The Austrian Armed Forces invests in new equipment

Austria is investing a large sum of money for the protection of their soldiers.

A total of 1.2 billion Euros will be invested by 2020, and by the looks of it a lot of the sourcing will be made with local suppliers.

However, Ase Utra, a Finnish supplier of sound suppressors, have several products featured in the lineup.

Geographically, and language-wise, it would have made sense for the Austrians to buy from the Swiss company B&T but for some reason

I own a few Ase Utra and B&T sound suppressors, they are both high quality brands and it’s hard to say which one is best. Lately, all my friends are trying to convince me that Ase Utra is the one to get, an perhaps Austria is showing the way?

Below: A fully loaded STG77 A2 Commando with a 3x power sight. There’s so much going on on this rifle, and still it manages to be extremely compact with its bullpup design.. Looks like some IR or Night sight on top and a flash light on the side of the scope. Grenade launcher and sound suppressor. Question is, do you want to be that guy carrying all that?

Greande Launcher and Ase Utra Sound suppressor.

Below: Steyr HS .50 BMG with a Kahles 624i. This is a .50 BMG single-shot anti-materiel sniper rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher.

I think this is a Steyr SSG 69 with a Kahles 624i and an Aimpoint Micro on the side.


Video of the new equipment for the Austrian Army:



One question I have. Will the Austrian Army go for the new Steyr Mannlicher / Rheinmetall RS556 and RS40 – Modular assault rifle system and grenade launcher once its ready, and leave the AUG once and for all?

More information can be found, in English, from the Bundesheer (Austrian Armed Forces):

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • DanGoodShot

    “Looks like some IR or Night sight on top”… You mean the Aimpoint?? Lol.

    • mig1nc

      I laughed at that as well.

  • Lt M

    That’s a Barrett .50 cal, not Steyr.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    “Below: Steyr HS .50 BMG with a Kahles 624i. This is a .50 BMG single-shot anti-materiel sniper rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher.”

    Obviously that is an American Barrett semiauto!

    • Gregory Markle

      Really obvious considering that the magazine would be sticking out of the side that’s shown rather than the bottom of the rifle.

  • Graham2

    It’s not a Steyr SSG 69, looks like an updated SSG08 to me.

  • They should send some of that money on Corvus Defensio’s shell deflector and rail system for the AUG.

    • iksnilol

      But it already has rails. If anything, they should rather fund TroubleShooterBerlin for his ambi controls.

      • Just checked that out, not sure why that would be much of advantage over just using a Steyr Left handed bolt?

        As far as the rails, the SF scope housing does provide pretty good railestate. Really depends if they are running the 3x optic with red dot on top, which is a good setup, or the 1.5x with red dot, which would be pretty redundant.

        The rail I really had in mind was the one that replaces the VFG, which would allow for much better mounting of the IR laser, weapon light, and a lightweight B&T polymer Bipod. This wouldn’t work for the grenadiers, but for the other guys it would be a nice and simple upgrade.

        That and of course the shell deflector, which should be installed on every AUG they have (and should have been a factory option from the beginning.)

        • iksnilol

          Because it’s a bit of a hassle to disassemble and reassemble a rifle every time you want to use it left handed.

          Jesus Christ, I thought that was obvious?

          • AMX

            Dude, we’re talking about a *conscript* army.
            Most of them get barely enough trigger time to train shooting from the strong shoulder, and you expect them to fire from the weak side?

          • iksnilol

            Conscript armies are pretty good, IE any army in Scandinavia. So keep that backwards thinking to yourself.

          • Well, with the shell deflector you can use it off the left shoulder without doing anything.

            With that around I don’t see the point of converting it back and forth to left and right eject.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, but what about the mag release and bolt hold open (that TSB has made)?

          • The mag release on the AUG is already ambidextrous, mounted in the center of the stock behind the magazine.

            An ambi bolt release is cool, but not sure if that would justify replacing all of the stocks as left handers are only 10% of the population, and the bolt release can be easily hit from the left side by just cupping over the top of the stock with the right hand – the mag release is quite easy to hit like this. Certainly a much easier solution then charging an AK as a right handed shooter 😉

            I’m not hating on the improvements he’s made, and I think Steyr should look into the viability of incorporating them into future updates. But if I was the Austrian Army and had $300 to spend on AUG upgrades, I’d spend that at Corvus.

