suppressor cleaner. Running cleaner is worth $30.

    • jamezb

      my guess? 2 parts dawn dish soap 3 parts water… apply through whipped cream maker or seltzer bottle charged with CO2 canister.

  • JoelC

    Well the real question, of coarse, is can we eat it?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      You might die but you can still eat it.

    • DorfMeister


  • He’ll be testing several cans of the product shortly with multiple suppressors.

    • jamezb

      Mr Phil..give the man some change for peanut butter, axle grease, lithium grease, and any other “wet” suppressor fluids/gels that have been historically used, and lets really jump into asking the “does it quiet?” question. This could be a lot of fun…

      • jamezb

        Let’s try jello!!!!!

        • jamezb


          • jamezb

            or bacon grease..
            or lard..
            or shortening..
            (all cooled to a solid, of course)
            -this could be important some day..!

          • jamezb


          • QuadGMoto

            Bacon grease! For the smell of it!


  • DorfMeister

    Meh… Doesn’t describe the product as tactical or tell me how the Navy SpecOps Ranger SEAL Spetnaz scouts use this while operating operationally in super sekrit operations

  • noob

    I really hope it’s not organofluorine fire suppression foam. some of those are pretty carcinogenic – just look up the RAAF Williamtown “Red Zone” contamination in NSW, Australia.

  • 22winmag

    Pillows also do a hell of a job on the first shot, at least according certain Hollywood movies.

  • I ordered two cans for Pete to test.

    AS far as what The_Automator commented he’s so far off it’s pathetic. Pete asked me if he could do a test using this product if he purchased some. Something we sometimes do is actually use our own money to buy a product for testing. In this case I contacted the company and asked them to send Pete two cans for testing. He sure as hell didn’t ask me to do that.

  • He isn’t mocking the product—-

  • DanGoodShot

    Only $29.95 for a 16oz can!(plus s&h, $200 tax to the ATF and an 8 month wait.) What a bargain! (Appling DBFoam to any part of your body can be interpreted as a reconfiguration of the product and is punishable by law. Up to 10 years in a federal penitentiary and a $10,000 fine.) Buy yours today!!

  • I’ll be very happy to do a head to head test. I’ll put my product Silencer Juice any time.
    Feel free to contact me at jim@silencerjuice.com . My 4oz bottle will last 4000 rounds, zero splatter, That would be a good start for a head to head test. my product does not leave a mess, it cleans it.