iPTS – The Interactive Pistol Training System


Teksilon recently announced a new handgun training product called the Interactive Pistol Training System (or iPTS for short.) The IPTS is an electronic training system that combines a training pistol, target, app and accessories for a complete rig that can help you improve your shooting without leaving the house.

According to the company, the system is safer and more realistic than other training options on the market currently. The pistol, target and app all work together to analyze the dry fire shooting to offer guidance and corrections in real time.

The training pistol has a general look similar to that of a Glock pistol. The slide works and it uses training magazines. No ammunition can enter the pistol keeping it completely safe. The trigger pull is about 5.5 pounds. An accessory rail allows you to train with whatever accessories you might normally have attached to your pistol.

In addition to the standard sights on the gun (that are interchangeable, btw), the top of the slide has a mounting plate for a red dot type sight.

There are a lot of drills, features and other aspect of this system that are explained in this video:

One of the unique things about this system is one of the people behind it. Kevin Creighton is the iPTS Product Manager. But more gun people will probably know him as the man behind the Misfires and Light Strikes website and the occasional article in other media outlets. So, I feel like this product is being made by one of “us” rather than some faceless┬ácorporation.

Additional information on the iPTS can be found on Indiegogo here. The company will launch its campaign on April 15th. While the retail price will be $599, I hear that the Indiegogo price will be $100 cheaper. Quite a deal if accurate.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Friend of Tibet

    Or you know, get a 300 dollars gas blow back airsoft pistol with metal target plates…………..

    • ExurbanKevin

      Full Disclosure: I’m part of the team bringing this to market.
      I’m also a USPSA/IDPA/3 Gun shooter, and I own an airsoft version of my beloved CZ P07. This goes way beyond what airsoft can do. And a plate rack? That’s $100 bucks, so now you’re looking at $400. And then there’s the cost of pellets and gas, while the cost of shooting the iPTS over and over and over again is diddly and/or squat.

      • Juice

        Makes sense. I was wondering, will there be other models? SA, DA/SA etc?

        • ExurbanKevin

          We’re looking into it. Gotta make funding of this model first before anything else happens.

      • Requiescat in pace

        Will iPTS simulate the blow back of the pistol?
        What is the MSRP range of this system?

        • ExurbanKevin

          MSRP is $599 (think of the money you’ll save in ammo and range fees, and it makes a lot of sense) and blowback just wasn’t in the cards.
          However, to turn on the system, you (wait for it), slap in a mag and rack the slide.
          Makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, the moving slide also lets us program in malfunction drills into the mix, something that’ll in the system from Day One.

      • Adam D.

        Can you see the shots on the target? The whole group I mean.
        My beef with current laser based stuff is that they only display one shot at a time, instead of displaying the whole group in a string of fire.
        Never made sense for me, since groups tell you what you’re doing.

        The other end of the spectrum are training systems too complicated and expensive for regular use. If I want to use a computer, I’ll use a computer, not a pistol.

        • ExurbanKevin

          You’ll be able to see the groups on the app, and you’ll see your how good your trigger pull was with each shot.

          • Adam D.

            I see, thanks for your answer!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    So no slide blowback right? And I’m guessing it’s camera sensor based? So that’s why it works with those two specific targets I suppose? If that’s the case… It seems only logical to use a TV as a target and display the feedback live.

    I’ll wait for gen2 or gen3 of all these competing devices. Needs a visible laser like the SIRT, needs to take real magazines because two is going to have me picking up the mags constantly, needs to have a malfunction simulator with a dead trigger and partially stuck back slide, really probably should be a modular system where you could use the same
    components at the same time one in a rifle and one in a pistol, but overall needs to have everything I get from going to the range minus the projectile.

    I haven’t seen a system yet the provided anything even close.

    • Anonymoose

      Maybe make an AR upper that uses the same mags through a Glock-mag-compatible lower?

    • ExurbanKevin

      Waiting for Gen2 or Gen3 is your prerogative.
      Of course, those are NOT going to happen unless we’re successful with Gen1. (Wink)

      • noob

        if gen2 comes online, could you integrate with roomscale vr tracking? I’ve been playing Hotdogs, Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades on Steam VR and the control paddles are just not gunlike

    • ExurbanKevin

      Malfunction simulator is built in, and you’ll be able to program in an infinite number of “shots” into each mag, and the mags will be weighted like a full mag.

      It’s not “camera sensor based”… it uses sensor fusion technology, like self-driving cars. It’s a whole bunch of things working together, and that’s about all I can say about it for now.

      As for a TV, check out the Interactive Target Stretch Goal. Way ahead of you there. ­čÖé

  • John

    ambi mag release?

    • ExurbanKevin

      It’ll be interchangable. We are trying to replicate the actions as closely as we can.

  • USMC03Vet

    Hawking crowd funding stuff shouldn’t be a thing on TFB.

  • TrainingGuy

    A SIRT Pistol with the LASR software is a much more useful tool. No restriction of targets, multiple shooters, the list goes on.

  • imtoomuch

    That’s a steep price for a crowded field.