  • Alvar

    The flash lite is actually a Rheinmetall Defence Laser light module 01 (LLM-01).

  • Gary Kirk

    Sound suppressor and grenade launcher..
    Again.. Really?
    Somebody put the WHOLE SOPMOD kit on at once..

    • AMX

      Exactly – that’s a “show all the new stuff” configuration, not an “actual use” configuration.

    • Hoplopfheil

      I think it’s supposed to be the floor model.

      • Gary Kirk

        With all that crap bolted to it, yeah it’s a floor model.. Cause that’s where it’s going to stay, on the floor.. I ain’t humping all that extra junk around.

        • Hoplopfheil

          Yeah! Plus people have been touching it, coughing on it…

          • Gary Kirk

            All that crap, and no sneeze guard!?

    • iksnilol


      • Mario AK

        When bolted directly to the barrel, yes they are

        • iksnilol

          I shudder thinking about that poor barrel in your scenario.

          • Mario AK

            I’m not sure I loaded enough sarcasm to fully enunciate the horror of the prospect

  • Ευστάθιος Παλαιολόγος

    On the second pic, as soon as the shooter activates the LLM001 flashlight (with IR cover here if I see correctly) the light will reflect on the scopes objective lens open cover and that will cause some problems…. 🙂 plus the LASER pointer and illuminator
    Nice suppressor BTW


  • glenn cheney

    Austrian version of “being all you can be.” NATO funds being used? If so, U.S. burden is what contribution %?
    Inquiring minds will never know.

    • Bernd

      Beiing a neutral country since 1955 Austria is not a member of NATO and gets gets no money to equip its army from anyone else than it’s own tax payers.
      So to answere your questions: You know now, and U.S. burden is 0%.

      • glenn cheney

        Great, then carry on. Be all you can be.

      • glenn cheney

        Great, guess you guys don’t need Yank crank, I’ll be as pleased to wave goodbye as you guys will back.
        NATO days obsolete. Time to migrate, pun intended.

        • Bernd

          Not sure what you mean by that… I guess the “wave goodbye part” would mean if the US would leave NATO? That would not change anything concerning the Austrian Army or it’s funding. (Nato never made any offering or contract to help us in any case.) And as “we” were never in, we wouldn’t wave back, because we would not be there to wave.
          If you target your fellow NATO countries, i guess funding wise its just the same.
          But take Iceland for example, they are a member of NATO, but they have no army. They pay NATO for beiing its army, so you can guess that (even if it may be a small amount) tax payers of other countries (at least one) contribute to the funding of your armed forces. 😉

    • int19h

      That’s not how NATO works. All countries arm themselves, using their own budgets. Any shared funds that are there, go only towards things like joint C&C.

  • Andrew Sutton

    So what is the likelihood of Steyr licensing the rights to manufacture…….the F90? I would assume it would at least be thrown into the mix and it would be interesting how it performs in the international arena. If it were to win, one would have to look at the guys at Steyr and wonder why they didn’t bother doing the development themselves.

    • Renato H M de Oliveira

      The F90 is based on AUG. Steyr has more than enough expertise to one-up whatever Oz got, if need be.
      And why they didn’t it yet? Simple: no customer asked (read: paid) for it yet.
      What would be done, and how, would largely depend on what the customer asks (and is willing to pay for).

  • Megaman

    They won’t replace the AUG with the RS556. Army has just announced to upgrade the STG77 (AUG A1) to A3 by replacing the receivers. 4200 have been ordered and are gonna field tested by SF (Jagdkommando) and 1. Infantry Brigade.

    And that is not an SSG69! It’s an SSG08.

  • Is there actually a gun under all that junk?

  • B-Sabre

    “Geographically, and language-wise, it would have made sense for the Austrians to buy from the Swiss company B&T but for some reason”


    Yes? And?

  • jonp

    It appears the Austrian’s have succumbed to the “how much crap can I hang off a rail” syndrome. What, no microwave to heat your lunch?