Tactical Toaster Holster – Taser Defense System

If that Glock Duty holster wasn’t silly enough there is this monstrosity. It has the “first of its kind offense retention system”.  I call it the Tactical Toaster Holster. It has a taser to protect your gun from being drawn by someone else.

It is not really clear how the taser is activated. In the video it looks like the user has to finger the hole in the giant kydex box to activate the taser.

Further into the video they show a taser that can be attached to a typical holster. However you see the user manually slide the taser forward to activate it. I don’t see how this will work if someone tries to grab your gun from behind if you have to manually activate the taser.

Then they make the ridiculous claim “First of its kind patent pending forward draw holster”.


Not sure how this is “first of its kind”. Clearly he does not know about Open Class holster like the Safariland 014, Ghost Holster or the Double Alpha open holsters.


He was too busy wondering if he could, he should have stopped to ask whether or not he should.

Nicholas C

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  • Cal S.

    I love how it’s specifically designed to only stop it from being stolen from a specific angle. If the thief grabs it like a normal draw, you’re the one that’s toasted.

    If you make a play for my firearm, my reaction isn’t going to try to roast your hand with a party favor and smirk about how I “gotcha!”, it’s to jam my pistol into the holster as hard as possible while my other hand is going for your neck with a knife in it.

  • Eric Kennard

    Break front duty holsters were very popular in the ’70s and early ’80s. Bianci had the auto draw 1911s. I still have one in my holster history box. Bill Rogers had some too. About 1985, Rogers developed the SSIII. it was designed to thwart grabs from front. Statistics were showing more cops disarmed from frontal grabs.

    Anyway, the front draw is not a new revolutionary design. Sorry but I would never go back to one.

  • Cymond

    a taser?
    Do you mean a TASER, which is a specific brand name that launches small darts attached to wires?
    or do you mean a generic stun gun?

  • iksnilol

    5/7 would definitely fry my own hand with it.