Our sister publication, All Outdoor, just published a post on the always interesting world of DIY guns from various parts of the world. All Outdoor

Via a friend of a friend on the Book of Face, come these shots of amazing cobbled-together weapons from New Guinea:

A bro of mine working in New Guinea took these off of highway robbers known as “Raskols…” Says it’s pretty common to find cobbled together weapons like these.

This first one, shown above, is obviously a staple gun mated to a revolver. A later comment on the post indicates that did actually work. (This isn’t actually the first DIY staple gun firearm we’ve seen here at AllOutdoor, but it’s definitely the ugliest.)

Next up we have an M16 and what looks like two shotgun type weapons — on short and one long.

Finally, there’s this thing, which… I have no idea. Somebody help me out: If you know go over to All Outdoor and help him out.

If a gang of robbers rolled up on me toting these bad-boys, I don’t know which I’d do first, laugh or cry.


  • Calavera

    “If a gang of robbers rolled up on me toting these bad-boys, I don’t know which I’d do first, laugh or cry.”
    Never show disrespect. Laugh, and they will kill you.

    • Tassiebush

      Yeah I think they’d be the one’s doing the laughing. They tend to make a particular effort to humiliate victims.

    • If a gang of robbers rolls in on me I’ll check their corpses to see what they were carrying in the past tense; more than one attacker justifies the defensive use of deadly force in all but the most worthless or tyrannical of jurisdictions, and criminals– being a cowardly and superstitious lot– tend to hightail it when other members of their gang start dropping.

      • Tassiebush

        Agree that would be justified but in PNG you’d most likely lack the means to make that happen. They’re superstitious as anything over there but freaking tough too. They cut off their fingers to mourn for loved ones. That’s not rascals doing that. That’s regular people.

      • Y-man

        Remember you as a civilian would not be carrying in PNG in the first place. Same as my home here.
        Be grateful for what you have!
        [Oh! I’d give my trigger finger for a permitted 6-shot .22 Revolver! I can always use my middle finger when given bad boys the “finger”.]

        • Bob


          nice to see you here. Been following your stories of what gun owners go through in Nigeria.

          Stay safe and keep the powder dry.


          • Y-man

            Thanks Bob! Many thanks…

  • John

    What, you don’t recognize a break-open shotgun disguised as a sawed-off pump when you see it?

  • Rick O’Shay

    That shotgun with the machete looks like a pretty innovative slam shotty. It looks like it uses the bottom pipe as a guide, gives it a general feel of a pistol-gripped pump action.

  • Tassiebush

    If it’s the last picture then it’s just a slap gun/slamfire shotgun. They have a fixed firing pin and the barrel is pulled back to fire it. In a lot of cases they are just one pipe sliding within a shorter one whilst in this case they seem to have used another pipe as a guide rod and cut out a loading port in the female pipe. It’s a common type of improvised shotgun that saw use in ww2 Philippines and even got a commercial run.
    It’s worth pointing out the sword on the other picture because in Papua New Guinea there were a lot of WW2 leftovers.
    PNG suffers from a lot of problems. The rascal gangs are a big issue but there’s also clan warfare in the highlands which is more lethal since firearms were introduced and the tradition of an agreed number of deaths before stopping has been eroded. There is a lot of superstition. I’ve attached a video which demonstrates the extent of this. It’s a police chief presenting a man who was thought to have died due to his heart being removed by sorcery who it turns out is alive and well. The incident apparently resulted in violent retribution by his relatives who tortured some women. The video is aimed at calming things down. He doesn’t even challenge the notion that the sorcery occurred.

  • Richard

    I worked in PNG for two years. They’d hack you to pieces without even thinking about it, barbaric doesn’t even begin to describe that place.

    • Joseph Barry Lee Roberts

      what were you doing there

    • neckbone

      Do they then eat you?

  • Rimfire

    Must say, he sure used all of that stapler didn’t he? Parts of it everywhere on that “gun”

  • Arie Heath

    That last one is just a simple slam fire shotgun.

    • iksnilol

      A surprisingly ergonomic slam fire shotgun. Has a reloading port so you don’t have to take off the barrel.


    Man, the wear/patina on that M16 is beautiful!

    • Gary Kirk

      Looks like the one I was issued in boot..

  • Bernardo Costa

    Seems to me that those guys are complete savages. Hell, I’d fear a band of those sumbitches even of they had nothing but stones, sharp sticks, and ragged pants. I mean, crazed tribal zealots aren’t really that prone to, well, dying.